5.11 Ammo Mule Review

If you have a lot of mags and have no where to put them you should definitely read to the end of this 5.11 Ammo Mule Review. This definitely has all the space you need to carry all your mags unless you are going off to war into an active battle zone. Sure there are other bags that can fit all your mags all of which come at nice sizes and with different pockets and packs. But when you read this 5.11 Ammo Mule review you will see that this stands out far from all the rest in a number of ways.

5.11 Tactical All Hazards Ammo Mule - Range Master Tactical GearThe All Hazards Ammo Mule is fairly new as it was introduced officially in 2012 at the Shot Show. This bag has the capacity to hole your 10 AR mags quite comfortably. You can use it by itself or you can use it along with the All Hazards Prime Pack and they fit together quite nicely at that. The Prime pack is not only good for one of these but you can fit of the Ammo mules on it quite comfortably for even more mag storage capacity.

From outside you will see that bag has two handles which are not padded as well as a shoulder carry strap. The shoulder carry strap can be removed and  has a good amount of adjust ability as well. When you examine the seams of the pack you will see that the stitching is consistent throughout showing that this is really a good quality product that was put together well. It features YKK zippers which we all know are the best you can find. The zippers are complete with large pull tabs containing a rubber 5.11 logo. The only beef you will find with the zippers is that you cannot attach a lock to them like ordinary zippers . (They don’t have that overlapping ring thingy when they meet like you will find on other packs, bags and pouches.) Apart from that and the fact that the carry strap is not padded and that there is no quick release buckle system this 5.11 Ammo Mule review is all about the positives.

Going back to the YKK zippers. This bag has a 2 way zipper design which allows you to access the bag on both sides while keeping the other side closed. When you open up the bag you will find that it is padded on the inside and that it features very rigid walls so you know your mags will be kept inside safely and securely. This just means your mags will stay in place comfortably without bouncing around.

Pros According to 5.11 Ammo Mule Reviews

  • Price
  • Capacity
  • Rugged
  • Quality Construction
  • Not Made in China

Cons According to 5.11 Ammo Mule Reviews

  • No way to lock the bag
  • Made in Vietnam

Best Uses for the 5.11 Ammo Mule

  • Organization
  • Range

What is the bottom line of this 5.11 Ammo Mule Review? It is the closest thing to perfect if you are looking for a solution to storing your magazines. It can be used for more than magazine storage as well so you can use it as you wish. The padded and rigid walls means that whatever you store within will be stored safely and securely which is always a good thing when taking things from one place to the next. you can keep this bag stocked at hand as a great place to keep your backup or additional mags

Check out this and other 5.11 bags and pouches suitable for carrying your magazines here at Range Master Tactical Gear today.

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