Surefire Flashlight Holsters

Surefire flashlight holsters are perfect for keeping your Surefire flashlights at hand so you will always have easy and quick access to your light when needed. They make a variety of holsters from polymer, to nylon to leather.

Polymer holsters are great if you are looking for impact protection since they provide a rigid housing. These also give you the option of carrying your flashlight either head up or head down. One such surefire flashlight holster is the Surefire V85 Polymer Speed

Surefire V85 Polymer Speed Holster - Range Master Tactical GearSurefire V85 Polymer Speed Holster

This holster was created by police officers for police officers. It provides an enhanced draw speed for pairing your flashlight with a handgun. It can secure any Surefire Flashlight with a 1.25 inch diameter bezel. This holster is rugged and allows for both left and right handed use and can be angled for the best personal position. It even has space for 3 123A batteries and can fit belts up to 2.25 inches wide.

Then there are the nylon holsters that are made with heavy duty Cordura nylon and utilize velcro closures and quick detach belt loops for securing to your belt and for securing your flashlight. One such flashlight holster is the SurefireV82 pouch.

Surefire V82 Nylon quick Detach Pouch - Range Master Tactical GearSurefire V82 Nylon quick Detach Pouch

The Surefire V82 nylon quick detach pouch is made from heavy duty Cordura nylon. It features a very long retention flap along with a velcro closure. Thanks to its quick detach belt loop one can attach and remove their holster quickly without the need to remove their belt. This pouch will accept belts as thick as 3 inches and its long flap gives you the opportunity to use it with beam filters.

Then there are the leather flashlight holsters that are said to be the best. One of the leather flashlight holsters from Surefire you can find here is the Surefire V27 leather holster with a basket weave pattern.

Surefire V27 Basket Weave  Leather Holster - Range Master Tactical GearSurefire V27 Basket Weave  Leather Holster

This holster is made from top of the line leather and has corner stitching to ensure its durability. This features a fixed belt loop that can accommodate belts that are up to 2.75 inches wide. With an internal retention device this holster does not need a flap enclosure.

No matter what kind of Surefire flashlight holster you need you can find it right here from Range Master Tactical Gear. Check out our offerings of flashlight holsters today.








SureFire Flashlights –Best Emergency Tool

Any emergency kit requires a good flashlight and is one of the top three items listed in an emergency kit with the other two being a radio and a first aid kit. It doesn’t matter what the emergency conditions may be a flashlight is a vital tool for emergency situations. Power is almost always interrupted in an emergency situation so the flashlight is a must have.

SureFire Flashlights is one good place to find top quality flashlights at an affordable price and since you will be relying on the flashlight for your only source of light during a power failure you certainly want the best available.

SureFire manufacturing originally made laser sights for guns and then later graduated to manufacturing portable illumination devices. They are the biggest supplier of illumination devices for the military at this time and are known for creating extremely durable and powerful lighting products. Most of their product lines are used by federal agencies, swat teams, and soldiers however their products are affordable enough for the average person to own and use. You can be assured that if the government agencies trust these products for emergency lighting then you will be getting top quality lighting solutions that are reliable, dependable, and of the highest quality.

All of the SureFire flashlights have an extremely long battery life. The U2 Ultra variable Output LED light has a battery life of more than 40 hours on the two batteries that are required. Not all emergency situations will cause you to be without power all night however in the aftermath of an earthquake, hurricane, or other disaster your flashlight could save someone’s life.

G2® Surefire Nitrolon® Single-Output Incandescent - Range Master Tatical GearThere are countless stories where a SureFire flashlight has been a beneficial tool in helping people get out of dangerous situations. In Colorado City Texas a man used a G2 Nitrolon to help a midwife deliver a baby by providing the light from a single flashlight to enable her to clearly see in the emergency delivery. There are also many stories where wild animals were warded off by shining the beam from the flashlight around at the attacking animal. A Pennsylvania man who was being attacked by a 600 pound bear used his E2D Defender to blind the bear and chase it off. The SureFire flashlights have been used to scare away coyotes, wild boars, wild dogs, wild cats, mountain lions, monkeys, alligators, and other threatening wild animals. The great thing about using the flashlights to scare away a wild animal is that the animal is unharmed and it is a non-violent method of protection.

These true stories are a testimonial to the fact that the flashlights (although designed for elite forces) do have a place in the market for regular consumers. Their reliability and high quality construction make them a durable product that can cover all of your emergency needs to ward off the darkness at an affordable price.

Check out the various Surefire flashlights available here at Range Master Tactical Gear and make your choice today.

SureFire X400 Ultra

It’s hard for many to take the word of a written review when it comes to a weapon mounted light and for these they prefer seeing the results before they purchase anything. When it comes to the SureFire X400 Ultra is one that you can trust from a written review.

Surefire Flashlight X400 LED Handgun Long Gun WeaponLight with Laser - Range Master Tactical Gear

Surefire Flashlight X400 LED Handgun Long Gun Weapon Light with Laser

From reading the specifications of this light you can compare it with other models of weapon mounted lights. If you already have a weapon light you can compare the specs with that so you can imagine how different the lights would be. You can also look up the run time of the flashlight and even compare the weights for each model that you are looking at.

Even though the real test will be after you purchase the light and turn it on, looking at those numbers can at least let you know what to expect. The best thing is to see the light and see it for the first time while you are in total darkness. I can tell you that the SureFire X400 Ultra will definitely wow you and will continue to do this over and over again.

This weapon light from Surefire boats a 500 lumen high intensity lamp featuring white light. It also has a 5 milliwat red laser in a compact package that is rail mountable which will give its users the best of both worlds. It can be mounted on a long gun as well as on a handgun but reviewers note that the Surefire X400 really feels like is is made for a carbine, shotgun or rifle.

Surefire x400 Ultra - Range Master Tactical GearWe can safely say that the bar has been raised for this flashlight by SureFire. It provides an excellent amount of light and can light up your entire backyard in your test so just imagine what it can do out in the woods or on the job in a dark lonely alley way. It’s laser has a nice long range and can be used and remains visible more than other types of red lasers.

The Surefire X400 will work on a number of handguns including the H&K USP Tactical, Glock 19. It also works on the shotguns such as the Mossberg 590A1 and on the H&K 94 and the M4 Carbine Rifles. With a good size mounting screw to the right side of the light it is easy to take off except for the M900. The longest part of the process would be changing the lock bar from a Picatinny to a Universal or vice versa. That alone will take approximately 20 seconds.

You will find the light easy to manipulate and the laser is easy to manipulate as well. It uses a rocker switch that allows you to go from laser to light and light to light or to just use laser mode just by the flip of a switch. You can find a number of switches available from SureFire as well as other devices that you can add to find a more comfortable use with the long gun.

When you move the module between platforms you will have to recalibrate the laser. That is a downside but the laser is not hard to adjust and so it shouldn’t be much of a problem. The laser will also stay locked in place and will hold zero after you set it.

Find the Surefire X400 Ultra light here at Range Master Tactical Gear as well other lighting products from Surefire. Find your next illumination device right here today.

Different Uses for a Tactical Flashlight

The tactical flashlight is quite indispensable for persons employed as police officers, search and rescue workers, military personnel and a number of others who work in safety. Since they are made mainly for these industries they are created from top of the line materials to ensure that they are reliable, sturdy and of course durable. More commonly the newer generation of tactical flashlights feature LED bulbs. These make these flashlights more energy efficient while providing a brighter light than their predecessors. Even in extreme weather conditions and with rough handling, these flashlights will stand the test of time. Therefore if you don’t work in a tactical profession but you are rough on your flashlight it is the best option to choose one that is tactically made.

E2D Surefire LED Defender® Dual Output LED flashlight - Range Master Tactical GearTactical Flashlight for Police

Police will need to search for suspects at night and so they will depend on their tactical flashlight a lot to provide them with optimum illumination. They can even opt for a flashlight that can be mounted to their weapon so they don’t have to be using both hands. This is great for identification of a threat or target and also for aiming so it serves a dual purpose. You can find a number of weapon lights here on our website.

Surefire Flashlight X400 LED Handgun Long Gun WeaponLight with Laser - Range Master Tactical GearTactical Flashlight for the Military

The Military also uses flashlights to help them to be better able to see in the dark. They need their gear and accessories to be lightweight and often times need a light that can be mounted to their weapons or fastened to their uniforms. They will need flashlights that are waterproof and strong enough to remain functional even in harsh weather. You will even find some tactical lights for military use that have the strobe effect or laser detection.

Tactical Flashlight for Search and Rescue

Click Image to View Product

Click Image to View Product

Professionals who work in search and rescue need flashlights for their search operations. They most often use hands-free flashlights since they need their hands for other tasks. They like to use flashlights that can be clipped to their uniform, attached to helmets or attached to their body in some other way so their hands can be free for use if necessary.

Self Defense Tactical Flashlights

A tactical flashlight is a great tool for self defense. With the levels of illumination the tactical flashlights have today they can be temporarily blinding. This is true of both human and animal attackers which gives you the opportunity to disorient them and make your escape or better defend yourself.

Tactical Flashlight for the Outdoor Enthusiast

You don’t have to work for law enforcement or in emergency services to use a tactical flashlight. Outdoor enthusiasts and sportsmen want powerful and strong light sources too and so they opt for tactical lights.

The average Joe who wants the best bang for their buck will also want to purchase a tactical flashlight. If you are just that then you are in the right place. Find a wide variety of tactical flashlights here at Range Master Tactical Gear today.


Surefire Flashlights – Compact and Powerful Illumination

When you buy a Surefire flashlight you are guaranteed that you are getting a fine quality product. The Surefire Company has been in the industry for many years providing law enforcement, military and special ops personnel with lighting equipment for different purposes.

All of the products from Surefire are efficient, compact, reliable and strong enough to tolerate the rigidity of military and law enforcement duties. The products encompass both incandescent and LED flashlights as well as headlamps, weapon lights, beam filters, holsters and many more. With different varieties and being popular for high quality and durable products Surefire is considered as the favorite choice for the US military, outdoor professionals, law enforcement and fire and rescue personnel.

With Surefire illumination tools there is a pure beam of light that gives optimum illumination so people who have to perform under poor light are better able to do their jobs effectively. They provide high quality light in a compact and lightweight shell. Though their line was first designed for law enforcement to work in low light environments, they are now providing flashlights for anyone who wants to have a top quality flashlight whatever purpose they may have for it.

Surefire flashlights are recognized as among the smallest but the brightest lighting equipment’s that come at some of the best and most reasonable prices. You will definitely find in the Surefire line if you are looking for a palm-size flashlight that can project beyond 50 meters. Most of the Surefire flashlights are easy to carry for any situations and anywhere since they are very compact. They are mostly ideal not only for the military, law enforcement and emergency personnel but are also good for use by ordinary people that experience situations where there is little to no light.

If you are not sure which of the Surefire flashlights are suited for you then you can read some reviews and descriptions so you will know which light are suited for your needs. Here are some of Surefire flashlights that you may want to consider in your list:

Surefire X300® LED Handgun, Long Gun WeaponLight - Range Master Tactical GearThe SureFire X300this is a LED flashlight that gives 170 lumens of light and also uses a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens. This flashlight can produce a high quality beam that gives you good peripheral vision. Since it is a LED flashlight the filament will not burn out. Its batteries last for up to 2.4 hours but can be fully recharged when done. It has an aluminum body which makes it durable and resistant to corrosion. The Surefire X300 is also submersible up to 22 meters. You will notice that the one touch operation is very convenient plus it has an optional pistol grip as well. In fact, you can even connect this light to guns for which there are other switches available. This flashlight is also ideal to be used on long guns and hand guns that use Universal rails or Picatiinny rails.

 The 6P Flashlight – It is very compact made from an aerospace body that is made from aluminum anodized for durability and efficiency even in rigorous situations. This flashlight has an incandescent lamp which gives the user a powerful beam which is good for impairing the vision of an aggressor during night. You will find this flashlight with a 65 or 120 lumen lamp.

The G2 FlashlightIt is a flashlight made with a Nitrolon body which means it resists corrosion and is extremely durable. It features a push button tail cap switch which makes the user a safer way to activate and control the light.

These and other Surefire flashlights can be found at the Ranger Master Tactical Gear Website for sale.

Tactical Light Strategies for Concealed Carry

High-quality flashlights are a game modifier for concealed carry or armed function and ought to be a component of your daily carry kit. Modern strategic illuminations are adequately dominant to offer absolute elucidation of a region, your goal and your pistol’s sights.  They can practically blind an assailant temporarily, giving an instant lead.

Surefire UB3T Invictus® Ultra-High Variable-Output LED - Range Master Tactical Gear

However, what is the most efficient flashlight strategy to make use of whilst setting up your pistol for self-protection? That relies upon the circumstance.  Below you will find a number of different strategies which you can choose from and apply.

The FBI Flashlight Strategy

Envisioning criminals may gun your light down because they believe that is where you are located and so the Federal Bureau of Investigation created this strategy to safeguard its agents from bullets aimed at the light source. Using this light strategy one grips the flashlight away from their person as they take aim. This is a strategically efficient procedure for penetrating; however, as soon as you begin shooting, your muzzle detonation will lead them to your exact position. This somewhat contradicts the necessity to position the flashlight away from you and pessimistically impacts your capacity to gun down precisely for the reason that you are shooting single-handedly.  Furthermore, with an arm positioned away from your body, you derange your shooting stance increasing your inaccuracy.

The Neck Index Flashlight Strategy

The neck index light strategy enables transition from looking to shooting. If you are making use of the FBI strategy to hunt and spot danger, you may bring your light to the light to your neck as you initiate your weapon management. If you have to shoot rapidly, you can shoot single-handedly by means of the neck index strategy. If you have adequate time, you can shift to one of the two-handed flashlight strategies. With the illumination positioned at your neck, it is akin to your support hand placed at your body’s center as it is supposed to be in times of regular weapon management. Tow your non-shooting hand, which grips the flashlight, up to your chin with the vivid tip adjusted in the direction of the risk. If your pistol contains illuminations that are difficult to see, this strategy will help light up the sights. At any rate, it allows you to achieve numerous lumens aimed at that criminal quick.

The Harries Flashlight Strategy

By means of the Harries strategy, you fasten your wrists jointly. To engage, slide your non-shooting hand that is clutching the flashlight, beneath your shooting arm and then revolve your non-shooting arm at the shoulder to lower the elbow of your non-shooting hand. This gives pressure against your shooting hand’s backside and gives way for a comparatively established shooting stance. Then slide your support hand clutching the flashlight beneath your shooting arm. You could begin by means of presuming the neck index location with the flashlight illuminating the hazard. Right after the pistol has been aimed at the hazard, then shift to the Harries Technique.

The Surefire Flashlight Strategy

To execute the Surefire strategy, you must have a small flashlight that has a stimulation button at the tip of the tailpiece and, preferably, a rubber perforation situated a little from the light’s tip. You can find a range of ideal flashlights matching this description here from Surefire Flashlights. Clutch the flashlight like a needle, flanked by your shooting hand’s index and middle fingers with the stimulation switch positioned alongside your palm. Grasp the pistol the way you do when you are using a regular two-hand clutch, but only making use of your non-shooting hand’s bottom two fingers as a component of that grasp. Hold and adjust the light by making use of your index finger, middle finger and thumb. To stimulate the light, compress it shoving the stimulation button with your palm. The key is knowing to adjust the light with the pistol.  Generally, shooters have the tendency to aim the light in the direction of the ground. This can likewise be done. By and large, there will be adequate light mirrored off the terrain or ambient illumination from the shaft of light to elucidate the objective.

Surefire 317LM Weapon Light - Range Master Tactical Gear

You don’t have to carry a separate flashlight for your weapon though as there are a nice range of weapon lights available here at Range Master. Check out the product listings today.





Laser Sights for Concealed Carry: Is It A Must?

Crimson Trace has been providing a laser sights for Glock handguns since 1994. It created this laser to attend to all the things its creator disliked about the handgun lasers that were on sale at the time, specifically it called to have holster rapport, had to be lacking uncovered wires, and had to incorporate precision modifications.  It likewise needed to be dependable and, well, not hideous, and with minimal bulkiness. By utilizing the free space within the Glock’s frame, Crimson Trace formed laser sights that grew to the trigger guard’s perpendicular segment, with all the cables and the batteries that were internally placed.

It was factually a clever conception. This alteration captured people’s interest because by using the item, one would no longer need a handgun-mounted laser to transform a handgun into Notre dame’s hunchback. The thing with those laser sights offered by Crimson Trace is that one has to mail their Glock to Crimson Trace and after a week’s time, it would be sent back to you with the fundamental laser conversion. This only costs $595. For approximately twenty years now, around 1,400 of these Crimson Trace-altered Glocks are still functioning and, up to now, Crimson Trace still extends services to those items.

A year following the launch of the first Crimson Trace laser, the business initiated the laser hold. At that juncture, majority of handguns possessed grip panels, and it was the apparent preference for aftermarket laser accessory, especially on steel-enclosed handguns. The foremost laser grips were the 1911, Beretta 92 and the Ruger Mark II, which cost $395.

Up to date laser holds, such as the Crimson Trace Master Series, are obtainable in designs excluding rubber. Currently, if you prefer wood handles, you can obtain them with a laser.

In 1997, Crimson Trace went up a notch higher when it launched the laser designed for the S&W J-Frame revolver. The J-Frame has been a very famous handgun for personal defense due to its small dimension. For the same basis, and for its dependability, it was likewise a famous backup gun for police enforcers. The J-Frame laser grip instantly developed into Crimson Trace’s best seller, and it eventually provided gun scribes the verification they required to begin having positive talks with regards to handgun-escalated lasers. Handgun lasers have become today’s most sought after aftermarket attachment, and there is rarely a handgun for which you cannot buy a laser.

Surefire Flashlight X400 LED Handgun Long Gun WeaponLight with Laser - Range Master Tactical Gear

Surefire Flashlight X400 LED Handgun Long Gun WeaponLight with Laser

But if you want to forego Crimson Trace’s procedures for obtaining a laser light for your gun you can check out the x400 from Surefire. This is an LED Handgun/Long Gun weapon light with laser. It can be attached to virtually any weapon that uses Universal or Picatinny rails.

Crimson Trace, on the other hand, is not piloting the market for handgun lasers due to their product’s quality but, more importantly, due to the inherent activation their merchandise provides.  Through a Crimson Trace laser hold or Laser Guard, all you need to do to stimulate the laser is to normally hold the gun.  A button, which is either connected to the handle or reaching on an arm from the trigger guard’s frontage, triggers the laser to come upon. You do not have to reflect about stimulating the laser, all you need to do is to hold the handgun.

Check out the weapon lights here at Range Master Tactical Gear for more uncomplicated weapon lights and laser lights.

Get Powerful Light from Surefire Flashlights

Choosing Surefire flashlights will guarantee you of a high quality item. The Surefire Company has been in the business for so many years and has been well-known in offering military, law enforcement and special operations individuals with lights for various purposes.

Surefire items are solid, highly efficient, dependable and tough enough to endure the stringency of both law enforcement and military responsibilities. The items cover both luminescent and Light Emitting Diode or LED flashlights over and above beam filters, weapon lights, holsters and headlamps among others.  With various assortments and famed for top quality and hard-wearing merchandise, Surefire is tagged as the preferred pick for the United States’ outdoor experts, military, fire and rescue officers and law enforcement personnel.

Surefire lighting gears gives off an untainted light beam. By providing optimal lighting, it enables people to perform their tasks more efficiently. They offer top quality light in a lightweight and compact covering. Although Surefire’s product line was initially created for law enforcement to function in low light surroundings, they are presently granting flashlights to any individual who desires to obtain a top notch flashlight no matter what intention they may have for it.

Surefire flashlights are distinguished as the tiniest but the brightest illumination gears with the most reasonable price tags. It can only be from Surefire that you will be able to find a palm-sized flashlight that can project further than 50 meters. The large majority of Surefire flashlights are handy for any circumstance due to how small they tend to be. They are not just perfect for the use of law enforcement, military and the emergency workforce but are likewise suitable for ordinary people’s usage during situations where there is little or no light at all.
If you are confused as to which Surefire flashlights are best for you, it will be helpful if you will read assessments and descriptions. The following is a list of Surefire flashlights which you can choose from:

Surefire X300® LED Handgun, Long Gun WeaponLight - Range Master Tactical GearSurefire X300 is a LED flashlight which offers 170 lumens of light and likewise features a Total Internal Reflection lens. This type of flashlight can generate top quality shaft of light that offers you excellent peripheral visualization and because it is a LED flashlight, its filament will not wear out. Its battery can endure for 2.4 hours but can nevertheless be entirely recharged. It contains an aluminum body—making it hard-wearing and corrosion-resistant. Surefire X300 is likewise water-proof.  You will also detect that the single touch action is handy.  In addition, it also contains elective pistol hold. Actually, you can even affix this light to guns. This flashlight is also best be utilized on long firearms and hand pistols that make use of Picatiinny or Universal rails.

Surefire 6P® Original Single-Output Incandescent - Range Master Tactical Gear6P Flashlight is very solid and is derived from an aerospace body that is created from aluminum anodized for effectiveness and durability even during rigorous conditions. This flashlight contains luminescent light which provides the user a dominant shaft of light which s best for damaging the vision of an attacker at night. You will spot this flashlight with a 120 or 65 lumen light.

G2® Surefire Nitrolon® Single-Output Incandescent - Range Master Tatical GearG2 Flashlight is created from a Nitrolon body that enables it to resist corrosion and is highly durable. It possesses a push button tail cap button that provides harmless way to stimulate and regulate the light.

These and other Surefire flashlights can be spotted at the Ranger Master Tactical Gear Website.


Tactical Flashlights: Then to Now

First  Ever  Ready Flashlight - Range Master Tactical GearIt might be surprising for you to hear, that law enforcement began to use tactical flashlights in the 1930′s. The main reason for starting to use a flash light was to save lives. Many times, there were operations held during the night, when there is little to no light. Other times, there were operations held in places where the light levels were low and where illumination devices apart from handheld flashlights couldn’t get into. For such places, it became imperative for the law forces to get a better visual. Even though flash lights are deemed to be items for house hold use, they are also held in great esteem in law enforcement circles.

It is true that over time, the design and the flash light itself has changed immensely. It was a novelty for people when it was first invented. However, now there are so many different versions of flashlights including tactical flashlights. There are ones which allow you to fit them into your smallest pocket  and even in the palm of your hands. There are ones which have the option of strobe lights on them. Another version of the flash light is small enough to hold in your hand while giving off a light strong enough to disorient an attacker momentarily. Tactical flashlights are really handy for all the officers who work for the different agencies of law enforcement but persons working in law enforcement aren’t the only ones who utilize  tactical flashlights.Others that use them include sports enthusiasts, outdoor enthusiasts and  even the average Joe for personal or emergency purposes.

E2D Surefire LED Defender® Dual Output LED flashlight - Range Master Tactical Gear

The first flash light used by police men had to be held in one hand, while the gun had to be held in another hand. This was a tedious job, as police men had to maneuver with both hands occupied during a sting operation. As time went by, the flashlight was designed so they could be  directly attached to the gun. This made it easy for the police men to handle the weapon, while having an arm free to use otherwise. Another change which has been made in newer tactical flashlights is their bulb. Before the tactical flashlights made use of a normal bulb. Now, tactical flashlights being manufactured use an LED bulb. This type of bulb lasts longer, is more durable and more energy efficient than  its predecessors. LED bulbs are also brighter. Another positive aspect of an LED bulb is that it can survive a lot of harsh conditions and rough treatment without damage. As the need for flash lights became eminent, gear for carrying them also started to change.

You can find modern tactical flashlights here at Range Master Tactical Gear from manufacturers such as SureFire Flashlights and 5.11 Tactical. These flashlights are built to be long lasting and to provide the best functionality.

Tactical Flashlights – Mounted or Handheld?

5.11 Tactical TPT R7 NiMH Rechargeable Full-Size Duty Flashlight - Range Master Tactical GearYou may be aware that the majority of shooting incidents happen at night. For a police officer this means there must be a tactical flashlight present with them while on duty and even off duty as well. Their choices are either a weapon mounted flashlight or  handheld flashlight.

There are some departments that make the decision as to whether their officers use weapon mounted or handheld tactical flashlights. And for many if they are allowed weapon mounted lights the light cannot supersede the handheld light.

But you don’t have to have a firearm to use a handheld light and since they are so versatile  in their field of use many officers who have the choice o choose a handheld flashlight over a weapon mounted flashlight. They can serve other on duty purposes for police officers and safety personnel in other job functions and can serve as personal items as well as everyday carry.

E2D Surefire LED Defender® Dual Output LED flashlight - Range Master Tactical Gear

For police, the minimum brightness in their flashlight should be 60 lumens. This is good enough for a police when approaching or confronting someone during the night or in darker  situations. You will find flashlights made from aluminum, titanium or other highly durable yet lightweight materials. Your best option is  choose a flashlight with LED bulbs since these are virtually indestructible and use less energy you will find your batteries lasting longer thus saving you money.

A good quality flashlight can be pricey but in general you can find flashlights form $20 to $2000. On average, a good tactical flashlight will cost between $50 and $200. You will find a number of good choices within this price range here at Range Master. You will find flashlights from 5.11 Tactical and Surefire Flashlights as well.

When it comes to weapon mounted lights you will see that you have to pay more money. Because of the need to insulate the bezel for shock as well as how they are made so they will mate with the rail, they are more expensive. For these tactical flashlights additional training is necessary. Since a man was accidentally shot by a Police trying to turn his weapon light on and instead activating the trigger, there has been controversy around the use of a weapon mounted flashlights by Police Officers.

Bottom line is – when using a weapon mounted light, don’t point at anything or anybody unless your intention is to shoot. With your handheld tactical flashlight you can use the one flashlight for numerous purposes. Whatever you are looking for in a flashlight you can find it here at Range Master Tactical Gear so give our product listings a look.