Surefire Flashlight Holsters

Surefire flashlight holsters are perfect for keeping your Surefire flashlights at hand so you will always have easy and quick access to your light when needed. They make a variety of holsters from polymer, to nylon to leather.

Polymer holsters are great if you are looking for impact protection since they provide a rigid housing. These also give you the option of carrying your flashlight either head up or head down. One such surefire flashlight holster is the Surefire V85 Polymer Speed

Surefire V85 Polymer Speed Holster - Range Master Tactical GearSurefire V85 Polymer Speed Holster

This holster was created by police officers for police officers. It provides an enhanced draw speed for pairing your flashlight with a handgun. It can secure any Surefire Flashlight with a 1.25 inch diameter bezel. This holster is rugged and allows for both left and right handed use and can be angled for the best personal position. It even has space for 3 123A batteries and can fit belts up to 2.25 inches wide.

Then there are the nylon holsters that are made with heavy duty Cordura nylon and utilize velcro closures and quick detach belt loops for securing to your belt and for securing your flashlight. One such flashlight holster is the SurefireV82 pouch.

Surefire V82 Nylon quick Detach Pouch - Range Master Tactical GearSurefire V82 Nylon quick Detach Pouch

The Surefire V82 nylon quick detach pouch is made from heavy duty Cordura nylon. It features a very long retention flap along with a velcro closure. Thanks to its quick detach belt loop one can attach and remove their holster quickly without the need to remove their belt. This pouch will accept belts as thick as 3 inches and its long flap gives you the opportunity to use it with beam filters.

Then there are the leather flashlight holsters that are said to be the best. One of the leather flashlight holsters from Surefire you can find here is the Surefire V27 leather holster with a basket weave pattern.

Surefire V27 Basket Weave  Leather Holster - Range Master Tactical GearSurefire V27 Basket Weave  Leather Holster

This holster is made from top of the line leather and has corner stitching to ensure its durability. This features a fixed belt loop that can accommodate belts that are up to 2.75 inches wide. With an internal retention device this holster does not need a flap enclosure.

No matter what kind of Surefire flashlight holster you need you can find it right here from Range Master Tactical Gear. Check out our offerings of flashlight holsters today.








Rifle and Pistol Cases from 5.11 Tactical

There are a number of new rifle and pistol cases from 5.11 Tactical now available here in our web store.

5.11 Tactical 12 Round Shotgun Pouch - Range Master Tactical Gear5.11 Tactical 12 Round Shotgun Pouch

This is one of those rifle and pistol cases from 5.11 Tactical that is made for the most responsive and accessible operations. This pouch is made with a open face design and has elastic bands that keep your rounds safely and securely. The pouch is reinforced internally for enhanced stability and uses Duraflex hardware to provide reliable and consistent action. There is a all weather treatment that helps to repel moisture and soil. With integrated MOLLE you can add this to any of your compatible gear.

5.11 Tactical 12 Round Shotgun Pouch Features

  • 500 D nylon fabric
  • Open design provides quick access
  • Reinforced panel
  • 12 separate elastic band slots
  • Tear and abrasion resistant
  • Water resistant
  • All weather treatment
  • Duraflex hardware
  • MOLLE compatible
  • 5.11 Stay secure Snap System Compatible
  • Prym snaps
  • Bartacking in high stress areas
  • Heat treated for durability

5.11 Tactical AK Double Bungee & Cover - Range Master Tactical Gear5.11 Tactical AK Double Bungee & Cover

This is one of the rifle and pistol cases from 5.11 Tactical that is made to hold two 7.62 magazines. This pouch provides it’s user’s with dependable, silent and quick access and is perfect for multiple climates. This pouch is a high performance pouch that provides users with the choice of a quick access bungee cord retention or a standard flap cover. This pouch is both MOLLE and 5.11 SlickStick compatible.  This provides you with the opportunity to customize your kit as necessary for different situations. There are the integrated elastic compression straps that help to reduce the generation of noise, non-slip tabs and with a waterproofing treatment that help you get the best in wet and cold climates.

5.11 Tactical AK Double Bungee & Cover Features

  • 500 D Nylon
  • Rip resistant
  • Standard cover flap and bungee cord retention
  • Elastic straps integrated to minimize the generation of noise
  • Stackable with other rifle and pistol cases from 5.11 Tactical
  • Duraflex hardware
  • Soil and moisture resistant
  • waterproof back coating
  • Pull tabs on cover are non-slip
  • Bartacked in high stress areas for resilience
  • Heat treatment
There are other rifle and pistol cases from 5.11 Tactical available here at Range Master Tactical Gear. Check out the other offerings right here and make your choice according to your needs.

Tactec Holster Pouch Review

The Tactec Holster Pouch is compatible with any system that is web compatible and is a great place to keep all your smaller tactical accessories secure and safe.  This holster pouch allows you carry your concealed weapon in a number of options and also has room for your mags. It is highly durable and versatile and provides quality for money.

5.11 Tactical Tac Tec BBS Holster - Range Master Tactical GearThe Tactec Holster pouch was created to complement a number of different products from its manufacturer 5.11 Tactical.  This pouch allows you to carry your concealed weapon as a sidearm. It features non slip traction coating, velcro compatible and web platform.   It is compatible with the following;

  • TDU Pants 74003, 74350, 74004, 64359
  • All Belts including the Brokos Belt
  • Tactical Fleece 48038
  • Covert Fleece 48111
  • Aggressor 48032
  • 3-in-1 48001
  • 5-in-1 48017
  • Double Duty Jacket 48096
  • 4-in-1 Jacket 48027
  • Signature Duty Jacket 48103
  • Hi Vis Jackets: 48037, 48033, 48014, 48125, 48095
  • Virtually all 5.11 bags

Tactec Holster Pouch Pros

  • Works well with other gear
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • Doesn’t restrict movement
  • Hard to spot
  • Protects against all
  • Interchangeable
  • Well made
  • Great idea
  • Holds weapon firmly
  • Good for push pack

Tactec Holster Pouch Cons

  • Velcro tough
  • Tough for a quick draw
  • Too much hook Velcro
  • Not available in different sizes

The Tactec Holster Pouch has an overall approximate review rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars. 74% of those reviews are four and five star reviews showing that the Tactec Holster Pouch is indeed a good product.

One reviewer notes that they purchased this pouch for use with their PUSH pack and a Glock 30. He notes that his pistol fits their securely and though he doesn’t see where a quick draw is feasible with his set up the pouch is still good since it allows him to store more mags.  He notes that the rough mounting surface makes the draw a bit uncomfortable but he was able to remedy this by placing some marpat over the area, tacking it with some needle and thread. The bottom line though is that he recommends the product and notes that it a good buy.

Are you in need of a versatile and high quality holster for concealed carry? This could be what you have been searching for. Check out other holsters available here at Range Master Tactical Gear before you make your final decision.

5.11 3.6 Medical Kit Review

The 5.11 3.6 Medical Kit is yet another of the items from 5.11 Tactical that we offer here at Range Master Tactical Gear. This is an empty pouch which allows you to customize it as you need. Build your own first aid kit with this pouch and keep it in your car if you are a civilian or if you work in law enforcement or in first response it is a great little addition to another med bag or as a stand alone for minor emergencies.

5.11 Tactical 3.6 med kit pouchOne thing about the 5.11 3.6 Medical Kit is that it is designed for quick and easy access. It has a number of features including a tourniquet on the outside of the pouch. It is also Web and MOLLE Compatible.

Securely store and transport all your first aid supplies with the 3.6 medical kit, attaching it to your pack or to your vest with the web platform attachment system or use it as a standalone medical or first aid kit.  With its removable first aid cross you can allow it to remain marked as a first aid kit or take it off if you don’t have any plans of using it as a first aid kit. There is the hot pull tab which enables the user to access the items stored inside with fast timing. The use of the hot pull tab is optional if you are not in an emergency situation. For regular access there is a zippered opening which opens up to the internal pocket which features organization so that you can store your supplies in an easy to find manner.

5.11 Tactical 3.6 med kit pouch olive - Range Master TacticalWith the new Slickstick MOLLE the pouch allows for quicker an easier attachment and detachment to and from backpacks and vests. Simply slide the Slickstick through the ring which is UV-resistant for durability and the pouch will release for attachment or detachment. It attaches quicker and easier yet still attaches like your usual MOLLE or other web platform attaches. When removing from an item you simply need to pop the snap and pull up the stick.

5.11 3.6 Medical Kit Features

  • Attaches to web platform compatible vest or pack
  • Slickstick MOLLE compatible
  • Made from high quality nylon and TPU
  • External Tourniquet pouch
  • One handed access
  • Hot pull tab
  • Internal organization
  • Removable red cross for easy identification

5.11 3.6 Medical Kit Pros

  • Nice overall size
  • Well constructed
  • Durable
  • Easy to access
  • Weather resistant
  • Quality
  • Hot pull tab
  • Fits all MOAB equipment

5.11 3.6 Medical Kit Cons

  • Inner storage loop tight
  • Tourniquet pocket tight

Best Uses for the 5.11 3.6 Medical Kit

  • Camping 
  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Everyday
  • Outdoors
  • Everyday carry

The 5.11 3.6 Medical Kit doesn’t have a lot of reviews but a good overall average review. The product is available in three different colors; Black, Sandstone and Tac OD. It is among the listing of 5.11 Tactical products that can be found here at Range Master Tactical Gear.

5.11 3.6 Med Pouch Review

The 5.11 3.6 med pouch also comes with a Tourniquet holder. The pouch is larger than your mag pouches but smaller than your regular trauma pack. A great little pouch, the 3.6 Med pouch has organization pockets on the inside and will keep all your first aid and trauma supplies is a secure but easily accessible place.

5.11 Tactical 3.6 med kit pouchIt features the MOLLE compatible SlickStick system which makes it easier to attach and remove other items in a quick way. There is a Hot-Pull tab that allows you to have quick and easy access to your medic or combat supplies in an instant when you need them urgently. The 5.11 3.6 Med Pouch also has a tourniquet pouch on the outside which allows you to have your most necessary and life saving items available without much searching and sourcing.

The pouch measures 3 inches wide by 7 inches high and 1.5 inches in diameter. It is excellently constructed in just the way you would expect for a 5.11 Tactical product. Though these items were mass produced you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at the top notch stitching. They are not stingy with the cordura either so there is added wiggle room so you can shove some last minute items in if you need to.

There are Velcro panels for adding a red cross so the pouch can be identified as a medical pouch. There is also a section for blood type tape which is good for serious situations. This can be found above the tourniquet pocket.  The SlickStick on the 5.11 3.6 Med Pouch makes using the pouch a dream. With its regular price of approximately $30  it is a great buy for everybody and won’t strain any budget and it is top quality too. It is available in the colors black, sandstone and TAC OD.

If you need a system for a standardized load with no venous access and no saline lock the 5.11 3.6 Med Pouch is a great option. If you need a larger pouch or a med bag you can find those here at Range Master Tactical Gear as we carry a number of EMS items for First Responder professionals.


Brokos Belt Review

5.11 release their own version of the VTAC designed Brokos Belt but the 5.11 Brokos belt is a lot more affordable. These come in a variety of sizes from medium to 3XL. The belt has rows of Molle but the number of rows on the belt depends on the size of the belt with the 3XL belt having a maximum of 22 rows of Molle.

5.11 Tactical VTAC Brokos Belt - Range Master Tactical GearThe 5.11 Brokos Belt is made from 500 D nylon with mesh construction. For a Molle belt this Brokos Belt is very light. Though there is no padding in the belt there is an option for you to place an insert. However without the padding the belt is comfortable. With its sweeping contour there is added comfort since the belt is better at conforming to your hips and lower back.

When you start mounting your pouches on the Molle you will see that it is a bit out of spec. This just means that you may need to get different pouches but it works fine with some so it all depends on the types of pouches you already have.

The belt is very versatile as there are a number of ways to personalize your set up. This is thanks to not only the Molle but also the belt weaving slots. This is a very attractive feature as you are now able to use your belt mounted holsters with your Molle mounted mag pouches.

With the insert the belt is stiff so you don’t have to worry about it folding over if it is carrying a good amount of weight. It is a skeletonized insert which means you will find a lot of air circulation which ensures you comfort in hot weather and when you are using the belt for a long time.

The belt is higher than your duty belt so you wont have to worry about odd pressure points nor will it pinch. The belt in all honesty does look a little odd being so high but it fits comfortably and there is no belt sag.

There are inner belt keepers at either end of the belt and these basically just keep the belt in place. There is also an elastic strap that seems to serve the same purpose.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a battle like belt then you should check this out. You can take a look around here at Range Master for other products that you would need to finish your set up such as pouches and what not. You will find that the Brokos belt is low cost and provides excellent value for money.



5.11 Ammo Mule Review

If you have a lot of mags and have no where to put them you should definitely read to the end of this 5.11 Ammo Mule Review. This definitely has all the space you need to carry all your mags unless you are going off to war into an active battle zone. Sure there are other bags that can fit all your mags all of which come at nice sizes and with different pockets and packs. But when you read this 5.11 Ammo Mule review you will see that this stands out far from all the rest in a number of ways.

5.11 Tactical All Hazards Ammo Mule - Range Master Tactical GearThe All Hazards Ammo Mule is fairly new as it was introduced officially in 2012 at the Shot Show. This bag has the capacity to hole your 10 AR mags quite comfortably. You can use it by itself or you can use it along with the All Hazards Prime Pack and they fit together quite nicely at that. The Prime pack is not only good for one of these but you can fit of the Ammo mules on it quite comfortably for even more mag storage capacity.

From outside you will see that bag has two handles which are not padded as well as a shoulder carry strap. The shoulder carry strap can be removed and  has a good amount of adjust ability as well. When you examine the seams of the pack you will see that the stitching is consistent throughout showing that this is really a good quality product that was put together well. It features YKK zippers which we all know are the best you can find. The zippers are complete with large pull tabs containing a rubber 5.11 logo. The only beef you will find with the zippers is that you cannot attach a lock to them like ordinary zippers . (They don’t have that overlapping ring thingy when they meet like you will find on other packs, bags and pouches.) Apart from that and the fact that the carry strap is not padded and that there is no quick release buckle system this 5.11 Ammo Mule review is all about the positives.

Going back to the YKK zippers. This bag has a 2 way zipper design which allows you to access the bag on both sides while keeping the other side closed. When you open up the bag you will find that it is padded on the inside and that it features very rigid walls so you know your mags will be kept inside safely and securely. This just means your mags will stay in place comfortably without bouncing around.

Pros According to 5.11 Ammo Mule Reviews

  • Price
  • Capacity
  • Rugged
  • Quality Construction
  • Not Made in China

Cons According to 5.11 Ammo Mule Reviews

  • No way to lock the bag
  • Made in Vietnam

Best Uses for the 5.11 Ammo Mule

  • Organization
  • Range

What is the bottom line of this 5.11 Ammo Mule Review? It is the closest thing to perfect if you are looking for a solution to storing your magazines. It can be used for more than magazine storage as well so you can use it as you wish. The padded and rigid walls means that whatever you store within will be stored safely and securely which is always a good thing when taking things from one place to the next. you can keep this bag stocked at hand as a great place to keep your backup or additional mags

Check out this and other 5.11 bags and pouches suitable for carrying your magazines here at Range Master Tactical Gear today.

5.11 6.6 Med Pouch Review

The 5.11 Tactical 6.6 Med Pouch is a pouch you can secure to your vest or pack to store all your first aid supplies. It attaches quickly and easily with the use of Molle. The contents of the pouch can be recognized from far away because of the first aid cross on the front. There are internal pockets with organization to keep all your items secure and easy to identify and reach. Not only does it feature Molle but it also features the Slickstick molle attachment system.

This med pouch features the same Molle attachment system and the same dimensions of the regular 6.6 pouch. The med pouch though has additional mesh pockets on the inside which the 6.6 pouch does not have.

The Slickstick provides an easier attachment and detachment for all your Molle compatible gear. This system makes use of a ring which through which a stick is placed. The ring is UV resistant so it will stand up to sun exposure. This system allows you to change your gear easily and quickly by simply and quickly popping the snap and pulling the stick out.

The pouch features only the best hardware to include YKK zippers. It is made from high quality 1000 D nylon and is available in black and flat earth dark.

5.11 6.6 Med Pouch - Range Master Tactical Gear5.11 6.6 Med Pouch Features

  • Made from 1000D Nylon
  • Multi-compartment pouch
  • Interior mesh pockets
  • Good for EMT gear
  • YKK zippers
  • Slickstick Molle attachment system
  • First Aid Cross on front
  • Measures 6 inches in height by 6 inches in width by 4 inches in diameter

5.11 6.6 Med Pouch Pros

  • Rugged Construction
  • Lightweight
  • Large Capacity
  • Works with other gear
  • Easy to load
  • Stores items securely

5.11 6.6 Med Pouch Cons

  • Interior straps are close

Best Uses for the 5.11 6.6 Med Pouch

  • Range First Aid
  • Bailout Bag
  • Emergency
  • Hurricanes
  • In Vehicles
  • Personal Safety

The 6.6 Med pouch provides great value for money. With its Slickstick system it can be  used with your older pouches with regular Molle attachment points and any of the items in the 5.11 Series. You can find these other items here in our web store at Range Master Tactical Gear.





5.11 3.6 First Aid Pouch Reviews

The 5.11 3.6 First aid pouch is also called the 3.6 med kit which is a small carry pouch that you can attach to your vest or your pack using web platform. It also has the newest attachment feature from 5.11 tactical – SlickStick MOLLE. It is designed to be a carry pouch for first aid supplies. With a first aid cross on the front it can be easily recognized for what is stored inside. The cross is removable as well so you can use it as an accessory pouch or whatever else you can find it useful for.
As per the manufacturers description the pouch has a hot pull tab that allows a user quick access to the inside of the pouch. There is also an external pocket that closes with a zipper. There is also interior pocket organization so one can store items in a more functional way so they are easier to access in emergencies when time is of the essence.

5.11 Tactical 3.6 med kit pouch olive - Range Master TacticalFeatures of the 5.11 3.6 First Aid Pouch

  • Made from high quality Nylon and TPU material
  • Hot pull allowing for quick and easy one hand access
  • Organization in interior sections
  • External tourniquet pouch
  • SlickSticks

5.11 3.6 First Aid Pouch Pros

  • Durable
  • Well Made
  • Storage

5.11 3.6 First Aid Pouch Cons

  • Size

Best Uses for the 5.11 3.6 First Aid Pouch

  • Storing Essentials
  • First Aid Kit
  • Hiking

The 5.11 3.6 First Aid Pouch has received overall reviews of 3.75 out of 5 stars. While most reviewers found that the pouch was well built and served a good purpose they noted that it needed to be a bit bigger so that it could store more items. However apart from the size most reviewers think its a great product especially with the SlickStick feature. They note that though it is not a full size first aid kit it can hold basic and essential first aid items that can prolong life in certain situations. They note that the idea behind the creation of the product is great and that the materials used are the best but that the pouch is simply too small. The disappointing size is what has caused a large variety of users to leave less than stellar reviews of the product but there are a few persons who have left all five star reviews for the product.

If you need a pouch to store a knife, marker pen, a Russell or Asherman seal, decomp needle, CAT Toruniquet, compression dressing and more this is not the pouch for you. You will have more luck storing a couple bandages and dressing sachets in their for simple personal first aid but not for tactical first aid storage where you need a lot of possible items.
You can check out the other medical kits and bags available from 5.11 Tactical here at Range Master Tactical Gear. Find those made for first responders as these are the ideal ones if you want to store a large amount of items.



5.11 Rush Moab 6 Review

5.11 added to their line of tactical packs with the introduction of the Mobile operation Attachment Bag (MOAB) series. The 5.11 Rush MOAB 6 is the smallest pack in the line and features a cube-ish shape. It is the perfect size bag if you want a GO-bag as it can be easily stored under the seat in your car or in other small spaces.

One of the greatest things about this little pack is that it is really full of features.

5.11 rush moab 6 - Range Master Tactical Gear5.11 Rush Moab 6 Features

  • PALS webbing
  • Compatible with 5.11 Tier System
  • 2 Non-slip zones
  • Ambidextrous carry
  • Big Gun grommet for drainage
  • Modular strap pad
  • Grab handle
  • Single zipper opening
  • Interior organization elastic for cameras, phones, music devices and other small electronics
  • Hole for headphones wire
  • Hydration pocket
  • Front pocket
  • 2 Key keepers
  • 2 large sleeve pockets on one side
  • CCW compartments sealed with Velcro

Reviewers think of the 5.11 Rush Moab 6 as a hybrid between a modern single strap tactical based pack and a man purse because of its dimensions.

Pros of the 5.11 Rush Moab 6

  • Easy to use
  • Good mobility
  • Grab and go
  • Ambidextrous carry
  • 5.11 Tier system
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Well construction
  • Versatile
  • Practical
  • Discrete
  • Heavy duty
  • Cool

Cons of the 5.11 Rush Moab 6

  • Small
  • Large stick out depth from pack
  • Limited use

Best Uses for the 5.11 Rush Moab 6

  • In vehicles
  • Personal safety
  • At the base
  • Wear to work
  • Urban operations
  • Special operations
  • Field training
  • Everyday carry

Reviewers note that the 5.11 Rush MOAB 6 is a great pack for everyday carry since it has a number of storage pockets all be it for smaller items. One reviewer notes they were able to load it with spare mags, a tactical medical bag, a survival kit, flashlight and gloves and had a little more room for other small items afterwards. Reviewers agreed that the bag is well built from material that appears to be durable and made to meet all the standards you would expect to find in a pack made from 5.11 Tactical.

Find this and other 5.11 Tactical pouches to attach to your backpack or to use as is right here at Range Master Tactical Gear. We also carry a range of other items from 5.11 Tactical to include knives, flashlights, clothing, shoes and more.