SureFire Flashlights –Best Emergency Tool

Any emergency kit requires a good flashlight and is one of the top three items listed in an emergency kit with the other two being a radio and a first aid kit. It doesn’t matter what the emergency conditions may be a flashlight is a vital tool for emergency situations. Power is almost always interrupted in an emergency situation so the flashlight is a must have.

SureFire Flashlights is one good place to find top quality flashlights at an affordable price and since you will be relying on the flashlight for your only source of light during a power failure you certainly want the best available.

SureFire manufacturing originally made laser sights for guns and then later graduated to manufacturing portable illumination devices. They are the biggest supplier of illumination devices for the military at this time and are known for creating extremely durable and powerful lighting products. Most of their product lines are used by federal agencies, swat teams, and soldiers however their products are affordable enough for the average person to own and use. You can be assured that if the government agencies trust these products for emergency lighting then you will be getting top quality lighting solutions that are reliable, dependable, and of the highest quality.

All of the SureFire flashlights have an extremely long battery life. The U2 Ultra variable Output LED light has a battery life of more than 40 hours on the two batteries that are required. Not all emergency situations will cause you to be without power all night however in the aftermath of an earthquake, hurricane, or other disaster your flashlight could save someone’s life.

G2® Surefire Nitrolon® Single-Output Incandescent - Range Master Tatical GearThere are countless stories where a SureFire flashlight has been a beneficial tool in helping people get out of dangerous situations. In Colorado City Texas a man used a G2 Nitrolon to help a midwife deliver a baby by providing the light from a single flashlight to enable her to clearly see in the emergency delivery. There are also many stories where wild animals were warded off by shining the beam from the flashlight around at the attacking animal. A Pennsylvania man who was being attacked by a 600 pound bear used his E2D Defender to blind the bear and chase it off. The SureFire flashlights have been used to scare away coyotes, wild boars, wild dogs, wild cats, mountain lions, monkeys, alligators, and other threatening wild animals. The great thing about using the flashlights to scare away a wild animal is that the animal is unharmed and it is a non-violent method of protection.

These true stories are a testimonial to the fact that the flashlights (although designed for elite forces) do have a place in the market for regular consumers. Their reliability and high quality construction make them a durable product that can cover all of your emergency needs to ward off the darkness at an affordable price.

Check out the various Surefire flashlights available here at Range Master Tactical Gear and make your choice today.

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