Tactical Flashlights

5.11 Tactical TPT R7 NiMH Rechargeable Full-Size Duty Flashlight - Range Master Tactical GearMost people think of flashlights as items they keep in the kitchen drawer for those times the power goes out. Others think of them for bringing with you on a camping or hiking trip. But really a tactical flashlight is a great tool for everyone and should be a must have for all land the best  light for anybody is of course a tactical flashlight.

A tactical flashlight is simple a flashlight that has been designed for tactical use. You will find a majority of them created for mounting to a weapon for use in situations where lighting isn’t optimal. They are most often smaller than your regular flashlight but are made from more durable materials and emit more light.

Even if you are not in the tactical field and never plan to use a flashlight it is still a good idea to have one. Civilians can use a tactical flashlight to their advantage in the event they are attacked. It also serves other purposes such as giving you much needed light if you need to search for something under your TV stand, a corner of the attic etc. If you are one of the many civilians with a concealed weapon a tactical light can give you the upper hand if you find yourself in the dark with a potential threat. And best of all, you can take your flashlight into places you can’t take your gun.

Surefire FlashlightsHow a Tactical Flashlight Can Help You

  1. To Identify Threats
  2. To disorient attackers momentarily
  3. As an improvised weapon – some flashlights have a tooth or serrated bezel so they do pack a punch.

So you can disorient your attacker with the light from the flashlight then strike them repeated with the bezel in a stamping motion.

Which is the Best Tactical Flashlight?

So we have established why you should have a flashlight and better yet a tactical flashlight now which one should you get? Now there are hundreds of models on the market so to narrow your choice down you should choose your budget. Once you have narrowed down a couple within your budget use the following to narrow it down to the ideal one.

  • Size – choose a flashlight that isn’t longer than the length of the palm of your hand, this way you can easily carry it around you everywhere since it will be able to fit anywhere without being obtrusive. 
  • Light output – Something with no less than 120 lumens is enough to blind your attacker momentarily giving you time to run away or attack.
  • Design and Function – choose something with a simple design and function if it is just for emergency purposes. However if you spend a lot of time camping, hunting etc where your life may depend on the tools you have with you, then you may want to choose a light with features such as a strobe function etc.
  • Construction – choose a light with a rugged construction, one that can live through some abuse such as falling banging etc without getting any damage.
  • Bulb – LED bulbs are a better choice, they last longer and emit more light while using less power.
  • Waterproof – you definitely want a flashlight that is waterproof no matter what your plans for it is. This means that no matter what condition you are in your flashlight will work.

Now that you know why you should own a tactical flashlight why not check out our flashlights here at Range Master Tactical Gear. You will find flashlights from well known brands such as 5.11 Tactical, Surefire and Quiqlite. You will also find flashlight accessories here as well.

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