5.11 Rush Tier Rifle Sleeve Review

The 5.11 Tatical Rush Tier Rifle Sleeve - Range Master Tactical GearThe 5.11 Rush Tier Rifle Sleeve is a simple sleeve with a wrap-around design which allows you to stow your long gun and have it quickly deployed when you need it. It has quite a bit of features such as a barrel retention strap that is also adjustable in length. There is also a front sight post cup for protection that also has drainage so the barrel can always be free from moisture, dirt and debris.

Whether you have a scope on your weapon or not the 5.11 Rush Tier Rifle Sleeve can accommodate your weapon. It can also accommodate your weapon with our or without magazines. Internal strapping gives you the opportunity to tied down your weapon and with the RUSH Tier System included you can quickly release it. It also allows you to attach a pack of your choice to the sleeve with the integrated Web platform on the back or on the side. There are also the Velcro patches which allow you to ID your sleeve or so you can attach flags.

Features of the 5.11 Rush Tier Rifle Sleeve

  • Padded
  • Compatible with long gun or AR weapons
  • Uses Tier system
  • Can be attached to the back or side of a pack
  • Length adjustable

The 5.11 Rush Tier Rifle Sleeve can be attached to any Rush pack and will transport your long gun there in a secure manner. With the Tier system that allows for easy attachment to the side or front of a pack and the padded trigger along with a protective muzzle trap this sleeve is really versatile.The 5.11 Rush Tier Rifle sleeve has an overall rating of 4 out of 5.


    • Easy to use
    • Easy to set up
    • Quick deployment
    • Useful and versatile
    • Provides excellent value for money
    • Meets all expectations
    • No more rifle slinging
    • Works well with AR platform


  • Padding is a bit thin
  • Padded area is a bit short wen using a larger scope

Reviewers say they would recommend the 5.11 Rush Tier Sleeve and because of that as well as the fact that it is a 5.11 product we proudly offer this as well as other carrying options such as gun cases for your weapons in our web store here at www.rangemastertacticalgear.com


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