Surefire R1 Lawman Rechargeable Variable-Output LED

The Surefire R1 Lawman Rechargeable flashlight is a LED flashlight made for law enforcement officers. It provides a maximum light output of 750 lumens. The flashlight is very user friendly with tailcap and head switches that allow the user to program the flashlight as needed.  Being a rechargeable light the R1 Lawman comes with a lithium-ion battery but can also be powered by two 123A cell batteries whether rechargeable or disposable.

Made with a precision micro-textured reflector the R1 produces a wide beam that provides a smooth light with generous peripheral illumination and an extensive reach making it just right for a wide range of police use.

Surefire R1 Lawman™ Rechargeable Variable-Output LED - Range Master Tactical GearThe tail cap switch activates the light and has multiple options. For momentary on you press and for constant on you twist. You can also program the R1 Lawman tail cap to activate strobe with three rapid clicks. There is also a head switch that you can use to access the different light levesl from low (15 lumens) to high (750 lumens or 500 lumens when used with disposable batteries)
Charging the rechargeable battering in the R1 Lawman is prety easy to do thanks to the integra charging port  on the side body of the flashlight. There is no need to remove the battery for charging or to place the flashlight into a charging cradle. The AC charger and the DC charger with international adapters are included with your purchase.

The Surefire R1 Lawman Rechargeable is made with aerospace aluminum construction and has been Mil-Spec hard anodized to provide exceptional durability. It is gasket and O-ring sealed to help keep out dust, dirt and moisture.

Surefire R1 Lawman Rechargeable Variable-Output LED Features

  • LED emitter
  • Microprocessor regulated
  • User programmable tailcap and head switches
  • Three light output levels plus tactical strobe
  • Uses lithium ion, rechargeable 123A or disposable 123A cell batteries
  • Tempered, coated window
  • Impact and thermal shock resistant
  • Precision micro-textured reflector
  • Smooth optimized beam
  • Aerospace aluminum body
  • Mil-spec hard anodized
  • Fuel gauge indicating batter power remaining
  • Gasket and O-ring sealed
  • AC and DC chargers included with international adapters
  • 750 lumens on high for 1.75 hours
  • 150 lumens on medium for 5.25 hours
  • 15 lumens on low for 37 hours

The Surefire R1 Lawman Rechargeable flashlight is definitely a high quality flashlight option for those in law enforcement and even for civilians as well. Check out this and other Surefire Flashlights available here at Range Master Tactical Gear and choose the best flashlight for your purposes.


EarPro by Surefire

Surefire is maybe mostly known for the great flashlights they make but they also make the EarPro by Surefire which is hearing protection gear at its finest. These not only protect the ears of their users but also provide them with hearing enhancement at its best. The products in this line are made with only the best material for durability and efficiency. Find the range of EarPro by Surefire hear protection and their features.

  1. Surefire EP1 CommEar® Comfort - Range Master Tactical GearSurefire EP1 CommEar® Comfort - This EarPro device permits the covert monitoring of radio communications.It has an open design that permits normal hearing of ambient sounds and conversation without blocking the ear canal. The piece that goes into the ear is made from medical grade polymer that is soft and hypo-allergenic. It also has that ergonomic shape so it can be comfortable worn all day while staying securely in place. The Surefire EP1 is available at Range Master in both black and clear.
  2. Surefire EP2 CommEar® Comfort - Range Master Tactical GearSurefire EP2 CommEar® Comfort - This EarPro device allows for the covert and discrete monitoring of radio communications. It features an open design and is made from medical grade polymer that is soft and hypo-allergenic. This particular model allows for sound to carry further into the ear canal thus providing a boost effect for sound that is delivered more efficiently.  There is even an adjustable sound stem that allows the user to fine tune the device for better comfort. The EP2 reduces the possibility of hearing loss thanks to its clear hearing with a lower radio volume. This EarPro device is available in both black and clear here at Range Master.
  3. Surefire EP3 Sonic Defenders® - Range Master Tactical GearSurefire EP3 Sonic Defenders® - This EarPro device has a 24 decibel noise reduction rating with inserted stoppers.This provides a better solution for keeping your ears safe by lowering noise levels that are above 85 decibels. This allows you to hear sounds with the stoppers out as if you were not wearing any ear plugs in the first place. This device features a double-flange stem and ergonomic design that conforms to the shape of your comfort to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. It is durable and soft being that it is manufactured from medical-grade polymer that is hypoallergenic. It features a very low profile design so you can wear them while wearing a hat, helmet or mask and even while using the phone, with headphones or hearing muffs. This EarPro device can be found here at Range Master in black and clear.
  4. Surefire EP4 Sonic Defenders® Plus - Range Master Tactical GearSurefire EP4 Sonic Defenders® Plus - This EarPro device has a noise reduction rating of 24 decibels. It safely reduces louder than 85 decibels to levels that are not dangerous for your ears. A triple flange stem and ergonomic design provides comfort and the best retention. Soft and durable with a low profile design this can be worn under a mask, helmet or hat and while you are wearing headphones, hearing muffs and even while using a phone. This EarPro by Surefire device is available in clear and black here at Range Master.
  5. Surefire EP5 Hearing Protectors Sonic Defenders® Max  - Range Master Tactical GearSurefire EP5 Hearing Protectors Sonic Defenders® Max - This EarPro devices features a full block design and has a noise reduction rating of 26 decibels. This device reduces dangerous noises above 85 decibels to safe levels. It features a triple flanged stem that is soft and adjustable allowing for a perfect seal in the ear canal providing all day comfort. There The earpiece is locked into place thanks to the Earlock by SureFire retention ring that uses seven contact points. Here there is also a soft double flange stem that provides s secure fit while providing comfort for all day wear.  Made with a low profile design this can be worn with a helmet, hat or mask and while using a supplemental hearing muffs, phone, headphones. These can be used with earpieces by SureFire as well as other radio comm systems that are compatible. Purchase includes a 26 inch polymer lanyard and device is available in clear, orange and black.
We proudly offer the EarPro by Surefire line here at Range Master Tactical Gear. These devices provide the best in ear protection and listening enhancement at great prices and provides exceptional value for money. Find other Surefire flashlights and other products here while you are at it.


Surefire Conversion Kits

Surefire conversion kits give you the option to have lights mounted to your firearm without having the hassle of changing your mounts or lights. Different conversion kits offer differing light types but you can find a kit that allows you to move between different lights such as from white to infrared light. Kits with L.E.D lights tend to only give one type of light – most often white light.

Surefire KM2 LED WeaponLight Conversion Kit - Range Master Tactical GearSurefire KM2 LED WeaponLight Conversion Kit – White and IR Output

The Surefire KM2 LED Weapon light conversion kit features a v series conversion head which is a direct replacement for existing SureFire Scout Light head. This provides both withe and infrared light in a dual LED emitter. The bezel selector ring gives the user the opportunity to switch from white to infrared light easily and quickly. With a self locking feature one can ensure the light will stay on the selected feature until you change it. The LED’s are high efficiency, failure immune and long lasting since there is no filament to break or burn out. Because they are LED’s this also provides longer run time per battery life.

There is a Total Internal Reflection lens on the KM2 head and this allows for the production of a tight beam that is best suited for close to medium range use. The aerospace aluminum body is o-ring sealed and Mil-Spec hard anodized. Included in the kit are the new head and tailcap o-rings, conversion head, o-ring lubricant and applicator brush.  This conversion kit fits any 2-battery scout light.
Surefire KM2 LED Weapon Light Conversion Kit Features

  • White and infrared LED’s are virtually indestructible
  • Regulated LED’s maximize run time and light output
  • Tactical level output
  • Perfect for close to medium range applications
  • Self locking selector ring for easy light switching
  • No filter needed
  • High strength aluminum body
  • Mil-Spec anodizing
  • Coated tempered window

Light Output

    • White light maximum 150 lumens
    • Infrared maximum 120 lumens
    • Runtime 8 hours

Surefire KM3 LED WeaponLight Conversion Kit - Range Master Tactical GearSurefire KM3 LED WeaponLight Conversion Kit – White and IR Output

The KM3 LED conversion head is a direct replacement for the head on the SureFire Millennium Universal Weapon Lights. This helps to provide intense infrared light as well as bright white light from a dual LED emitter. The bezel selector ring allows for easy switching back and forth between lighting types. Bezel selector as a self locking feature to keep your selected light locked in place.  The LED lights are long lasting and with no filament to break or burn out you can expect this to last a lifetime. Also featuring a Total Internal Reflection lens that creates a tight beam of light great for close to medium range use. The aluminum body is o-ring sealed and Mil-spec hard anodized. The KM3 conversion kit includes an applicator brush, new tailcap o-rings, o-ring lubricant and conversion head.  This will fit M95(xx) and M96(xx)* series Millennium Universal WeaponLights

Surefire KM3 LED Weapon Light Conversion Kit Features  

  • White and IR LED
  • Tactical level output
  • TIR lens
  • Self locking selector ring
  • No filters
  • Aerospace aluminum body
  • Mil-Spec anodizing
  • Coated, tempered window

Light Output

    • Maximum on white light 150 lumens
    • Maximum on infrared light 120 megaWatts
    • Runtime 8 hours

Easily add a weapon light with the use of the Surefire conversion kits from Range Master Tactical Gear. Find Surefire conversion kits and more in our web store today.

Surefire Minimus Variable-Output LED Headlamp

The Surefire Minimus Variable-Output LED Headlamp is one of their products that is optimized for use in the field while providing the most powerful illumination possible. With an adjustable light source of zero to one hundred lumens one can easily select the right amount of light with the simple twist of a dial. With waterproof construction and a headband made from the best materials you have a top of the line headlamp from Surefire.

This is great for all kinds of uses such as map reading, path finding and even cave exploring. It provides a white light which can be controlled and adjusted with the output control knob which can be found on the right side. It features a proprietary refractive lens which provides light suitable for one’s natural field of vision. Included with your purchase of the Surefire Minimus Variable-Output LED Headlamp is a red filter for providing you with dark adaptation vision and a low signature light. It also has a setting for a long running SOS beacon which is a great safety feature.

Surefire Minimus™ Variable-Output LED Headlamp - Range Master Tactical GearRunning on a single 123A battery the Surefire Minimus Variable-Output LED Headlamp. The battery is housed within the tilt control knob with a short leash of the battery access cap so it doesn’t fall off.  The headband is made with fine-weave which makes it comfortable and strong. It features Breathe-O-Prene with moisture-wicking in the forehead pad and hard anodized aerospace aluminum tough polymer making it tough yet lightweight. Its body also makes it water proof and submersible for 30 minutes to a depth of 3 feet.

Surefire Minimus Variable-Output LED Headlamp Features

  • Mil-spec hard anodized body
  • High strength aluminum body
  • Regulated LED emitter
  • Maximized runtime and output
  • Adjustable light control from 0 – 100 lumens
  • Built in SOS beacon with lifespan of days
  • Smooth wide beam
  • Beam matches line of vision
  • Rotatable light housing – up or down at 90 degree angles
  • Red filter for dark adapted vision and low light signature
  • Submersible for 30 minutes to 3 feet
  • Headband is durable, comfortable and secure
  • Runs off one 123A lithium battery
  • 1 battery included

Surefire Minimus Variable-Output LED Headlamp Light Output

    • 100 lumens – 1.5 hours – high
    • 1 lumen – 50 hours – low
Find the Surefire Minimus Variable-Output LED Headlamp can be found here at Range Master Tactical Gear along with other headlamps.


Surefire Flashlight Holsters

Surefire flashlight holsters are perfect for keeping your Surefire flashlights at hand so you will always have easy and quick access to your light when needed. They make a variety of holsters from polymer, to nylon to leather.

Polymer holsters are great if you are looking for impact protection since they provide a rigid housing. These also give you the option of carrying your flashlight either head up or head down. One such surefire flashlight holster is the Surefire V85 Polymer Speed

Surefire V85 Polymer Speed Holster - Range Master Tactical GearSurefire V85 Polymer Speed Holster

This holster was created by police officers for police officers. It provides an enhanced draw speed for pairing your flashlight with a handgun. It can secure any Surefire Flashlight with a 1.25 inch diameter bezel. This holster is rugged and allows for both left and right handed use and can be angled for the best personal position. It even has space for 3 123A batteries and can fit belts up to 2.25 inches wide.

Then there are the nylon holsters that are made with heavy duty Cordura nylon and utilize velcro closures and quick detach belt loops for securing to your belt and for securing your flashlight. One such flashlight holster is the SurefireV82 pouch.

Surefire V82 Nylon quick Detach Pouch - Range Master Tactical GearSurefire V82 Nylon quick Detach Pouch

The Surefire V82 nylon quick detach pouch is made from heavy duty Cordura nylon. It features a very long retention flap along with a velcro closure. Thanks to its quick detach belt loop one can attach and remove their holster quickly without the need to remove their belt. This pouch will accept belts as thick as 3 inches and its long flap gives you the opportunity to use it with beam filters.

Then there are the leather flashlight holsters that are said to be the best. One of the leather flashlight holsters from Surefire you can find here is the Surefire V27 leather holster with a basket weave pattern.

Surefire V27 Basket Weave  Leather Holster - Range Master Tactical GearSurefire V27 Basket Weave  Leather Holster

This holster is made from top of the line leather and has corner stitching to ensure its durability. This features a fixed belt loop that can accommodate belts that are up to 2.75 inches wide. With an internal retention device this holster does not need a flap enclosure.

No matter what kind of Surefire flashlight holster you need you can find it right here from Range Master Tactical Gear. Check out our offerings of flashlight holsters today.








Magazines Carried by Range Master Tactical

We carry a number of different brand magazines here at Range Master Tactical. We carry a large line of 5.11 Tactical products and that is probably the brand that is most talked about here on our blog. Today we want to talk about some brands that are great brands that we carry but that may be undermentioned on our blog. The brands we will be looking at today will be brands that manufacture magazines.

If you are looking for ammunition storage we have that and more here for you at Range Master Tactical. We have brands such as Ceska Zbrojovka otherwise known as CZ America, Kimber America and Sig Sauer just to name a few.

Ceska Zbrojovka Magazines - Range Master Tactical GearCeska Zbrojovka for Range Master Tactical

This company creates magazines specifically for short manufactures firearms. They also manufacture small arms for the military and for civilian use. Their magazines are durable and reliable while being affordable providing high quality and value for money. Being one of the largest small arms manufactures in the world the products by Ceska Zbrojovka are in high demand around the world.

Range Master Tactical Gear proudly offers Ceska Zbrojovka products here for sale.

Kimber America Magazines - Range Master Tactical GearKimber America Magazines

Kimber America is a manufacturer of firearms for law enforcement, hunters and shooters that has been around since 1911. They make high quality products and have a high percentage of customer satisfaction to boot. They create products that are in high demand from the US Marines, various SWAT teams, USA Shooting Team, The LAPD and more. They are so highly demanded that they are the largest worldwide producers of firearms and being in business since 1911 they are a traditional favorite.

Range Master Tactical Gear proudly presents to you items in the Kimber American line.

Sig Sauer Magazines - Range Master Tactical GearSig Sauer

Sig Sauer is a ISO 9001 certified company headquartered in Exter, New Hampshire. They currently have over 600 employees and are the largest business group of manufacturers of firearms. They make firearms that are used by 1 out of 3 law enforcement agents across the world. Their products are known for their high quality, their superb performance and their extreme reliability.

We are proud to carry Sig Sauer items from world leaders here at Range Master Tactical Gear.

We carry a wide range of tactical magazines from various high end and world renowned brands here at Range Master Tactical. Check out what we have to offer in magazines as well as in other types of tactical gear you may need.

Rifle and Pistol Cases from 5.11 Tactical

There are a number of new rifle and pistol cases from 5.11 Tactical now available here in our web store.

5.11 Tactical 12 Round Shotgun Pouch - Range Master Tactical Gear5.11 Tactical 12 Round Shotgun Pouch

This is one of those rifle and pistol cases from 5.11 Tactical that is made for the most responsive and accessible operations. This pouch is made with a open face design and has elastic bands that keep your rounds safely and securely. The pouch is reinforced internally for enhanced stability and uses Duraflex hardware to provide reliable and consistent action. There is a all weather treatment that helps to repel moisture and soil. With integrated MOLLE you can add this to any of your compatible gear.

5.11 Tactical 12 Round Shotgun Pouch Features

  • 500 D nylon fabric
  • Open design provides quick access
  • Reinforced panel
  • 12 separate elastic band slots
  • Tear and abrasion resistant
  • Water resistant
  • All weather treatment
  • Duraflex hardware
  • MOLLE compatible
  • 5.11 Stay secure Snap System Compatible
  • Prym snaps
  • Bartacking in high stress areas
  • Heat treated for durability

5.11 Tactical AK Double Bungee & Cover - Range Master Tactical Gear5.11 Tactical AK Double Bungee & Cover

This is one of the rifle and pistol cases from 5.11 Tactical that is made to hold two 7.62 magazines. This pouch provides it’s user’s with dependable, silent and quick access and is perfect for multiple climates. This pouch is a high performance pouch that provides users with the choice of a quick access bungee cord retention or a standard flap cover. This pouch is both MOLLE and 5.11 SlickStick compatible.  This provides you with the opportunity to customize your kit as necessary for different situations. There are the integrated elastic compression straps that help to reduce the generation of noise, non-slip tabs and with a waterproofing treatment that help you get the best in wet and cold climates.

5.11 Tactical AK Double Bungee & Cover Features

  • 500 D Nylon
  • Rip resistant
  • Standard cover flap and bungee cord retention
  • Elastic straps integrated to minimize the generation of noise
  • Stackable with other rifle and pistol cases from 5.11 Tactical
  • Duraflex hardware
  • Soil and moisture resistant
  • waterproof back coating
  • Pull tabs on cover are non-slip
  • Bartacked in high stress areas for resilience
  • Heat treatment
There are other rifle and pistol cases from 5.11 Tactical available here at Range Master Tactical Gear. Check out the other offerings right here and make your choice according to your needs.

The 5.11 Tactical REALTREE X-TRA Mesh Cap

Hunters can appreciate the value of a really good cap such as the RealTree X-Tra Mesh Cap. This cap is made with Taclite ripstop fabric with a flex fit finish for ultra comfort. It features six panel construction which is the traditional cap construction. The cap also features mesh ventilation with a sturdy front panel along with a fit that is adjustable for a customized fit for each individual.

5.11 Tactical Realtree Xtra Mesh FlexFit Cap - Range Master Tactical GearThe pattern is derived from a high density screen printing process which ensures vibrant colors that remain crisp no matter what the weather or climate is like.  The Realtree X-tra Mesh cap has the camo pattern printed across the brim and crown of the cap. With side and back mesh panels the cap is breathable even when you are working in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. There is also the integrated coolmax sweat band that keeps your cap comfortably seated on your head no matter how profusely you are sweating.

The inseams of the RealTree X-Tra mesh cap are finished for a more structured look and fit. There is scope embroidery at the back in the center of the cap for aesthetics as well as the 5.11 scope logo woven at the front bill seam to the left.

5.11 Tactical RealTree X-tra Mesh Cap Features

  • High performance Taclite Fabric
  • 65%, 35% poly/cotton blend with dobby mesh
  • Breathable mesh back and side panels
  • Coolmax sweat band integrated
  • Embroidered crown eyelets give added ventilation
  • RealTree camo pattern on crown and brim
  • Buckram panel lining gives a structured fit
  • Adjustable flex fit closure
  • Bill stitching in 6 rows
  • Inside seams finished with 5.11 logo binding
  • Scope embrodiery at back
  • Woven, scope embrodiery on front 5.11 logo on front bill seam to the left

The 5.11 Tactial RealTree X-tra Mesh Cap can be paired with other items from the RealTree line or other items within the same color scheme which you already own. They are a great choice for hunting when you need sun protection for your eyes, face and neck. It provides a comfortable fit all day long in any climate or weather. Find this and other caps and hats here at Range Master Tactical Gear today.


5.11 Tactical Realtree Taclite Long Sleeve Shirt Camo

The 5.11 Tactical Realtree Taclite Long Sleeve Shirt is great for humid environments on hot hunting days. This is a men’s shirt and comes in long sleeve in the Camo RealTree Xtra design. Since this is made for hot, humid weather you know it is designed to keep you comfortable for all day performance and being made from top of the class fabric you have superb rip mitigation. It keeps you cool all day thanks to its moisture wicking technology which works by increasing ventilation even when you are fully exerting yourself.
5.11 Tactical Realtree Camo Taclite Long Sleeve Shirt - Range Master Tactical GearThe 5.11 Tactical Realtree Taclite long sleeve shirt feature the patented hidden document pockets along with two bellowed chest pockets including a secure pen storage area. The fabric is soil, stain and moisture resistance thanks to being Teflon treated to enhance its durability. The inner back of the neck features an integrated locker loop and there is also a hidden button down collar which is common with this and all other Realtree shirts. In addition to moisture wicking there are mesh vents at the back which provide additional ventilation and comfort for the wearer.
The 5.11 Tactical Realtree Taclite Long Sleeve Shirt features melamine buttons that won’t chip, crack or melt. The elbows are reinforced with double fabric  to ensure maximum comfort and resilience

5.11 Tactical Realtree Taclite Long Sleeve Shirt Features

  • Made with a 65%/35% 6.14 oz. polyester/cotton blend fabric
  • Made with 4 hole Melamine buttons
  • Chest and document pockets feature hook and loop closures
  • Patented 5.11 hidden document pockets
  • Two bellowed chest pockets inclusive of pen storage
  • Material is Teflon treated
  • Fabric is soil, stain and moisture resistant
  • Locker loop integrated at inner neck back
  • Hidden button down collar
  • Mid back horizontal mesh vents for ventilation
  • Camo pattern for covert operations
  • Available in sizes medium to 2-Xlarge
The 5.11 Tactical Realtree Taclite Long Sleeve Shirt in camo design is one of the few long sleeve shirts that we carry here at Range Master Tactical Gear. We offer a range of other 5.11 Tactical products including other clothing items and bags and backpacks from the Realtree line. Find it all here and more today! 


5.11 Tactical Women’s Recon Trainer

If you are a female looking for a top quality cross trainer, look no further than right here for the 5.11 Tactical Women’s Recon Trainer. This shoe combines performance, comfort and agility, all while looking stylish for the women who like to stay fit. It can take your workout to the next level no matter where you do – from the track t the gym and everywhere in between. These are definitely the ultimate cross trainer shoes for women.
5.11 Tactical Women's Recon Trainer - Range Master Tactical GearThe 5.11 Tactical Women’s Recon Trainer features stretch mesh upper which provides the wearer with optimal ventilation. The shoe provides a flexible yet strong fit with its HELCOR leather bindings. For structure and support there is a full length CMEVA (Compression Molded Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) midsole. With a broader forefoot the shoe ensures maximum traction while improving balance by promoting toe splaying. The integrated Rope Ready zone gives climbing assistance and the low profile approach that increases control and acceleration thanks to the 8mm forward angle heel to toe drop.
For comfort the 5.11 Tactical Women’s Recon Trainer features OrthoLite insoles which give you comfort all day long. There is an additional feature with the 5.11 Blood Type Patch Kit which can give you peace of mind if you have an emergency.

5.11 Tactical Women’s Recon Trainer Features

  • Toe reinforcement
  • OrthoLite insoles for comfort
  • Rope Ready Zone for aided climbing
  • Broad forefoot for engagement and balance
  • Stretch mesh upper for comfort and ventilation
  • HELCOR leather bindings
  • 8mm heel to toe drop
  • Rubber outsole for stability
  • Full-length CMEVA midsole
  • 5.11 Blood Type Patch Kit included
  • Available in the colors Caribbean Sea, Scope, Orange, Storm
  • Available in sizes 5 – 10 regular (sorry no half sizes)

The 5.11 Tactical Women’s Recon Trainer is indeed the ultimate shoe for all your workout needs. Also available in the male version these cross trainer are great for everybody. Find it here at Range Master Tactical Gear along with other footwear from 5.11 Tactical.