5.11 Tactical FrontSight Rx Carrier

Whenever you are looking fora a great item at a great price like the 5.11 Tactical FrontSight Rx Carrier you can be certain that Range Master Tactical Gear is the first place you should check. We pride ourselves in selecting only the very best gear to sell as we are high on customer satisfaction. We have a vast selection of products and we offer our customers not only great products but also great customer support to top it off. You will want to get yourself the 5.11 Tactical Front Sight Rx Carrier once you find out all it has to offer and you will find that all out now if you continue reading below.

5.11 Tactical FrontSight Rx Carrier  - Range Master Tactical GearThe 5.11 Tactical FrontSight Rx Carrier was created in a way that it will support the correction of vision while providing the utmost protection against eye impact. The Rx Carrier has the ability to integrate into any of your high performance eye wear from 5.11. With this carrier you have more versatility, more visibility, better security, durability and comfort which all equals value for money with the affordable price of the product.

The FronSight Rx carrier will nest behind the lens of your 5.11 Raid three lens interchangeable eye wear system as well as the 5.11 Aileron Shield interchangeable eye wear systems. The FrontSight Rx can support diopters up to + or – 11. You can have the lenses for the insert prepared by your licensed optician or you can even have them done through 5.11 Tactical. Yes 5.11 is ensuring that you can keep your eye locked on that target and that you can keep your eyes and your prescription eye wear protected from high impact as well.

5.11 Tactical FrontSight Rx Carrier

  • Prescription ready
  • Integrates with 5.11 Raid and Aileron eye wear
  • Shatter resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Supports up to + or -11 diopters

if you don’t already have protective eye wear from 5.11 Tactical check those out as well if you would like to get the 5.11 Tactical FrontSight Rx Carrier along with any other great item you need. Find everything you need right here at Range Master Tactical Gear.

Benchmade SUBROSA – 790BK

The Benchmade Subrosa is the first assisted monolock titanium knife that is designed specifically for fitting in the palm of your hand. It is so comfortable to use that it will feel more like an extension of your hand rather than a knife being held in your hand. 
Benchmade SUBROSA 790BK - Range Master Tactical GearThe Benchmade Subrosa 790BK features Nitrous assist mono-lock with a thumb stud opener and a clip point blade. The knife features an S30V blade made from premium stainless steel with 58-60HRC. The titanium handles are machined and a steel pocket clip is included to provide a convenient and secure way to carry the knife. 
The monolock locking mechanism has the liner has a part of the knife handle. With this feature the handle is made with a thicker material which provides more surface area so there is more space to lock the blade with. This type of locking mechanism rates very well when it comes to function and strenght which are doubled due to the addition of the Nitrous locking mechanism. The Nitrous provides a boost for the blade locking mechanism. The blade has two torsion arms running the length of the handle liner that are in contact with the blade tang. As you rotate the blade open to 30 degrees the torsion arms continue the blade on the opening process in a smooth transitionn. This locking mechanism offers the user added control over opening and closing their Benchmade Subrosa. 

Benchmade Subrosa – 790BK Features

  • Clip point blade
  • Thumb stud opener
  • Nitrous assist mono locking mechanism
  • 58 – 60 HRC Steel blade
  • S30V premium stainless steel blade
  • Titanium handles
  • Steel pocket clip
  • 3.76 inch blade lenght
  • Tip down pocket clip
  • 3.8 ounce in weight
  • Overall length of 8.40 inches
  • Closed lenght of 4.64 inches
  • From the blue class of tactical knives

Find the Benchmade Subrosa – 790 BK right here at Range Master Tactical Gear along with a number of other tactical knives and cutting tools to meet your needs.

5.11 Tactical Torrent Jacket

The 5.11 Tactical Torrent Jacket was created with feedback received from real world undercover officers working in the field. The Jacket combines a stylish appearance and a casual comfortable look and style all while providing reliable and quick functionality. These are the features that makes the 5.11 Tactical Torrent Jacket suitable for everyday concealed carry wear and also for your every day covert operations.

The Jacket is made from cotton twill which makes it very breathable but at the same time water repellent so it can provide comfort no matter what the weather. Concealed in the jacket lining is the 5.11 SlickStick System and MOLLE attachment systems giving wearers the option to carry whatever they need on their mission.

The 5.11 Tactical Torrent Jacket features two additional storage pockets on the inside along with a secure zip pocket on the chest and twin hand warmer pockets. The back features the bi-swing design which allows for unrestricted movement and the storm cuffs are sealed with snaps to help keep the rain and the wind out.

Two additional internal storage pockets, twin hand warmer pockets, and a secure zip pocket at the chest provide ample storage space, a bi-swing back offers unrestricted movement, and snapping storm cuffs keep out wind and rain.

5.11 Tactical Torrent Jacket - Range Master Tactical Gear 5.11 Tactical Torrent Jacket Features:

  • Covert functionality
  • Casual appearance
  • Hidden MOLLE and SlickStick web platform on the inside
  • Twin internal pockets
  • Twin zip hand warmer pockets
  • Made from 100% cotton twill
  • Water repellent coating
  • Snapping storm cuffs
  • Quilted fleece lining
  • Bi-swing back for free movement
  • Zippered chest
  • Available in colors brown duck, grey and pine
  • Available in sizes small to 4X large

5.11 Tactical Torrent Jacket Pros

  • Hidden pockets
  • Molle lining
  • SlickStick attachment on the inside
  • Very warm
  • Hand warmer pockets
  • Great fit
  • Comfortable

5.11 Tactical Torrent Jacket Cons

  • Not available in black

Best Uses for the 5.11 Tactical Torrent Jacket

  • Personal use
  • Everyday use
  • CCW in cold weather

The 5.11 Tactical Torrent Jacket is just another great product from 5.11 Tactical that can be found here at Range Master Tactical Gear. You can find other Jackets in the web store here as well so check out our range of listings.


5.11 Tactical Stay in the Fight

5.11 Tactical Stay in the Fight is the second book from retired Special Forces Operator Kyle E Lamb. In this book Kyle takes a look at the techniques and usage of tactical pistols. He combines his common sense and real world experience to give readers a good foundation to make them prepared for using their handguns in a live fire situation. This book can be most accurately described a a real world guide to the use of a combat pistol.

5.11 Tactical Stay in the Flight - Range Master Tactical GearThe 5.11 Tactical Stay in the Fight book helps you to  understand just what you need to do and how you need to do it when you find yourself in certain positions. Shooters have to be more than prepared, they must be prepared to be more prepared than their assailants. The book is written with the aim of giving you all you need to know to Stay in the Fight. It helps you to improve your shooting skills as well as helps you to refine the way you use your combat pistol when it is time to fight.

Kyle has served the Army for 21 years and is the Founder and Present of Viking Tactics Inc. He has used his experiences in combat in Iraq, Somalia to Mosul and Mogadishu to provide industry leading information on the use of tactical marksmanship techniques in shooting. With his experience and his credentials you can be certain that the information found in this book is only the best.

His first book “Green Eyes and Black Rifles: Warriors Guide to the Combat Carbine” is a very popular book which can be found in ranges across the world. The difference with the new book 5.11 Tactical Stay in the Fight is that the book includes exercises that are practical enough for you to utilize. These techniques help with training mentality along with mindset and all this information is put together in a way to help you understand how you can get through your next gun fight.

Stay in the Fight with the 5.11 Tactical Stay in the Fight book which you can find here at Range Master Tactical along with other products from the 5.11 Tactical line.

Bates 2261 Men’s 8″ Tactical Sport Side Zip Boot

The Bates 2261 Men’s 8″ Tactical Sport Side Zip Boot is a best seller from the manufacturer. Bates 2261 Men's 8 inch Tactical Sport Side Zip Boot - Range Master Tactical GearIt comes in black and is one of their most frequently purchased items which speaks to the quality of the boot. The tactical boot is made with 1680 denier nylon and a full grain leather upper. On the inside there is a breathable mesh lining for an all day dry and comfortable feeling. The boot features a nylon YKK side zipper that allows for a comfortable fit and for ease of removing and putting on the boot giving you an increased response time. For added comfort there is a removable cushioned insert and for safety there is a slip resistant rubber outsole.

The Bates 2261 boot is among one of the boots from Bates Enforcer Series. This particular one uses Ultra-Lite technology which is a stealth technology that reduces the overall weight of the shoe.

Bates 2261 Men’s 8″ Tactical Sport Side Zip Boot Features


  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Full grain leather upper
  • 1680 denier nylon
  • YKK nylon side zipper
  • Cushioned removable insert
  • Slip resistant rubber outsole
  • Athletic cement construction
  • Airport Friendly

Reviewers agree that the Bates 2261 boot is great for long hours on the feet. They note that it is indeed very lightweight and needs no break in time as well as allow for extreme breath-ability. Reviewers also love that with all the features in these boots that they are affordably priced. Reviewers did not on the downside though that the boots were not water proof.

You can find the Bates 2261 Men’s Sport side Zip Boot here at Range Master Tactical Gear along with other Bates Footwear that may be suitable for your needs. While you are at it, check out our entire footwear section to find the best boot that you need.








Ankle Holsters from Galco

If you are a serious gun carrier you will want to opt for the deep concealment that only ankle holsters provide. Galco has a number of top quality holsters that could be just what you need. One such holster is the Galco Ankle Glove Holster.

Galco Ankle Glove - Range Master Tactical GearGalco Glove Ankle Holster

Owners of this ankle holster rave about its quality and comfort. This can provide concealment for up to 80 hours per week while being extremely comfortable so that you can even forget that they are there, that is of course until you need it.  It features a neoprene ankle band with premium saddle leather that is wide along with a Velcro closure that offers comfort and security that is unmatched. There is also sheepskin padding which provides added comfort along with a reinforced thumb break that allows for a speedy draw. With detailed molding this ankle holster provides its user with firearm retention. There is a calf strap that is sold separately that can be used to provide adjust ability with the ankle glove. The holster by itself can fit ankle with circumferences up to 13 inches. It is suitable for use with double action revolvers and semiautomatic pistols and is available in left or right handed edition with a black finish.

Galco Ankle Lite Holster - Range Master Tactical GearGalco Ankle Lite Holster

The other ankle holster is the lite holster which was added to their line after the Ankle Glove. This ankle holster uses the same kind of ankle band with velcro closure with a center cut steerhide. There is also sheepskin padding between the ankle and the holster as well as a reinforced thumb break retention strap. This lite ankle holster can also be worn with the calf strap which is sold separately and also accommodates up to 13 inches. The ankle lite holster is available in black as well as khaki finish.

Find both these ankle holsters here at Range Master Tactical Gear along with other holsters as well as other concealed carry items.


Bushnell 204101 Legend 1200

The Bushnell 204101 Legend 1200 is a must have if you do long distance shooting and are concerned with ballistic capability and ranging distance. This little device packs a lot of power but is very handy and also very easy to use.

Bushnell 204101 Legend 1200 - Range Master Tactical GearThe new Legend 1200 was made with vertical and compact configuration and as such can deliver distance readings up to 1200 yard instantly. The device features rifle and ARC Bow modes built in with the ARC Bow mode gives a shoot like horizontal distance up to 99 yards. ARC rifle mode will provide the user with holdover information as well as bullet drop information. And there you have it two functions in one unit whereas from other manufactures you would need to have two different units to access these functions with the Bushnell 204101 Legend 1200 you only need this one. With RainGuard and anti fog technology you can use this in any weather which sweetens the pot all the more.

The ballistic capability of the Legend 1200 from Bushnell is definitely unmatched.  You can get angles in extreme terrain whether up or down hill while providing you with a true horizontal distance to the target. It doesn’t matter what the terrain is like, the good news is that the ARC accounts for the terrain so you don’t have to worry about that when you use the calculated distance as given by the device.

Bushnell 20401 Legend 1200 Features

  • Built-in digital inclinometer
  • measures angles from -90 to + 90°
  • +/- 1° accuracy
  • Pocket-size ergonomic design
  • Textured rubber grip
  • Bow Mode – provides true horizontal distance from 5–99 yards
  • Rifle Mode – provides bullet-drop/holdover in inches or MOA
  • BullsEye, Brush and Scan mode
  • IPX7 Waterproof Standard
  • Fully Multi-Coated Optics
  • RainGuard® HD
  • Range: 5–1,200 yards (VSI) Variable Sight-In Distance
  • Includes carrying case, battery and neck strap
  • Posi-lock battery cover

The Legend 1200 from Bushnell is a great little device that actually provides the functions of two devices in one. Find it and other great quality products from the tactical manufacturer Bushnell right here at Range Master Tactical Gear.

QuiqLiteX Red/White L.E.D.

The QuiqLiteX Red/White L.E.D is configured for use in tactical light applications when you need your night vision to be kept in tact so that you won’t reveal your position. The White L.E.D is useful for all your normal reading tasks when you are not concerned about the amount of light output. The light has an auto off battery saving timer that turns the light off automatically after 10 minutes. When on strobe mode their is a continuous safety setting.

QuiqLiteX Red White L.E.D - Range Master Tactical GearThe QuiqLiteX Red/White L.E.D Features

  • Push button activation
  • push once – single red L.E.D
  • push twice within 2 seconds turn off red L.E.D and turn white L.E.D on
  • 3rd depression turns all lights off
  • 10 minute auto timer
  • Strobe

QuiqLiteX Red/White L.E.D Operation

With one push of a button you get the white L.E.D, if you want to get the red L.E.D you push twice in succession within 2 seconds. Three presses of the button will turn the lights off. The X button can be found on the top of the device. This button puts the lighting device into super bright mode. With one push of the X button the brightness of the light will increase up to 75 lumens per L.E.D. The X button will only make the white L.E.D light brighter and does not work for the red L.E.D. To get the light back down to 20 lumens you just need to press the button one more time.

To operate the strobe function you simply press and hold the power button down for 2 seconds. There is no auto off timer on strobe mode. Once strobe mode is activated you can turn it off by pressing the button again once.

The powerful battery of the QuickLiteX Red runs the white L.E.D for up to 11 hours on low mode and up to 4.5 hours on high. The red L.E.D runs for up to 5 hours on low and up to 4.5 hours on high and strobe runs continuously for 4 hours. The charge time for the battery is around 2 hours.

Find the QuickLiteX Red/White L.E.D light here at Range Master Tactical Gear along with other QuickLite lighting products.


Browning Micro Blast Combo

The Browning Micro Blast Knife and Light Combo is a representation of the lighting technology of the future. The light is finger sized while rugged enough to withstand a bruising. It does all of this while not taking up more space than a lip balm and so it can fit pretty much anywhere unnoticed but when you are ready to use it, it provides more than adequate illumination for almost every task.

Browning Microblast Knife Light Combo - Range Master Tactical GearMade with an aluminum housing The Browning Micro Blast is lightweight but tough. This housing provides protection for the 60 lumen LED light which is extremely powerful and provides an effective distance of 20 metres. The flashlight is powered by a single AAA or AA alkaline battery and provides a run time of up to two hours of continuous use. Though the flashlight only has one battery thanks to its digital circuitry it really packs a punch. The flashlight is also o-ring sealed to provide an excellent seal and to provide water protection.

With a deep pocket carry clip The Browning Micro Blast can fit securely and inconspicuously into any of your pockets. You can store it where it is easy to reach whether in a pocket or in your pack. With a twist-able power switch the light can be activated quickly, easily and with the use of only one hand. This kind of on and off mechanism also allows the Browning Micro Blast the ability to not turn on accidentally. The Microblast flashlight will definitely be a good buy, it is durable and will provide a high level of performance.

Find The Browning Microblast Knife and Light Combo here at Range Master Tactical Gear. You can also find other flashlights and knives in our web store as well.

Radians Pro-Amp Earmuffs

Radians Pro-Amp Earmuffs are a great source of ear protection if you are ever looking for one. The soft cushions fit around the ear and hard outer cups sit over the soft cushions, both of which are held together with a head band which often times is adjustable depending on the model of earmuffs.

Radians Pro-Amp™ Earmuff - Range Master Tactical GearWhen it comes down to choosing earmuffs to protect your ears the fact is that the choice is very personal. With the Radians Pro-Amp Earmuffs line you can definitely find something that will fit the bill perfectly. Earmuffs are the best choice for times when noise exposure is intermittent as they are easier to remove and replace than having to re-insert earplugs. This makes them a great choice for shooting ranges or other shooting activities.

The Radian Pro-Amp Earmuffs are made to provide hearing protection. They make use of two independent high frequency directional microphones that allow for the automatic compression of harmful sounds. The sounds are compressed to below 85db which is a safe range of sounds for the ears. With padded headbands they provide comfort and offer moisture wicking in a compact folding design and also with their own carrying bag. The earmuffs also offer a convenient behind the head wire so you won’t be distracted.

These high performance Radians Pro-Amp Earmuffs utilize digital electronics to compress loud noises to safe levels. The dual microphones have independent volume controls and you can get accurate direction with the muffs. There is no clipping or cutting of the audio when these earmuffs are compressing sound so you will still hear a compressed clean crisp sound without any distortion from the original.

Find the Radians Pro-Amp Earmuffs here at Range Master Tactical Gear as well as other hearing protection devices. We also have eye protection devices along with eye and hear protection or safety combos.