5.11 Watches Reviews

5.11 Tactical is known for manufacturing top quality tactical gear, equipment and accessories  Among those are a number of stellar watches  Here we will present the information we gathered after looking at a couple of 5.11 Watches Reviews.

First we will look at the 5.11 Tactical Field Ops Watch. This product we found to have a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars in all the 5.11 watches reviews we looked at. Reviews showed that this watch is the ideal duty watch for law enforcement and safety personnel as well. It features a SureShot ballistic calculator which can provide the right shooting adjustments whenever necessary and in quick time too. It is said to provide point of impact shooting adjustments as far as 1000 yards. The majority of 5.11 watches reviews on the Field Ops Watch have one thing in common. Reviewers note that the watch is multi-functional and exceptionally easy to use.

The  Fields Ops Watch is made from a titanium case and polycarbonate frame held together with titanium pins which makes it lightweight yet durable enough so that it is almost indestructible. It has a hard rubber watch band and also features a crystal face that is glare free and scratch resistant. It is also water resistant up to 90 feet. Readouts are given in digital format including the day date and compass readings. It is capable of giving readings in two time zones and can alert you with an audible tone or an alarm. It features an hourly chime, a digital chronograph, a countdown timer and a uni-directional bezel.

The bottom line on this watch? – Most 5.11 watches reviews recommend the Field Ops Watch from 5.11 Tactical.

5.11 HRT Tactical HRT Watch - Range Master Tactical GearThere there is the 5.11 HRT Titanium Watch. When we looked at 5.11 watches reviews we found that this particular watch has a star rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. This watch has a unique feature in that it has both digital and analogue time keeping. Reviewers found that the ballistic calculator is on target and that the only problem is that the calculations are displayed digitally underneath the analogue display so sometimes depending on the time the watch hands may be blocking the ballistic read out. Reviewers however recommend this watch highly with a couple who received it as a gift saying it was an excellent gift choice. 5.11 watches reviews on this product note that it is on point and easy to use even in the strongest wind. Some reviewers even included their shooting stats with their 5.11 watches reviews o help consumers have a better understanding of the capabilities of the watches.

Apart from shot calculation the watch has an hourly chime, chargeable luminescent analogue hands, interchangeable rubber and leather watch bands,  a uni-directional bezel, is water resistant up to 100 meters  has a countdown timer with audible tone and is housed in a titanium case. It provides readouts of the time, date, day and provides readings for two time zones, it has a chronograph and a countdown timer as well.

All 5.11 watches reviews for the HRT watch from 5.11 Tactical also highly recommend this product. As such Range Master Tactical Gear is proud to carry these items as well as other top quality items from 5.11 Tactical

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