Smith and Wesson 40 Review

Polymer semi-auto pistols have been around since the 1990′s and they have only become more popular thanks to their reliability and simplicity. Smith and Wesson is one of the names that has been keeping up this trend and so designed the Smith and Wesson 40. This gun has a lot of features that make it a favorite with those who are concerned about self defense and also for law enforcement as well.

Smith and Wesson 40 - Range Master Tactical GearAmong its features is a 4 inch barrel, white dot rear sights, Trijicon front sight, a loaded chamber indicator and the accessory rail that makes attaching a laser, light or bayonet possible. It also features a Melonite finish in black which ensures a reduction in glare and the manufacturers state that the the hardness is 68 on the Rockwell Scale.

It has fairly slim grips with a nice ergonomic hold with a good 18 degree angle. For a good grip the slide has serrations that are angled a bit toward the muzzle. Below the slide you will find a ginger locator which will help you to keep your fingers off the trigger – this is also textured.

both the checkering and the night sight are ideal for home defense and for concealed carry and there is the self defense trigger feature as well. With this weapon one can easily improve their accuracy over time thanks to the smooth and consistent pull of the trigger. There is no manual safety on the Smith and Wesson 40 but there is a visible safety at the bottom of the half trigger. To engage the striker you must depress this which results in a tiny amount of rearward play.

You can add a SureFire X300 weapon light so you can see targets better in the dark. This will add a bit of weight to the end but this only means faster follow up shots.

Reviewers who have used the product extensively  notes that it works extremely well and gave them a reliable feel and terrific function. They note that it has an acceptable amount of accuracy in a number of shooting positions including sitting, bench or standing and with whatever type of ammunition was used.

With a solid feel and a good grip on the handle the Smith and Wesson 40 is easy to use. It has a number of features to enhance its accuracy and provides a good angle.

Features of the Smith and Wesson 40

  • Semi auto striker fired action pistol
  • Lower made of polymer and upper made of steel
  • Finished in Black Melonite
  • 4 inch barrel
  • 1:18.75 right and twist rifling
  • Two high capacity or two 10+1 magazine
  • Trijicon front and white dot rear sights
  • 8 lb 2 oz trigger pull
  • 7.1 inch overall length
  • 1.29 inch width
  • 22.79 oz weight

While we don’t offer this for sale here at Range Master Tactical Gear you can find magazines such as the Smith & Wesson Sigma 40F 10RD Magazine. We also have a range of tactical weapon lights that you can use with your Smith and Wesson 40.

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