5.11 Parka 5 in 1 Jacket Review

If you are looking for a warm jacket that is versatile the 5.11 Parka 5 in 1 Jacket may be just what you are looking for. This jacket keeps you warm while allowing you to perform in the most efficient way and keeps you safe as well. When wearing this parka jacket you have immediate access to your sidearm so your functionality is not impeded. With a shorter cut than the 3 in 1 parka jacket this one features an elasticized waist to help you keep out the cold, wind and rain.
It features 5.11′s patented back-up belt system and comes in four different colors. The outer liner of the jacket is waterproof and breathable and can be worn without the inner fleece liner in warmer times, then when colder weather comes around just layer the fleece liner below the outer liner and you have a warm jacket that is also waterproof and that withstands the cold in an excellent way. Both of these parts have hidden chest pockets so you can have your important items whether you are wearing just the outer liner or just the fleece liner. Here you can store your handcuffs, knives, flashlights or firearm along with any other items you may want to have at hand.
There are hand pockets that are lined with fleece so that your hands will be warm as the rest of you in cold weather. Wear this in your most difficult assignments as it is made tough, rugged and durable. Get five jackets for the price of one when you purchase this 5.11 Parka 5 in 1 Jacket.

5.11 Parka 5 in 1 Jacket Features

5.11 Tactical 5-in-1 Jacket - Range Master Tactical Gear

5.11 Parka 5 in 1 Jacket5.11 Parka 5 in 1 Jacket Features

  • Authentic YKK zippers
  • Breathable and Waterproof outer liner
  • Hidden Chest document pockets on both outer liner and inner fleece liner
  • Removable ID panels on back and chest
  • Wrist bands with elastic and Velcro closure
  • Inner jacket made of fleece with removable sleeves
  • Detachable hood
  • Side zippers providing easy access to sidearm as well as for ventilation
  • Compatible with the back-up belt system
  • Mic clips
  • Comes in sizes Xsmall to 4XL

5.11 Parka 5 in 1 Jacket Pros

  • Rugged
  • Versatile
  • Warm
  • Lots of Pockets
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable

5.11 Parka 5 in 1 Jacket Cons

  • Bulky/Heavy

Best Uses for the 5.11 Parka 5 in 1 Jacket

  • Wet Weather
  • Cold Weather
  • Everyday wear
  • Field Training
  • Extreme Weather

Reviewers love this jacket and say that it is well worth its price and is a lot more affordable than its winter jacket counterparts.  They love that it has plenty pockets and provides an adequate fit. Its detachable hood is also a hit feature for persons who have had to work in rain. They note that the hood helps to keep water off your head and face which enhances the comfort factor of working or standing in rain.

The 5.11 Parka 5 in 1 Jacket provides exceptional value for money and so we are proud to carry it here at Range Master Tactical Gear. We also have the 3 in 1 parka and other jackets available here. Browse our listings and find the right jacket for your use.




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