Get a Free Bag!!!

If you are in the market for some great quality tactical pants, now is the time to buy them. 5.11 Tactical has several styles available and they are running a special right now for a free bag with the purchase of two pairs of any style 5.11 Tactical pants. These pants have been specially crafted for Patrol Officers, Soldiers, EMS and Fire professionals, Swat Officers, and outdoor enthusiasts and are well known for their durability, quality, and functionality. Here are just two of the pants styles that are offered by 5.11 Tactical.

5.11 Tactical Traverse Pant5.11 Tactical Traverse Pant - Range Master Tactical Gear   

The 5.11 Tactical Traverse pants are just one of the pants that can be purchased so you can get your free bag. These pants are built from a 4-way stretch fabric made from a blend of 91% nylon and 9% spandex that promotes air flow and wicking which makes these pants water repellent and quick drying. The Traverse pants have a high rise contoured waistband with a full elastic waist for comfort and coverage, a full running gusset inseam with heavy bar-tacking at all the major stress points, Cordura lining for reinforcement in the cargo pockets, over-sized Cordura knife reinforcement, and articulated knees all of which enhance the strength and durability of the pants. The zippered seat pockets will keep your accessories secure while you are on the move and the low profile cargo pockets feature integrated magazine retention bands inside them to hold AR MAG’s securely. These quick dry pants offer unprecedented functionality on any covert operation, at the range, or just hiking for the day.

Taclite Pro Pants

The Taclite Pro pants are one of the pants you can purchase to get your free bag. It is made from lightweight 65% polyester and 35% poly cotton rip-stop fabric are the perfect option for hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities. The pants are equipped with Prym snaps and YKK zippers for durability and are treated with a HT Teflon® wear resistant finish. These pants have an external knife pocket in addition to the large cargo pockets that are roomy enough to hold magazines, cell phones, or other gear and the main pockets are a large slash pocket design.

So whether you want a 5.11 tactical pant for a covert operation, a great uniform pant, or just a pant for hunting outdoors you should turn to 5.11 Tactical pants. 5.11 Tactical offers several styles and sizes for both men and women and several colors are available at an affordable price. You will be able to choose from several styles and if you buy any two pairs of 5.11 pants you will received your free bag.

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Rolling Duffles from 5.11 Tactical

Tactical personnel sometimes require heavy duty bags for carrying a large amount of items. This is mostly true of military personnel in the Navy, Army, Marines or Air force. Tactical 5.11 makes bags to fill this need as well as the other smaller bags and backpacks that you may have become used to thanks to many of our previous posts. We currently offer two types of rolling duffle bags offered by 5.11 Tactical, which are not only suitable for tactical personnel but are also ideal for that frequent flyer who travels a lot and travels with a lot of things and want to ensure that when they purchase a bag it will last them for quite a couple years.

First there is the 5.11 Tactical Cams 2.0 which is a very large piece with an interior capacity of 9300 cubic inches. The main compartment of this bag is 40″ so you know you have adequate space. It is made from 1600 Denier Nylon and has large bottom skids and wheels for stability, portability and maneuverability. For portability and ease of maneuvering there are also handles on the end that self retract for convenience when don’t in use. It has a rectangular shape and each corner features corner guards for its protection. Other features that make the bag convenient for use is the fact that the interior of the bag is made of a lighter color so that one has increased visibility to access stored items. Inside you will find adjustable dividers and loops so you can customize the inside to match with whatever you need to fit inside at different times. The interior is also Molle and Alice compatible inside and on the outside there are flag holders and name tape as well as durable and lockable YKK zippers.

Then there is the 5.11 Tactical SOMS 2.0 which is notably smaller than the previous model with an interior capacity of 6496 cubic inches. The main compartment is 32 inches and this bag is also made from 1600 Denier Nylon. Other like features are the corner guards, bottom skids and wheels as well as the grab handles that self retract. The interior of the bag is light colored and there are also Molle and Alice attachment points. There is a series of adjustable loop sided dividers on the inside of the bag and the exterior is made from a laminate fiberglass frame which can be replaced if necessary. All ends and bottoms are reinforced and are rigid to stand up to the task of travelling. This bag also features YKK zippers, flag holders and name tape. 

If these travel bags are too large for your needs you can browse other items in our bag and backpack section and while you are at it take a look at our other tactical and outdoor items here at Range Master Tactical Gear.


5.11 Rush 24 Backpack Review

If you are looking for a full size backpack that is good for tactical use as well as for regular use, that has an adequately sized main compartment and multiple other compartments and slots this is the bag for you. This is the 5.11 Rush 24 Backpack and consumers love this backpack due to the versatility, durability and the functionality it provides. 

It is made from 1050D nylon so you know it is made from a durable material, along with that it is also water resistant and so can be used in any type of weather while securing your contents from the wetness outside. This water resistant ability is due to the water repellent coating on the outside body of the bag as well as on the inside pocket bags and flaps for added security of whatever it is you are carrying in your backpack.

Apart from being made with durable material the bag also features stitching that will make it last that much longer. It features single needle stitching for the entire backpack and then there is double stitching as well as bar tacks for areas of the bag that are considered high stress areas. They also feature durable YKK zippers which are known to stand the test of time and rigor. The ones used on this pack are #8 and #10 zippers with self repairing nylon coil so you know they are not just your average YKK zippers and so will last even longer.

The shoulder straps on this backpack are made so the carrier can have the utmost comfort when carrying even heavier items in the backpack. The straps are cushioned and so is the back. The shoulder straps feature dual density closed cell foam and Duraflex hardware. There are hydration pockets that also feature the dual density closed cell foam as well. The hydration pockets also feature zippered pull back tabs that make it easy for you to access your beverages that are stored in the hydration pockets. On the bottom of the backpack you will find two large grommet drainage holes so liquid will never stay inside.

When it comes to pockets for storage, this backpack has them all. It has a fleece lined pocket that is suitable for sun shades  and eyeglasses. There is also an organization admin pocket on the outside of the pack as well as a number of slots for other admin items inside such a calculators, pens etc.

Range Master Tactical Gear has this backpack as well as other backpacks on sale. You can check them out as well as other tactical gear and accessories you may need.


5.11 Field Ops Watch Review

The 5.11 Tactical Field Ops Watch is also known as HRT Watch and that is what you will find it listed as here on our website. This watch has a number of high tech and high quality features such as its Titanium casing and and interchangeable wrist bands made from leather or rubber so that you can have your watch match your outfit based on the type of occasion. if you are doing your regular duties such as patrolling you may want to wear the leather band but if you are in the middle of a mission then you may want to use the rubber band.

The watch features a uni-directional bezel and provides both analogue and digital readouts. It also has luminescent markings that makes it ideal for for both day time and night time use or low light use. These markings are also rechargeable which is not a feature you will find on other types of watches. This improves the functionality of the item and one more commendable feature is its waterproof ability down to 100 feet below water level.

Not only can you use this watch to tell the time but you can also use it for the date, it has a countdown timer, chronograph, hourly chime, highly accurate ballistics calculator, second time zone and much more. It is a highly functional device that is multifunctional and can help you in multiple ways while you are on the job. It is durable yet ultra lightweight thanks to the titanium casing and with a crystal face you know that the watch is literally indestructible and so you are getting your money’s worth when you purchase it. You will not find another watch like this on the market and as such it is backed by a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

Not only is it made with the best quality products but is also made to be extremely aesthetically pleasing. This is the ideal accessory to your other tactical items and gear. It will come in handy in  a number of tactical situations and is also good for everyday wear. Consumers who own the product are pleased to say that they are happy with their purchase and agree that this watch is ideal for tactical situations and others as well.

You can find this watch as well as other watches and other types of tactical gear on our website at Range Master. We offer only the best brands with the highest quality equipment and gear so you do not have to be apprehensive when making your purchase.

5.11 Ammo Mule Review

When it comes to high quality special ops gear you can always check the products made by the 5.11 Tactical company. They have a wide range of items that are highly durable and made to suit special ops situations. One  such item carried by Range Master is the 5.11  Tactical All Hazards Ammo Mule. This 5.11 ammo mule has a wonderful new design with a large main compartment that measures 314 cubic inches or 10.12″W x 3.88″D x 8″H. This means that you have more than enough space for your ammo when using this mule and that is why it is ideal for special ops.

It is made from modern, state of the art materials that give it, its rigidity, functionality and its durability. It is made from nylon and comes in both black and sandstone. It features grab handles that are made with reinforced construction and also has a shoulder strap as well. It carries the equivalent of 10, 30 AR round magazines so you know that you have enough room and don’t have to worry about running out of ammo when you need it the most on your special ops missions.

This is really just a simple ammo mule but it makes up for that simple design in its capacity and functionality. It is ideal for small to medium scale assignments where not too much gun fire is expected but if you are looking for an ammo mule for war you may want to choose something else.

This is not only suitable for special ops use but can be used for storing ammunition for persons who have a gun. Ammunition can be safely stored in this pouch and then placed into a safe in your home or office. And this shows the amount of thought that was put into the manufacture of this product as well as other products in the 5.11 Tactical line. They not only make items for tactical professions but also make durable items that can be used by the average Joe in the regular world – a concept that has lead to their success. This is one of the reasons we are a proud retailer of their products as well as the fact that they only offer top of the lien products.

You can find this ammo mule among others on our website here at Range Master Tactical Gear. We also carry a wide array of other special ops gear that is suitable for tactical professions as well as for persons who work outdoor and for enthusiasts as well so you can check out our line for other items that you may need.


5.11 All Hazards Prime Backpack Review

The All Hazards  Prime Backpack by 5.11 Tactical was featured in the 2012 Shot Show. It was one of the show’s favorites and we are proud to carry it in our line of tactical items here at Range Master. This pack has all the quality accessories and features that you would expect form the manufacturer.

The backpack is quite roomy being able to fit a regular tablet computer in just the front compartment alone. It features a lot of compartments for a variety of things in addition to that such as for regular notepads, pens etc. Best of all is that its many compartments and pockets can be accessed with much ease. It can also be attached to anything that uses the Molle system which is a feature that is much appreciated for anyone who is employed in a tactical profession. It is not only compatible with the Molle system but has numerous attachment points for this system.

It features a pocket at the top that is lined with microfiber material and so makes this pocket suitable for your more fragile items such as sunglasses, cellphones etc. The back straps are padded for comfort and there is a chest strap that is highly adjustable on a number of levels. There are  number of Molle attachment points on the back as well which some deem to be more than necessary but this just gives you the option for utmost comfort and convenience. The back pack straps can be released by buttons which are hidden under a flap so that this feature is obvious. The back of the backpack as well as its straps provides optimal ventilation with the ‘T’ shape ventilation design. At the bottom of the pack you will find two moisture grommets with anti slip patches made from high quality leather. It also has a hydration pocket which many do not notice at first because it is so well incorporated into the design of the bag.

There is an ID pouch for easy identification especially if you work in a tactical environment where there will be a number of people who can possibly own this bag as well. It really made with a lot of thought put into for the types of applications it can be used for and being made by 5.11 Tactical you know that you are getting value for money if your purchase this backpack.

We carry a number of other 5.11 Tactical backpacks as well as other 5.11 items here in our web store at

5.11 Tactical 6.6 Med Pouch Review

One of the offerings of Range Master Tactical Gear is the 5.11 Tactical 6.6 Med Pouch. You probably already know the manufacturer’s specification for this pouch and if not you can go ahead and read it right here on our website. But sometimes we need more than just what the manufacturer says to be confident in our purchase and at those times it is best to read a couple reviews to see what actual owners and users of the item has to say about it. We found a number of regular customer reviews on this product but there are also reviews done by the professionals as well. Since we want to help make your purchase as simple as possible you don’t have to go out and find those reviews yourself but instead can just go on reading right here.

One of the most talked about positive feature of these pouches is that they are extremely lightweight. As such they are suitable for use in a number of situations. From the reviews it seems that these pouches are used mainly  by persons employed in outdoor professions and so it is not just suitable for tactical or EMS personnel. Other positive attributes of these bags is the fact that they can be used with a number of different systems but is especially suitable for items that use the Molle system. So whether you want to attach it to your vest or to a backpack as long as they feature the Molle system you will be just fine.

It is also made of rugged construction which is another feature that has a lot of customers pleased with this little medical pouch. You can stow and carry all your necessary first aid items in this pouch while on any kind of business, in any weather and can know that whatever is inside is safe for the entire duration of your trip or activity. Consumers also love that though the pouch may seem small it has a large holding capacity and it is not finicky trying to fit things into the pouch.

If you are here at Range Master Tactical Gear looking for a medical pouch the 5.11 6.6 med pouch may just be the pouch that you need. it is made from durable construction. is lightweight, easily accessible and has a large capacity while being easy to load and unload. it ca also be used by itself or may be used with other items that are compatible with the Molle system as well.

5.11 Shirts: A Surprising Trend in Cross-Over Appeal

The 5.11 Tactical Company produces clothes and accessories that are specifically designed for Law Enforcement, the Military, Firefighters, EMTs and other professionals. With a lot of variety in the line of 5.11 uniform shirts, pants and other items that have so many features; the company wins where style, comfort, durability, and color retention are concerned. In addition, they are completely functional and useful for law enforcement officers or any individual who needs to wear uniform shirts. With so many pockets particularly the front pockets that allow you to properly store your paperwork or any other essential and with vents to keep you cool in some designs. Finally, 5.11 Tactical clothing look just as good either you put them in the washer or if you take them to the dry cleaners.

What is more amazing and exciting that is offered by the company is that their clothes can not only be worn by the hard-working Law Enforcement Officers and Civil Servants but can also be worn by other members of the public as well. You can find casual and stylish Tees like the 5.11 Tactical Fire Shadow Graphic T Shirt.

The total quality of all 5.11 Tactical shirts is exceptional. As soon as try to put on one of their shirts, you will be able to tell the materials being used are nothing but the best and highest quality. The shirt may appear to be a little costly than some other shirts but you absolutely get value for money when you purchase one of these. The usage, reliability, comfort and safety you get out of these shirts makes them pay for themselves not to mention the added features such as double lining, hidden pockets, and velcro pockets. The uniform shirts, especially, have many uses and features a law enforcement officer would need to use in the field.  With these shirts, they will look so smooth and professional plus they can serve many people with all the extra pockets and the fact that there are a number of options to choose from where style and color are concerned.

These shirts are ideal for outdoor or weekend use, like typical outdoor shirts in features but with a no-nonsense style. 5.11 tactical shirts are truly exceptional shirts, classic-looking style on the outside but with lots of features below the surface, not available from the ordinary uniform store. It’s easy to tell that the 5.11 Tactical Company has done their research and has used the input of field personnel and customer reviews and feedback to produce every product. The result is a line of items whose top qualities, features and style are providing durable and functional clothing for everyday use.

Range Master offers a number of Tactical Shirts from 5.11 Tactical and range of other products suitable for tactical situations and personnel.

5.11 Tactical – Manufacturers of the Best Quality Tactical Items

511 Tactical is known to be a leading manufacturer of tactical gear and items. They have been providing tactical items for law enforcement, safety personnel and enthusiasts for quite some time now. Since their inception they have maintained and improved on the quality of products that they offer. At Range Master Tactical Gear you can find many of the items that you will need from this manufacturer. You will find clothing items, footwear items, bags & pouches, knives, lights and much more.

Tactical Shirts

Range Master carries a number of shirts from the 5.11 Tactical line. They come in uniform shirts as well as shirts that are ideal for everyday wear and office wear. You will also find undershirts available as well. You will be happy to know that these shirts are made from breathable and lightweight materials so that they are very comfortable to wear. But not only are they comfortable as they are also durable, lasting a longer time that your regular type of shirts. They are also very functional having pockets for storing a variety of items.

Tactical Pants

Tactical Pants are good for pairing with tactical shirts. This pairing can provide you with a casual or professional look depending on which shirt and pants combination you choose. Pants are very functional with hidden pockets for carrying additional firearm, flashlights and batons to name a few potential accessories. Pants from this line are perfect for those in the general population who are looking for just the right pants to wear on their hunting or hiking trips. You will find them in styles for both men and women.

Tactical Footwear

Footwear is of utter importance when it comes to tactical items and the team at 5.11 Tactical knows this and ensures that their line of footwear is only the best. You can find ankle boots to boots that go beyond the ankle to desert boots and boots perfect for water or colder climates. You will find that their boots are made with a moisture wick lining to ensure the utmost comfort to the wearer. Hence there is no need to worry about wet, itchy and stink feet when you are wearing a boot made by 511 tactical.

Tactical Bags & Pouches

The company even offers a variety of pouches and bags for carrying gear and accessories. You can find duffel bags, backpacks, rifle bags, cuff pouches, radio pouches, baton sleeves and much more from these manufacturers. Many of the bags they carry are multipurpose with lots of extra compartments and hidden pockets so that the user is more than covered when it comes to carrying their gear and other items.

Range Master Tactical Gear in conjunction with 5.11 Tactical offers a number of different tactical gear items for those who need them from their website

Desert Boots – For Combat and for Regular Wear

Desert Boots are specifically designed to be worn in the desert. This doesn’t meant that their only purpose should be for wearing in the desert as you can wear them while hiking or completing other outdoor activities. These types of boots are also ideal for wearing in the city as well. But they are made with the ability to withstand the harsh temperature extremes and the rough terrain of the desert.

These boots are amongst the toughest when it comes to boots made for outdoor purposes as well as for boots made for armed forces. They are constructed out of leather to ensure that they have the utmost breathability in the hottest weather. They are designed to be resistant to mildew and will never absorb any water. The moisture wicking material on the outside ensures that the boots will dry a lot faster than other types of boots and they come all the way to the ankle and above in most designs with eyelets for laces which are used to secure the boot to the foot of the wearer.

You can find these types of boots in styles suitable for both men and women. They are made extremely comfortable since their main use is for armed forces that have to work out in the desert. Since they are designed for desert use they have technology that allow them to keep the wearer’s feet free from moisture and cool at the same time even while one is doing extensive walking.  They feature soles that are made with material that give them excellent traction even in the harshest weather conditions.

You will not find these boots in a lot of colors as you would see in fashion boots but that doesn’t mean that they don’t look good. You will find them typically only in khaki, tan and sand colors which were chosen because of their suitability to blend in with the desert. As such they are perfect for wear with camouflage items so soldiers can blend into their environments from head to toe. One that you will find here at Range Master Tactical Gear is the Bates EO2950 Men’s Delta-9 Desert Tan Boot.

If you decide to wear desert boots in the city then there are some precautions that you will need to take. Bear in mind that these boots are made for hot and dry weather and so they won’t fare well in a wet and rainy climate. You also want to make sure that you wipe away any scuffs as soon as you find it possible as if they are left too long they can become permanent. You simply need to clean it with a soft brush. With regular and proper care you can have these boots lasting a long time.

These boots as we mentioned before are suitable for use for both men and women as they are highly comfortable.  You may find them highly favorable for wearing in the hot summer months depending on the type of climate in your area.

Other boots can be found for sale in the footwear section at Range Master Tactical Gear.