5.11 Covert Vest Review

The 5.11 Covert Vest is a wind and water resistant vest made specifically for male tactical professionals. It is TacTec comopatible feature hidden pockets in the chest area and is made with a soft shell 100% polyester fabric with mechanical stretch. This vest can be described as functional yet discrete and as such is suitable for covert operations. With hidden pass through pockets one can easily and quickly access their holstered sidearm. Chest pockets are great for the storage of electronics, documents and other types of gear making the vest suitable for a professional with an upcoming mission or one that is suitable for that traveler of the world who needs maximum storage on their person as well as the outdoor enthusiast in search for a vest with lots of storage and protection against the weather.

Pros of the 5.11 Covert Vest Review5.11 Tactical Covert Vest - Range Master Tactical Gear

  • Warm
  • Comfortable
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Thin
  • Pockets are well placed
  • Large zippers
  • Ideal for covert ops

Cons of the 5.11 Covert Vest

  • Slightly stiff

Best Uses for the 5.11 Covert Vest

  • Layering with regular clothing
  • Layering with a light jacket
  • Covert ops
  • Day hikes
  • Camping trips
  • Casual wear

Reviewers are raving about how thin the 5.11 Covert Vest is while also being adequately warm at the same time. One reviewer noted that the vest allows him to carry his concealed weapon and gives him a lot of fleibilty whether is wearing a shoulder or a hip holster. Reviewer rate the vest well being willing to recommend it to a friend and even to purchase the vest again. In the words of one female reviewer who works in law enforcement; “This vest looks great! Now… Where’s the women’s version?”

Range Master carries the 5.11 Covert Vest along with other clothing items suitable for covert carry and everyday wear for law enforcement personnel, outdoor enthusiasts and firearm holders licensed to concealed carry weapons. Check the listing of 5.11 clothing to find other clothing items that are also suitable whether you are looking for something for covert ops or for a hike or hunting trip, we have it all.

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