BSA Sweet 22 6 18×40 Review

For this piece we will focus on one Customer’s BSA Sweet 22 6 18×40 review.  The scope was purchased online so before they received it all they had to go off of was the reviews they had read which they noted were not bad.

BSA Sweet 22 6-18X40 AO - Range Master Tactical Gear

Upon the receipt of the product the reviewer noted that they were impressed by what they saw. He notes that just by looking you can tell that the scope is made from high quality material that makes it solid and durable. He notes in his BSA Sweet 22 6 18×40 review that the reticle of the scope was clean and that the aluminum used was nice with a sunshade as well as a fine threaded cover for the lens. He notes that the included instructiosn were very clear and basic enough for first time users and that the glass was clear enough for the scope to be on par with other leading industry scopes.

He noted in his BSA Sweet 22 6 18×40 review that the scope featured a bullet drop compensator that is built into the turret. He notes that the scope is a lot like the Leupold Mark AR. You zero in the scope and then you can adjust the sleeve encircling the turret to the right mark. This scope however has triple markings which the Leupold doesn’t have  on the elevation turret for 36, 38 and 40 grain 22lr rounds.

In the BSA Sweet 22  6 18×40 review he noted that he was able to mount the scope to Burris Xtreme rings which were already on their MKII. This allowed them to do a quick bore sight before heading to their backyard. To use the scope you must zero at 100 yards before adjusting the turret sleeve to 100 yard taking into consideration the bullet weight and tightening as necessary. This will allow you to shoot at 50 yards and up to 300 yards.

Is this the scope for you? If you are not certain you can check out more reviews or you can also check out other scopes from BSA as well as other reputable manufactures of outdoor and tactical gear. You will find a nice selection here at Range Master Tactical Gear to choose from.

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