5.11 3.6 First Aid Pouch Reviews

The 5.11 3.6 First aid pouch is also called the 3.6 med kit which is a small carry pouch that you can attach to your vest or your pack using web platform. It also has the newest attachment feature from 5.11 tactical – SlickStick MOLLE. It is designed to be a carry pouch for first aid supplies. With a first aid cross on the front it can be easily recognized for what is stored inside. The cross is removable as well so you can use it as an accessory pouch or whatever else you can find it useful for.
As per the manufacturers description the pouch has a hot pull tab that allows a user quick access to the inside of the pouch. There is also an external pocket that closes with a zipper. There is also interior pocket organization so one can store items in a more functional way so they are easier to access in emergencies when time is of the essence.

5.11 Tactical 3.6 med kit pouch olive - Range Master TacticalFeatures of the 5.11 3.6 First Aid Pouch

  • Made from high quality Nylon and TPU material
  • Hot pull allowing for quick and easy one hand access
  • Organization in interior sections
  • External tourniquet pouch
  • SlickSticks

5.11 3.6 First Aid Pouch Pros

  • Durable
  • Well Made
  • Storage

5.11 3.6 First Aid Pouch Cons

  • Size

Best Uses for the 5.11 3.6 First Aid Pouch

  • Storing Essentials
  • First Aid Kit
  • Hiking

The 5.11 3.6 First Aid Pouch has received overall reviews of 3.75 out of 5 stars. While most reviewers found that the pouch was well built and served a good purpose they noted that it needed to be a bit bigger so that it could store more items. However apart from the size most reviewers think its a great product especially with the SlickStick feature. They note that though it is not a full size first aid kit it can hold basic and essential first aid items that can prolong life in certain situations. They note that the idea behind the creation of the product is great and that the materials used are the best but that the pouch is simply too small. The disappointing size is what has caused a large variety of users to leave less than stellar reviews of the product but there are a few persons who have left all five star reviews for the product.

If you need a pouch to store a knife, marker pen, a Russell or Asherman seal, decomp needle, CAT Toruniquet, compression dressing and more this is not the pouch for you. You will have more luck storing a couple bandages and dressing sachets in their for simple personal first aid but not for tactical first aid storage where you need a lot of possible items.
You can check out the other medical kits and bags available from 5.11 Tactical here at Range Master Tactical Gear. Find those made for first responders as these are the ideal ones if you want to store a large amount of items.



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