Blackhawk – The Best Brand Used by Law Enforcement

The Blackhawk brand has a lot to offer and has a competitive edge over other companies when it comes to tactical gear.

BlackHawk Tactial Holster Platform - Range Master Tactical GearThe company was founded in 1993 by President and CEO Mike Noell and is dedicated to providing the best quality products on the market for outdoor and tactical items. The company’s headquarters is located in Norfolk, Virginia and has three manufacturing plants in the United States located in Montana, North Carolina, and Idaho. Blackhawk products are of such superb quality that a lot of the customers are loyal repeat customers. Their customers realize that the value and durability of Blackhawk products are well worth the money they spend. For decades the company has been manufacturing the widest range of products without any competitor being able to take their market position. Blackhawk products have earned a reputation as being the top-ranked US manufacturer of law enforcement, military, and tactical equipment because all of their products are manufactured from superior quality raw materials. The company is known internationally for their diverse range of tactical items and supply their products globally in various countries.

BlackHawk Omega VI Ultra Holster - Range Master Tactical GearBlackhawk Products Group is comprised of a various range of products including tactical gear, body armor, hydration systems, law enforcement duty gear, illumination tools, protective gloves and gear, knives, apparel and footwear for military and law enforcement, hunting gear, breaching tools, and recoil reducing stocks. The company has diversified itself as a marketing leader in the law enforcement, outdoor, industrial security, and military markets and there is no substitute available for the top quality products that Blackhawk supplies. Latest developments in the operational activities of Blackhawk have signed a Master agreement with Acusport for worldwide distribution. The agreement between Acusport and Blackhawk provides the company with a team of highly qualified professionals that are knowledgeable in sales and distribution which will help the company to ensure that their products are available in the right quantities at the outlets in order to provide each customer with the products that they require.

The Blackhawk brand is well known for their superb designs in holsters that are being used exclusively by law enforcement agencies. The Blackhawk holsters have the feature of being highly durable, offer various security measures such as handgun locking mechanisms, and strong resistance power. These features make removal of the handgun as easy as depressing a button on the holsters side to keep the law enforcement officer protected from an assailant because they may quickly draw their weapon when necessary. All the products manufactured by Blackhawk are among the best for law enforcement and military personnel and are not only reliable and durable but are made from top quality materials that will last for a long time.

Find a range of other holsters here at Range Master Tactical Gear from a number of other brands such as Bianchi, Galco and 5.11 Tactical – all of which are great brands.

Tagua Gun Leather Holsters

Whenever you want a handcrafted holster you want to look at the offerings from Tagua Gun leather. They offer holsters that are of great quality but priced affordably. They hand select the leather they use and also select quality hardware to ensure that the product is great quality overall and not just made with quality leather. They have all the right products to meet your needs and best of all they are all at the right price.

Tagua Gun Leather Products - Range Master Tactical GearEven if you consider yourself a holster snob you can still find a holster from Tagua Gun Leather to suit your needs and yous style or tastes. There is no need to purchase a cheap low quality holster just because you don’t have the money to purchase a high priced, high quality one. With Tagua products you can get both quality and a nice price to fit your budget so you don’t need to sacrifice quality for price.

Many will argue that more expensive holsters will have their advantages over cheaper ones which is true but you can still find a good quality product at an affordable price that will get the job done right. Some other benefits include;

  1. You don’t have to worry about them getting lost since you didn’t have to sell your soul to purchase them.
  2. There is no long wait to receive your item. With more expensive holsters you may find that you have to wait for the product to become available. This can be a problem if you are replacing your holster and need one as soon as possible.
  3. Some of the more expensive holsters suck for concealed carry such as the Kydex holsters. This is especially true if you are wearing your sweat pants or other pants that don’t require a belt.
  4. Cheaper holsters are great if you are looking for a one size fits all solution temporarily. If you have mutliple guns and would rather not be changing holsters like you change pants or can’t afford to purchase a holster for each gun then a Tagua Gun Leather holster could do the trick. Many of these holsters can be used with more than one type of gun.
  5. These holsters are often a lot more comfortable since they are more pliable than say Kydex holsters. They will form to your body giving you a custom and comfortable fit for carrying.
  6. By far the best advantage is that they will meet your budget and will work well. Not everybody can afford high end expensive holsters but that doesn’t mean you have to get the worst quality holster out there. Any holster is better than no holster whatsoever and knowing that you are not compromising on quality makes buying from Tagua Gun Leather all more reassuring.

Find a range of affordable holsters from Tagua Gun Leather right here at Range Master Tactical Gear.

Weapon Retention – Defending your Firearm

Weapon retention is very important and it is actually your brain that works as your best defense when it comes to countering someone grabbing for your weapon. The key to this is employing a good mindset along with being very aware and make use of sound tactics.

Many who have had a battle for weapon retention can tell you that looking back they cant tell you what mistake they made that allowed the situation to take place. Some may just have allowed someone to get too close while other may have been in condition white while for others it occurred as they were covering someone or searching someone by hand. Just know that it is not always poor tactics that give an attacker an opportunity to grab for your weapon but you can help minimize the risk with weapon retention training.

Weapon Retention - Range Master Tactical GearSo why should weapon retention be taught? We are all humans and we will always make mistakes, so why the the training? It is always good to have a plan especially after making a mistake. The minute someone tries to take your weapon you are immediately placed into a situation where you must fight for your life.

There are in fact two different training options for weapon retention for handguns; retaining a hand held weapon and retaining a holstered weapon. But before training you want to ensure that you have the best quality equipment for carrying your weapon. Purchasing your weapon carry items should not be done based on price but must be done based on style. The basics will be a holster and a belt – if either of these are poor quality then it will be easy to remove your weapon. You can find high quality belts and holsters right here on our website.

The next thing you want to consider is mode of carry. You should ensure that your weapon is always concealed if you are a civilian or an off duty law enforcement officer. People won’t be going after your gun if they don’t know that you have one. If you are a law reinforcement officer on duty, you definitely want to invest in a retention holster that is of high quality. But you can’t rely on simply the retention capabilities of your holster. You may also want to get an edged weapon that you can use if your firearm is under attack or a fixed blade knife that you can carry on the weak side of your belt and of course learn sound tactics.

You can be attacked from behind, from either side or from in front but wherever they come from you will need to act immediately to start defending your weapon and your life. You first action will be to trap the gun with your strong hand into its holster. You do this by applying a large amount of downward pressure. You will have to do this while moving because standing still will make it easier for your attacker.  It is recommended that you move around rapidly in tight circles. This can cause pain and injury to the attacker if you are holding their hand while applying the downward pressure to your holster. Moving quickly will cause your attacker to respond to your actions instead of concentrating on his, while you’ re doing this you can be using your weak hand to inflict pain or use the edged weapon mentioned above. There is no room for failure as your failure may mean the end of your life.

You can find a number of holsters and belts here as well as edged weapons that can be used to inflict pain while you fare enforcing your weapon retention training and fight for your life. Find all the products you need right here at Range Master Tactical Gear.


Tagua Gun Leather Holsters

If you are looking for top quality leather holsters then you should check out the offerings from Tagua Gun Leather. Here you will find a nice range of products to start and hopefully end your search. You can search for holsters by manufacturer or you can opt to search within the holster category to look at our entire selection of holsters. We have some affordable but high quality versions here too since we known that affordability rates high on the list for most consumers today.

Tagua Gun Leather Products - Range Master Tactical GearAll Tagua Gun Leather products are made in Paraguay and the company manufacturers a nice variety of holsters and other gun related goods but all their products are made from leather. While their holsters for the most part do look a little plain they are highly functional and I guess without all that extra detailing they are worth the money because function is the utmost advantage of any good holster. If you don’t mind the generic look in a high quality holster then you will definitely find the right pick from Tagua Gun Leather. The quality of leather is good so do not misunderstand that you are getting an affordable product that is made from less than the best quality leather used for making these products. Their holsters will continue to hold their shape and will contain to perfectly retain your pistol. A number of their holsters do not feature retention straps or screws so it is the leather and your belt that ill work together to keep your weapon tightly in place.

Tagua Gun Leather makes other items such as revolver speed loaders and magazine carriers as well. They offer both single and double revolver speed loaders and magazine carriers and we have all of these in stock here at Range Master Tactical Gear as well as their holsters. You can check out holsters from other tactical manufacturers as well from brands like Bianchi, 5.11 Tactical and much more.


Tactical Gear for a Police Duty Belt

A police officer’s duty belt is where all the tactical gear they need for duty is kept. Once on duty the police officer will wear their duty belt with them at all times. Though the exact items may differ by municipality there are some items that are include on an officer’s duty belt no matter where they work.

Generally the tactical gear that is stored and carried on a police officer’s duty belt include;

  • A tactical flashlight
  • Handcuffs
  • A baton
  • A radio
  • A handgun
  • Ammunition
  • Pepper Spray/ Battery Powered Stunning Device

Police Officer's Duty Belt - Range Master Tactical GearNo matter what the items are they must be made from heavy duty materials and will provide maximum performance.

Being a police officer can be very stressful and danger can arise at a moment’s notice. And so police officers must be prepared and a part of this preparation is with defensive weapons. Those that may come to mind readily include a baton and a handgun but these are not the only tools that an officer must rely upon.

All the items, no matter what they are should be reliable and high quality and that is why not just any gear is used but instead high quality tactical gear is used. They also need to have high quality tactical gear accessories as well for example a high quality flashlight may need backup batteries which you will need to carry where they can be readily accessed – in the duty belt. In many instances you will find that officers will have two tactical flashlights; a battery operated flashlight and a rechargeable flashlight.

Tactical gear carried on a police officer’s belt can even help to save their lives and some of them are just for the convenience of their jobs. For example they can carry an ink pen and small notebook or a cell phone. But they must be realistic about what the additional items they choose to carry when out in the field.

A duty belt that weighs too much will cause fatigue especially on longer shifts or for shifts where the officer is physically involved for example during an on foot chase etc. Given the fact that a radio and its holster, a handgun and its holster along with a tactical flashlight and its holster are not lightweight items the weight can add up fast. So unnecessary items can be more of an hindrance than a help.

Since the items used on duty belt can get heavy they must be evenly distributed so that the weight can be as well. This will help to minimize the risk of back strain and this helps the officer to be more efficient. Since they can become used to the items being a particular place they can be easily and quickly accessed.

The duty belt is definitely very important to a police officer. You can find some of the items police officers use on their duty belts here at Range Master Tactical Gear. Find tactical flashlights and their accessories as well as holsters and other items.


BlackHawk Tactical Gear

BlackHawk Tactical Gear offers a number of high quality items to professionals in the tactical field. They are one of the best military duty gear suppliers and their gear is some of the best that you can purchase today. They have a range of holsters that may not appeal to the eye but one thing that is true is that they do perform and are always ready when you need your weapon.

All BlackHawk tactical gear items have been through thorough testing, the testing process employed by BlackHawk can be termed as downright punishment or abuse as they try to ascertain just how much a particular product can take. On top of rigorous testing they offer a “no questions asked” warranty which helps you to guarantee that their holsters will stand up to pretty much everything.

One line of BlackHawk Holsters that shows the toughness of their entire line is the BlackHawk CQC Serpa line. These holsters are made from injection molded carbon fiber composite material. With this material there is minimum bulk and weight but there is the all important retention and excellent retention at that.

The renttion system will lock in the weapon allowing only the wearer the ability to release it. With a patented SERPA lock the trigger guard is engaged and locked until the wearer is ready to draw their weapon.

The weapon can be released with the use of the index finger to disengage the lock to easily maneuver the weapon from its holstered state into a shooting stance. The advantage of this system is that it allows the user to draw their weapon and holster their weapon each time with ease and accuracy.

BlackHawk Serpa CQC Holster - Range Master Tactical GearWhen talking about thumb breaks this is not the case because greater access is needed because of the unpredictability of the locking mechanism on such holsters. The CQC SERPA System from BlackHawk Tactical Gear    features adjustable tension along with a patented retention system so there is no need for a thumb break.

BlackHawk also has holsters in the same style but that feature a lower retention level. These are the Carbon Fiber Composite Holsters. They have a similar low profile look and feel and also utilizing the SERPA technology.

Both of the above mentioned holsters from BlackHawk Tactical Gear comes with the standard Mulit Fit loop Belt system. This will accommodate a number of belt widths which is great. Included is the easy on paddle which will attach easily and securely to the interior lip of your pants.

The CQC carbon fiber used to the holsters are not just molded plastic. They are a lightweight composite polymer that is almost indestructible and very form fitting. This kind of material is used in a number of aerospace components in the United States including in US Air Force Air crafts – so you know it is top of the line. You will also find them in cutting edge medical instruments and the bodies of race cars.

If you want a sleek holster that offers an apex of concealment you can check out the line of BlackHawk CQC holsters. These can be found right here at Range Master Tactical Gear and will provide you with excellent retention and ultimate concealment.


Galco KingTuk IWB Holster Review

The Galco KingTuk IWB holster prides itself in providing its users with versatility, speed and comfort. This holster features a lined saddle leather with Napa leather on the front and a rigid Kydex holster pocket. The holster features a comfortable backing plate in addition which makes it a perfect holster for comfort and performance.

Galco KingTuk IWB Holster - Range Master Tactical GearThe Galco KingTuk IWB holster is worn within the waistband and allows for easy holstering and a fast draw. The holster features removable clips made from metal which can fit belts that are up to 1 3/4 inches in width. The metal clips can also be moved up and down as you wish to correspond with the holes in the leather so that you can get a customized fit where the height and angle of the holster is concerned. This will ensure an even easier and faster draw if you can position the weapon the best way for you.

If you have a narrower belt you can use the optional injection molded nylon C-hooks which are interchangeable. These allow the holster to fit belts that are up to 1 1/4 inches in width. You will have to purchase the C-Hooks separately if you need. These will work well to give your belt a lower profile which in turn increases the conceal-ability of the Galco KingTuk IWB Holster.

The Galco KingTuk holster is available only in black and features the standard metal clips. It has been on the market since 2010 and since then it has proven its excellence time and time again in speed, comfort, versatility and of course concealment. With its hybrid design it really is an excellent choice and now t the KingTuk is one of the best holster’s out there for one of the most popular guns; the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield.

Find the Galco KingTuk here along with other Galco holsters as well as holsters from other manufactures of Tactical Gear. You can find it all here at Range Master Tactical Gear. 



Tactec Holster Pouch Review

The Tactec Holster Pouch is compatible with any system that is web compatible and is a great place to keep all your smaller tactical accessories secure and safe.  This holster pouch allows you carry your concealed weapon in a number of options and also has room for your mags. It is highly durable and versatile and provides quality for money.

5.11 Tactical Tac Tec BBS Holster - Range Master Tactical GearThe Tactec Holster pouch was created to complement a number of different products from its manufacturer 5.11 Tactical.  This pouch allows you to carry your concealed weapon as a sidearm. It features non slip traction coating, velcro compatible and web platform.   It is compatible with the following;

  • TDU Pants 74003, 74350, 74004, 64359
  • All Belts including the Brokos Belt
  • Tactical Fleece 48038
  • Covert Fleece 48111
  • Aggressor 48032
  • 3-in-1 48001
  • 5-in-1 48017
  • Double Duty Jacket 48096
  • 4-in-1 Jacket 48027
  • Signature Duty Jacket 48103
  • Hi Vis Jackets: 48037, 48033, 48014, 48125, 48095
  • Virtually all 5.11 bags

Tactec Holster Pouch Pros

  • Works well with other gear
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • Doesn’t restrict movement
  • Hard to spot
  • Protects against all
  • Interchangeable
  • Well made
  • Great idea
  • Holds weapon firmly
  • Good for push pack

Tactec Holster Pouch Cons

  • Velcro tough
  • Tough for a quick draw
  • Too much hook Velcro
  • Not available in different sizes

The Tactec Holster Pouch has an overall approximate review rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars. 74% of those reviews are four and five star reviews showing that the Tactec Holster Pouch is indeed a good product.

One reviewer notes that they purchased this pouch for use with their PUSH pack and a Glock 30. He notes that his pistol fits their securely and though he doesn’t see where a quick draw is feasible with his set up the pouch is still good since it allows him to store more mags.  He notes that the rough mounting surface makes the draw a bit uncomfortable but he was able to remedy this by placing some marpat over the area, tacking it with some needle and thread. The bottom line though is that he recommends the product and notes that it a good buy.

Are you in need of a versatile and high quality holster for concealed carry? This could be what you have been searching for. Check out other holsters available here at Range Master Tactical Gear before you make your final decision.

Thumb Drive Holster Review

The 5.11 Thumb Drive Holster is not new to the tactical gear market and has been around for a couple years now. However it is only available for Glock handguns and Smith and Wesson, Beretta and SIG Sauer pistols.

The holster is suitable for Tactical professionals as well as for shooting at the range or in competitions as well. The holster features two removable belt loops; a paddle loop and a loop with an adjustable spacer. If you remove the spacer you will have the opportunity to mount the holster to a 2.25 inch duty belt with no problems at all.  You attach the removable belt loop to the back of the holster with the help of three screws. These secure the back plate to the holster while also allowing you a degree of adjustment for the cant of the holster.

5.11 Thumb Drive Holster - Range Master Tactical GearThe Thumb Drive Holster has a unique feature which is the built-in retention. A small wedge inside the holster snaps over the trigger guard of the pistol and locks the pistol in place. To remove it one must depress the button on the inside edge of the holster. The wedge will automatically snap over the trigger once you holster your weapon and you will only have to depress the button when releasing the weapon. The button needs to pressed straight down and not swept to release the trigger guard. So this may present a bit of a learning curve for new users as releasing the pistol from the Thumb Drive Holster.

Though it takes a bit of practice the Thumb Drive Holster is easy to access though it isn’t quit foolproof. The first couple times you use it you may fumble your draw if you are not used to this type of draw mechanism.

The Thumb Drive Holster is made of rigid plastic which makes it highly durable. The material is scratch and heat resistant which makes it better than those holsters made with Kydex. One reviewer noted that they left the holster in a sealed car cab in New Mexico and no sort of damage came to the holster. There are a number of mounting options for the Thumb Drive including offset belt loop, mounting plate, dropped and thigh holster.

Find this Thumb Drive Holster and other great gear from 5.11 Tactical in our web store at Range Master Tactical Gear.




Galco Tac Slide Review

The Galco Tac Slide Belt Holster is one of the newer products in their holster line. The holster is made from a combination of Kydex and Steerhide which allows it to be ultra concealable, allows for a fast draw and is economical – something that ever purchaser/consumer wants to hear at the moment.

Galco Tac Slide Belt Holster - Range Master Tactical GearThe Galco Tac Slide was created after the success of the KingTuk IWB holster which is another hybrid holster from Galco. With the TacSlide your kydex pocket mates with a slotted steerhide backplate and features an open top with a neutral cant making your draw simple and fast every time.

The belt slots on the Tac Slide are approximately 1 3/4 inch allowing your handgun to be tightly pulled to the body thus providing you with top of the notch concealment. Because of the design of the holster it can accommodate different barrel lengths on the same frame size while minimizing a bulky appearance. It is also extremely comfortable since the backplate that is against the users body is smooth so it rides comfortably against you. 

The Galco Tac Slide is available for double action revolvers and semi automatics. It features a forward molded design with an open ended barrel port and allows for wear in the cross draw between 10 and 11 o’clock positions  It is also advertised by Galco to be suitable for strong side wear at the 3 o’clock position. 

The holster is available here at Range Master Tactical Gear in black and in three Gun and Model configurations;

  1. Springfield XD 3 inch Sub-comp – Right Hand
  2. J Frame – S&W M&P 9/40
  3. Spring`field XD 9/40 4 inch – Right Hand

Check out the Galco Tac Slide holster or any other holster or Galco Gunleather items here at Range Master Tactical Gear. We have a wide variety of tactical items, gear and accessories available for purchase at highly competitive prices. We look forward to serving you.