5.11 Tactical Watches

5.11 Tactical Watches

Tactical Watches are meant to be durable, highly functional watch for today’s Law Enforcement and Military. Many of these tactical watches have been specifically designed for Navy Seals, Army Special Forces, Army Rangers, Air Force S.W.A.T teams and even the Secret Service. Ideally, most tactical watches also known to some as military watches are created using titanium. Titanium is a metal most recognized for its high strength-to-weight ratio and offers low levels of thermal and electrical conductivity. Titanium is commonly used in military and commercial aircraft armor plating, naval ships, spacecraft and missiles.

5.11 Tactical Gear specifically designs gear and equipment including watches to meet the needs to today’s Law Enforcement and Military. The Rugged 5.11 Tactical Titanium HRT Watch is the latest and greatest achievement in their newest line of tactical watches. The 5.11 Tactical Titanium HRT Watch includes features such as digital and analog readouts, it’s waterproof upto 100 meters and the SureShot Calculator. The SureShot Calculator is a Personal Computer pocket application that enables the calculations application that calculates ballistics solutions to real world shot opportunities. The SureShot Calculator is specifically designed for military and law enforcement to use in the field in as a replacement application of the various and sundry hard copy items previously used for bullet tracking and trajectory. SureShot Calculator is specifically designed to of replace tablets and notebooks full of trajectory tables thus providing a better handheld and accurate solution. The Ti tanium HRT watch provides the user the ability to input thirteen critical variables needed for long range shooting solutions and determine bullet trajectory up to a 1000 meters.

The 5.11 Titanium HRT watch is not just for use by today’s law enforcement and military parties; it’s also easily and readily accessible by today’s common man or woman. The Titanium HRT allows for usage in daily activities such as its water resistance, an audible countdown timer and also different time zone,  alarm, chronograph, countdown timer and even an hourly chime coordinator. However, the main attraction of this watch is its ability to provide accurate ballistic calculations for precision shooting with a gun or tracking bullet trajectory. The Titanium HRT was designed to be scratch- resistant and glare-free crystal face and promises “the tough as nails” build every man needs. Some more physical features of the watch include a multi-directional turning bezel, and an extended watch band for wearing over heavier clothes during operations, which also uses a metal quick-release buckle.

While the 5.11 Titanium HRT is the latest and greatest design by 5.11 Tactical Gear, they’ve recently redesigned their Field Ops Watch. The Field Ops Watch includes many of the same features as the Titanium HRT but also includes some of its own unique features such as its digital compass, back-light and the optional extended band for wearing the watch over gloves or clothing. The Field Ops Watch is made of a high density, light weight  and high-density polycarbonate material ensuring durability and longevity. 5.11 Tactical Watches maintain their quality and durability whether your proudly serving our country or community.

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