Nikon M-223 AR Riflescope Review

The Nikon M-223 AR Riflescope is a specialized rifle scope that is becoming highly relied upon for tasks beyond simply providing a shooter with a correct aim at a certain distance. h This scope is made for pairing with specific rifles chambered in .223 Rem and 5.56 x 45 mm NATO.

Nikon M-223 AR Riflescope - Range Master Tactical GearThe  a scope has a 1 inch diameter one piece main tube that is O-ring sealed and nitrogen filled. It also features fully coated lens elements that provide a sharp, vivid and clearly focused image that can be seen easily even in conditions where lighting is low.

As the name suggests, the Nikon M-223 AR Riflescope is made for AR rifles. The scope is therefore made with the needs of persons using these rifles in mind. So they are made with features for hunting scenarios as well as for competition and tactical scenarios as well. Nikon notes that for best usage the scope must be set to its highest magnification.

The scope provides long range shooting and the engagement of targets at ranges up to 600 yards. The Bullet drop compensating system makes it similar to other top level scopes from other rifle scope manufacturers. This scope features the new BDC 600 with five ballistic circles that include alternating hash marks. The scope is spot on providing users with dead on aiming points beginning at 100 yards and for every 50 yards afterward.

If you ever need any help with this scope you can check out the Nikon website where they provide you with Spot on Ballistics by matching your data and specific shooting equipment.  The program calculates each ballistics circle and cross hair and provides you with a precise range. There is also an iPhone app so you can use it on the go when you may not have access to a computer or a WiFi network.

The Nikon M-223 AR Riflescope is fast, easy to use and is a product that you can count on for accurate and reliable projections. It is a great choice for any long range AR shooter who wants to remain proficient and fast when in circumstances where the position between them and their target changes. Find this as well as other scopes here at Range Master Tactical Gear.




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