5.11 Thumb Drive Holster Review

One of the newest holsters in the 5.11 line is the Thumb Drive Holster technologically – engineered for speed and safety. With a high-class thumb-activated release that safely keeps your weapon at all times, the secured Thumb Drive Holster gives an extra level of assitance to officers specifically for holding on to the constant firearm control even in the most dangerous situations. The 5.11 Thumb Drive Holster has been considered by 5.11 Tactical as the safest and quickest-drawing Level II retention holster available on sale today. This great innovative Thumbdrive holster from 5.11 has been a great help for law enforcement agencies for keeping their weapons sfely stowed but within convenient reach for quick access while providing safety for not only civillians but for themselves as well.

This holster is engineered and made by Blade-Tech and was field tested by Viking Tactics. It is black in color and is capable of being used with different gun models and fit such as the: GLOCK-17/22 Right Hand, GLOCK-17/22 Left Hand, GLOCK-34/35 Right Hand, GLOCK-34/35 Left Hand, GLOCK-19/23 Right Hand and GLOCK-19/23 Left Hand. It has belt slide and paddle attachments as well as the removable Chop Block attachment. This level 2 retention holster is available in right and left handed versions. It also has drop and offset kit and thigh rig.

The holster has adjustable padding, a rugged exterior, is easy to draw and has a secure lock. The holster is reinforced for increased weapon retention with belt slide adjustable to fit up to 2.25″ belts. It also has the exceptional thumb-activated safety that secures your weapon at all times, and with the removable Chop-BlockTM feature, helps prevent individuals from taking it away during a struggle. The Thumbdrive gives you all the flexibility with a superior weapon release and is much secure as well. It is the only holster that has placed the release mechanism for the weapon in a natural positon. It does not require its user to learn any new or addittional motor movement unlike other holsters. In addition, the action of pressing down on the release mechanism basically gives a more consistent and solid grip on the gun. The Thumb Drive platform itself is huge enough to easily access even when you approach from the back strap of the weapon.

This waterproof, durable and easy to draw holster is considered as one of the greatest holsters available from 5.11. Most law enforcement personnel, police officers and military personnel choose this holster because of the safety and security it gives, because it has good adjustable padding and for its rugged exterior look. Like many other holsters, this needs to have the ability to accommodate more guns from different brands. In addition, some also say that the holster does stick out more than they would want to and some gun models do not fit in it. Even if there are still existing hang-ups for the 5.11 Thumb Drive Holster, there is no doubt that almost all of its users recommend this to their fellow law enforcement officers because of its superb release mechanism and the security and safety it guarantees.

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