Stack On Safes – The Importance of a Personal Fireproof Safe

If you want to protect your family there are many ways to do so depending on what you want to protect them from. If protection for  you means having a gun in the house then you are obligated to also protect them storing your gun in a personal safe. Companies like Stack on Safes offer a variety of personal safes one of which you will find here.

Though buying a safe and then organizing its contents may seem like a chore to most of us this is something that is very important and should not be neglected. Not only will it provide a safe and secure place to store your gun but it will also provide a place for storage of important papers such as wills, birth certificates, property deeds, titles etc and jewelry and anything else that is considered precious or of value to you. You want to choose a safe that features pry resistant doors and that can be bolted to a wall or to the floor among other features.

These kinds of safes don’t have to be expensive to be good. And if you already are paying for a bank deposit box you can easily recoup your investment just by ceasing to use that deposit box and using your personal safe instead.

The Stack On Personal Fire Resistant Safe with Electronic Lock can be purchase right here on our website for under $350. This safe is a great option as it provides the added protection of being fireproof so you don’t have to worry about all your important items burning to the ground with your home. This is just one of the fireproof models made by Stack On Safes and carried by us.

This safe has a black body and a gray or silver door. It is approved as a firearms safety device by the California Penal Code Section 12088. It features an electronic lock system but also comes with a back-up key just in case. There is also external battery back-up which you only need to purchase the batteries to have this feature work for you. After three incorrect entries are made to attempt to open the safe there will be an alarm.

This as well as the other Stack On Safes we carry have been tested by ETL and by other independent labs. This safe has a fire resistant rating of up to 1700°F and 90 minutes. This is exceptional in a personal safe since house fires heat up to 1200° on average.

The safe includes two additional and adjustable shelves. There is also a two way locking mechanism thanks to the two live action lockinb bolts as well as the two dead bolts which allow for four locking points. At these four locking points the locking mechanism locks directly into the body of the safe assuring you a higher level of security than other personal safes.

If you don’t own many guns this size safe will provide enough room for you to store your handgun and important documents and valuables. But if you need a larger safe you can check out our safes section here at Range Master Tactical Gear and browse our offerings of Stack On Safes as well as other brands to find the right safe for your purposes.

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