Tactical Flashlights – Mounted or Handheld?

5.11 Tactical TPT R7 NiMH Rechargeable Full-Size Duty Flashlight - Range Master Tactical GearYou may be aware that the majority of shooting incidents happen at night. For a police officer this means there must be a tactical flashlight present with them while on duty and even off duty as well. Their choices are either a weapon mounted flashlight or  handheld flashlight.

There are some departments that make the decision as to whether their officers use weapon mounted or handheld tactical flashlights. And for many if they are allowed weapon mounted lights the light cannot supersede the handheld light.

But you don’t have to have a firearm to use a handheld light and since they are so versatile  in their field of use many officers who have the choice o choose a handheld flashlight over a weapon mounted flashlight. They can serve other on duty purposes for police officers and safety personnel in other job functions and can serve as personal items as well as everyday carry.

E2D Surefire LED Defender® Dual Output LED flashlight - Range Master Tactical Gear

For police, the minimum brightness in their flashlight should be 60 lumens. This is good enough for a police when approaching or confronting someone during the night or in darker  situations. You will find flashlights made from aluminum, titanium or other highly durable yet lightweight materials. Your best option is  choose a flashlight with LED bulbs since these are virtually indestructible and use less energy you will find your batteries lasting longer thus saving you money.

A good quality flashlight can be pricey but in general you can find flashlights form $20 to $2000. On average, a good tactical flashlight will cost between $50 and $200. You will find a number of good choices within this price range here at Range Master. You will find flashlights from 5.11 Tactical and Surefire Flashlights as well.

When it comes to weapon mounted lights you will see that you have to pay more money. Because of the need to insulate the bezel for shock as well as how they are made so they will mate with the rail, they are more expensive. For these tactical flashlights additional training is necessary. Since a man was accidentally shot by a Police trying to turn his weapon light on and instead activating the trigger, there has been controversy around the use of a weapon mounted flashlights by Police Officers.

Bottom line is – when using a weapon mounted light, don’t point at anything or anybody unless your intention is to shoot. With your handheld tactical flashlight you can use the one flashlight for numerous purposes. Whatever you are looking for in a flashlight you can find it here at Range Master Tactical Gear so give our product listings a look.



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