Benchmade Knives Carried by Range Master Tactical Gear

Range Master Tactical Gear carries a number of the knives that can be found in the Benchmade line. You will find a number of different types of knives offered on our website. No matter what type of tactical knife you are looking for you can find it right here. You can find collectors’ items, limited edition items and backup knives which are all suitable for other use apart from tactical use. Let us explore these knives first starting with the;

Benchmade 175 CBK BACKUP – this is not your typical Benchmade cutting tool but it is still a highly durable and highly functional item. It is a push dagger that is made from stainless steel and which features a spear point with a double edge and a chisel ground edge as well. The handle is coated in vinyl for comfort, good grip and for durability. It also features a pocket clip which is reversible to ensure that you can always have this item at arm’s reach whenever needed.

Going back to regular knives you can check out the Benchmade 1560ST – Whirlwind. This particular knife is made from Sandvik stainless steel and has a glass filled nylon handle which is ergonomically designed. It is lightweight weighing just 3.5oz so you know that you will be able to maintain your dexterity when using this knife. It features SpeedSafe so that you can be assured of your safety while using the knife and when you need to access the blade with rapid speed yet doing so safely. It also features a pocket clip along with a thumb stud for safety and ease of use.

There is also the Benchmade 211 Snody Activator which has a wooden handle that has been stabilized. It is made with steel that is of the D2 grade which means it made with one of the best quality items on the market. This knife comes with a black leather sheath and a belt loop so that it can be easily accessed and it can also be stored safely on your person. This design features is due to that fact that knife doesn’t not have the speedsafe feature like other Benchmade knives.

When it comes to collectors Benchmade knives there is the Benchmade Bone collector Mini Axis Folder Knife. This knife is found in one the newest lines of knives offered by Benchmade. If you are a bone collector you will find that this knife is a good choice for the many applications you may have for a folding knife. It is made with a steel blade that is of the stonewashed D2 grade. There are thumb holes for both right and left handed individuals making this product ideal for anybody who wants a folding knife.

These are just a couple of the Benchmade knives that you can find here at Range Master along with a long list of other tactical items as well.

Different Classes of Benchmade Knives

Benchmade Knives are definitely among some of the best knives you can find on the market. Their knives are made from the best quality materials and feature very advanced technology to improve durability and usability. They provide a wide range of knives that are highly functional and specialize in creating one handed knives. You can find a large selection of knives from Benchmade here on our website and are assured that you are getting authentic knives that are of the finest quality.

The company has been around since 1988 when they were established in California. Initially they manufactured their knives using second hand equipment but with a commitment to better quality they continually improved their products and manufacturing standards to ensure that they gained the favor of knife users. It succeeded in its endeavor with the company line growing immensely and their technology improving immensely as well. Even today Benchmade is investing in R & D to make their line even better.

Benchmade provides the best knives to consumers; they are tough and can stand up to the task. They are created by skilled engineers who design and create a knife that will last while being unique and attractive. The knives are made with laser cutting machines and other computerized machines so you know they are made with precision.  When the final product is complete they perform a number of inspections to ensure that they are properly made before they are put on the market for sale. Their quality control standards are so rigorous that knife buyers are certain they are getting the best possible product when they purchase Benchmade Knives

There are four different classes of Benchmade products. There is the red class, the black class, the blue class and the gold class. The red class provides consumers with exceptional quality for money. If you are looking for heavy duty knives then you should check out those in the black class. These are knives that are used by the military so if you are looking for military quality knives choose items that are in the black class. Blue class knives are not as heavy duty as those found in the black class but they are made with exceptional quality nonetheless. The Gold class knives as you might be able to imagine provide the finest quality available for sale. From benchmade you will find a large array of knives in the different categories. You can find folding knives, sporting knives, push button knives, limited edition knives and more. All these knives are built with the best metals for comfort, durability and efficacy. Here are just two of the knives that are carried by Range Master Tactical Gear.

The 5.11 Tactical Ark Liner Lock Recurve – this knife is a full size foldable knife with a 3mm thick blade. It features a black oxide coating for durability and has partial serration. Featuring full length steel liners and a liner lock and lanyard hole you have efficiency and accessibility combined with ease of use and ease of transporting around with you. For accessibility not only does it have a lanyard hole but also has pocket clips and the ability to be mounted in 4 different ways. This is new to the Always Ready Knives (ARK) line for this season.

The 5.11 Tactical LMC Hawkbilll – this is a lightweight knife with a 3 mm thick blade. This is ideal for your usual cutting tasks. You ca find this knife in three blade profiles with hollow ground blades with satin finish. The blades have been hardened to 57 – 60 HRC making them highly durable. It also features liner lock and a reversible pocket clip as well.


You can find these 5.11 Tactical knives here are Range Master Tactical Gear along with a large number of Benchmade Knives. Check out our website for a wide range of other items suitable for tactical professions and enthusiasts. All our items are authentic and so you will find that your money will be well spent.

Battle of the Knives – Part 2

Range Master Tactical Gear Knives

Materials: Blades and Handles 

Benchmade 940SBK Osborne Tanto

Benchmade 940SBK Osborne Tanto

Some more blade designs include coping, narrow blade with a sharp, angular point that is is designed to be used for cutting in tight spots or curved patterns. A pen or spear blade is simply a smaller example of the traditional “spear point blade” and it is traditionally used to trim quill pens. The tanto blade is angled grind from the edge to the tip is much heavier and stronger than other blade and used for piercing through hard materials and  also for scraping or scrying. The Benchmade 940SBK OSBORNE Tanto “is perfect whether in pocket or hand, the slender curvature and contouring of the 940 make it a perfect everyday carry.” The Benchmade 940SBK OSBORNE Tanto offers a modified reverse tanto blade with ambidextrous dual thumb-stud opened  offers premium stainless steel blade.

Most knife handles are made from a variety of materials include STAG, bone, carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum, anodization, bead blasting and Zytel. Of all the different knife handle materials Zytel is the least expensive material. Zytel was a thermoplastic material developed by DuPont and is an unbreakable: resists impact and abrasions. However, most knives created by 5.11 Tactical, Kershaw and Benchmade more commonly use aluminum and titanium. Aluminum is is also a nonferrous metal and are commonly used in handle designs. Aluminum gives the knife a solid feel, without the extra weight and is created using the anodization process. Titanium is a nonferrous metal alloy, the most common form of titanium is 6AL/4V: 6% aluminum, 4% vanadium, and 90% pure titanium. Titanium is a lightweight metal alloy that offers unsurpassed corrosion resistance of any metal, that’s not only used in handles but  also used as liner materials for locking liner knives.

5.11 Tactical LMC Recurve

5.11 Tactical LMC Recurve

The 5.11 Tactical LMC Recurve is a Lightweight midsize carry folder with versatile recurve blade. The blade is a 3.25” hollow ground satin finish Recurve blade with plain edge. The 5.11 Tactical LMC Recurve also includes an ambidextrous Blade-Tech® V-Hole in blade for easy, quick deployment with either hand and a subdued black oxide coating on all hardware.



Benchmade 790BK Subrosa

Benchmade 790BK Subrosa

The Benchmade 790SBK Subrosa Titanium Spring Assist Monolock is a the company’s first assisted titanium monolock is sure to fit naturally in the palm like an extension your own hand. The knife also includes S30V premium stainless steel blade and the machined titanium handles with steel pocket clip.



Manufacturer Reputation

When purchasing a knife they’re are several features you should consider including Purpose/Applications, Design Features: Blades and Handles but a manufacture’s reputations should be considered as well. It’s important to know what you are buying and not only consider the price, but the brand, the reputation of the manufacturer and the quality that is designed and tested in that product. 5.11 Tactical Gear, Kershaw and Benchmade are the industry leading designers and creators of the most innovative and useable tactical knives.

5.11 Tactical’s purpose is to create products that “enhance the safety, accuracy, speed and performance of law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals and sells these products under the registered trademarks.” The company is an industry leader in creating products based upon durability, quality and value and delivering head to toe functional and innovative gear including knives.

Kershaw Knives have long since been respected and renowned for their quality, their style and some of the most innovative knife designs ever seen. Kershaw Knives often extend beyond the simple functionality of hunting knives to include pocket knives and kitchen knives.

Benchmade is known for its quality, using high end designs and materials in the production of its products. The Benchmade Knife was founded on the principle of  designing, manufacturing and delivering the highest quality, functionally featured, knives in the industry. The simple Benchmade philosophy is “Make it cool, make it solid, make it happen and definitely make it Benchmade.”  It’s all about the reputation and these reputations speak volumes to any consumer looking for a tactical knife.

Range Master Tactical Gear carries 5.11 Tactical Knives, Benchmade Knives and Kershaw Knives at unmatched prices.

Battle of the Knives – Part 1

Q) How many knives does it take to change a light bulb?

A) About 5. Don’t ask why, its just a stab in the dark.

Knives whether common or commercial…every company creates and designs the knives that every man whether military, law enforcement or hunter wants to own. Is there a specified difference between a “tactical knife” vs. a “regular knife.” Tactical knives are any “edged tool designed to be used in a multi- mission tactical role.” However, over the years the line has become blurry when trying to categorize and define tactical knives, combat knives, fighting knives and even recreational knives used in hunting or outdoor activities. The modern tactical knife is designed for a wide array of uses and its through discovering those uses that we also discover some of the best features of that modern tactical knife.


5.11 Tactical Karambit Utility Blade

5.11 Tactical Karambit Utility Blade

Anyone with experience whether its in the wilderness or in a combat situation understands the importance of a having an exceptional knife in hand. Any knife of any kind is a vital and essential tool that is a necessary importance for proper survival gear. There are many different There are many different methods that can be used to design a knife, some complicated, some simple, and all are essential in the final design. Many knives are designed for innovation, necessity, survivability and versatility. The 5.11 Tactical Karambit Utility Blade is a knife specifically designed for use  by Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire, or Special Operations  The 5.11 Tactical Karambit Utility Blade is a crucible steel blade with a Teflon finish created and designed by Steve Tarani, an expert (SME) advisor to several government agencies and  an active federal use-of-force training contractor.  The 5.11 Tactical Karambit Utility Blade also includes a 6.5″ fixed blade length and a sheath with neck chain and pull the dot loops for inside-the-waist-belt wear.


Benchmade 940 - Osborne

Benchmade 940 - Osborne

Traditionally, knives are used for by law enforcement or military personnel for a variety of reasons, often times the designed use of a knife is dependent upon the designated career choice of it’s user. Is the knife meant to be a weapon? Or is the knife merely a utility? Is the knife an emergency rescue tool? Or is the knife meant to be a entry tool? The traditional tactical knife is still used for cooking, cutting through brush, completing other daily tasks and even self defense. The Benchmade 940 Osborne is Everyday knife with a premium stainless-steel blade and a a modified reverse Tanto design. Other features the Benchmade 940 Osborne include an Axis locking mechanism and a reversible steel pocket clip.

Kershaw Knives - Chive - Range Master Tactical Gear

Kershaw Knives - Chive

The Kershaw Chive Pocket Knife is a commonly used by law enforcement, fire and rescue personnel for a variety of daily uses. The Kershaw Chive Pocket Knife features a the SpeedSafe ambidextrous opening system for smooth, easy opening by both right and left-handed users. The knife blade is made of high-carbon 420HC stainless steel for good edge retention, easy resharpening, and excellent toughness.


Design Features 

Kershaw Knives - Leek - Range Master Tactical Gear

Kershaw Knives - Leek

Specifically, tactical knives are light, easy to handle and strong, perfect for ease in hand-to-hand combat and daily activities such as cooking and cutting through brush. These knives are Longer and stronger than a pocketknife, a tactical knife typically features a stainless steel blade and may also include a folding or a fixed blade. The two most important design features of any good knife: blade and handle. Many handles can be made of a variety of materials from plastic to G-10 and from Titanium to Stainless Steel. The Kershaw Leek Series come in a wide variety of handle styles, some with technologically advanced coatings for enhanced performance. The Kershaw Leek Series handles range from simple stainless-steel to “smoked” aluminum in a wide array of colors.

Every brand of knife whether 5.11 Tactical, Kershaw or Benchmade also include a variety of blades depending on usage for the knife. Some different blades include a normal or straight-back blade has a curving edge, and flat back that can be used for chopping, picking and slicing. The curved, trailing-point knife has a back edge that curves upward that is optimized for slicing, slashing and skinning.

Visit Range Master Tactical Gear for a full selection of 5.11 Tactical, Kershaw and Benchmade Knives.

Benchmade Knives History

Benchmade Knives

The Benchmade Knife Corporation was founded by Roberta and Les de Asis and these knives are are currently manufactured in Oregon City, OR. Benchmade Knives offer an array of niche knife markets including outdoor sporting cutlery, rescue, law-enforcement, martial-arts, and military. Benchmade Corporation is primarily known for it’s , or balisong-style knives. The original Balisong styled knives were created and designed by Jody Samson, who was also awarded Blade Magazine’s Knife of the Year Award in 1979. The style was so popular with Benchmade employees and customers it became the designated Benchmade Knife.

Some of the Benchmade products are created and designed by custom knife makers such as Jody Samson, Ernest Emerson, Allen Elishewitz, Mel Pardue, Bill McHenry, Mike Snody, Jason Williams and Warren Osborne. Benchmade Corporation has also attained an exclusive product licensing contract for the “McHenry / Williams “AXIS Lock”, a strong, spring operated locking mechanism used in both automatic and manual action models.” Benchmade also earns a considerable amount of revenue from sales of restricted knives to military and law enforcement.

By nature and design, Benchmade  products are positioned near the top of its product market niche. Benchmade knives are known for their quality, using high end designs and materials in the production of its products. The Benchmade Knife was founded on the principle of designing, manufacturing and delivering the highest quality, functionally featured, knives in the industry. The simple Benchmade philosophy is “Make it cool, make it solid, make it happen and definitely make it Benchmade.”

Some popular Benchmade Knives include the Harley Davidson Series, the Heckler & Coach Series, Bone Collector and Lone Wolf Series. The Benchmade Bone Collector Series includes some knives like the Benchmade Bone Collector Axis Folder Knife Walnut Wood which includes a stonewashed D2 tool steel blade with an ambidextrous thumb hole and a plain cutting edge with the AXIS lock system and the reversible/removable pocket clip. Another knife from the series is the Benchmade 15000-2 Bone Collector Caping Fixed Blade Skinning Knife Walnut is a full D2 tool steel blade with a plain edge and a stone wash finish. Other features also include the contoured Walnut wood handle with rib cage pattern for extra grip A leather sheath is also includes as per the picture.

One of the higher end Benchmade Knives is the Benchmade 3300BK Infidel Dual Plain Edge Auto OTF Knife  which includes a double action out-the-front auto and a double edged spear-point or utility drop-point blade with ambidextrous thumb-slide. The blade is D2 tool steel blade and is a black anodized, machined 6061 T-6 aluminum handle with removable deep pocket pocket clip. Another high end Benchmade Knife includes the Benchmade 9051SBK AFO II Combo Edge Auto Knife which features 154CM Stainless Steel blade (58-61HRC) and offers a faster and stronger spring mechanism. The knife also includes an open Backspacer Design for Easy Maintenance and New Steel Glass Breaker.

The Benchmade 1560ST – Whirlwind is the perfect knife for anyone just beginning their first knife collection. The Benchmade 1560ST – Whirlwind is an agronomic handle shape, multifunctional blade that includes he patented SpeedSafe assisted opening system. The Benchmade blade also includes a serrated edge with a locking liner, thumb stud and a removable/reversible pocket clip.

Visit Range Master Tactical Gear for a full selection of Benchmade Knives.

Benchmade Knives

Benchmade has taken all things you’ve come to expect within a Benchmade Knife and reapplied it in order for a much broader mixture of knife users to currently possess the chance to enjoy what has quickly become an icon within cutting edge tool performance. You’ll obtain innovative designs from a few of the top name customized knife makers worldwide, Benchmade exclusive mechanisms that are patented, up-scaled substances and superior standards within manufactured quality, whether they have it built for them or build it themselves.

In order to force things to be simpler, they’ve segmented their Benchmade brand within 4 product categories for simpler distinction of product through the line. They’re as follows:

  • The Gold Class: Clearly sets the newer standard of what’s probable within premium knife making.
  • The Blue Class: Represents the heart of all things that are Benchmade. The United States manufactured products are built and designed for the person who likes the difference that a quality cutting edge tool could make.
  • The Black Class:  Developed, designed, as well as tested for extreme duties. They’re the preferred tactical gear for law enforcement equipment, public safety, as well as elite military gear troops worldwide.
  • The Red Class: provides ‘best in class’ value. The edged tools have the exact same Benchmade mindset of top innovation, modern day materials and high quality manufacturing.


Heckler & Koch knives are designed to the same uncompromising and exacting standards as firearms they make, for demanding shooters, as well as elite police and military units around the world. H&K proudly teamed up with Benchmade, one of the globe’s more innovative knife makers, in manufacturing and designing the fine Benchmade knives. As a consequence of the partnership, you will discover that every knife within their line will represent the best in functionality, reliability and quality.


It all begins with a dedication to innovation. And for them, it’ll go above just being innovatively different, as Benchmade continuously is innovatively better. They know that as a client selects to buy a Benchmade, they will do so due to them wanting the best. The mindset of innovating for improvement is well and alive through Benchmade, it’ll go into all designs, and will come out of each product.

Bone Collector

The Bone Collector product line celebrates cultures of hunters; a brotherhood of sportsmen who possess a real passion for the lifestyle, the land and the game. They are made in collaboration with Michael Waddell, and edged tools and knives are made for performance within the field. Visit Range Master Tactical Gear for all of your tactical gear needs.

Tactical Gear Made for your Survival

Police force institutions, as well as the armed forces have considered tactical gear accessibility a priority, and there are several companies that produce, promote, as well as invent tactical gear with special bands like 5.11 Tactical, Gun Vault, Surefire, as well as Code Red. It’s actually very exciting to gain more data in regard to the background of this type of product. Neither the military, nor law enforcement agencies have the ability to produce suitable tactical gear themselves, and they ought to always go with the top quality apparatus which could assist them in protecting their higher-than-average risk tasks in daily living. It offers added confidence to this group and the personnel which will define this group.

What is the more protected secret in regard to making military gear? You’ll be surprised. Are there huge research teams and/or do the creative concepts in regard to these armed services or law enforcement items of equipment derive from scientists? There might be a huge quantity of questions and many interpretations and answers to these types of queries. What will be important is what tactical gear will really mean and the reason it’s utilized in sensitive occupations. The highest quality gear available in the marketplace will come from experienced individuals who possess competency in making usage of this type of equipment and thus, are themselves military personnel or maybe law enforcement.

Doesn’t this seem odd? It shouldn’t be a puzzle because of the fact that brands, involving those discussed above were conceived by the users themselves. That is the reason why tactical gear bears the experienced seal of approval of veterans in the filed including tactical and strategic actions. The biggest compliment regarded by most of these inventors or entrepreneurs within tactical gear originates from the people who utilize this gear.

One ought to attempt to locate merchants like Range Master Tactcial Gear who possess a sizable store related to these kinds of goods catering to different end-uses involving: Benchmade knives, vests, tactical packs and holsters, shooting mats, medical gear, knives, hydration packs, Surefire flashlights, drop leg pouches, boots, belts, and battering rams.  Every bit of the tactical gear ought to be approved by authorized organizations or perhaps government departments. Apart from the more crucial tactical gear, an individual could, in addition to procuring many accessories that comprise of eye protection, armor, clothing, chest protection,  shoes, weapons,  carry bags, gloves, as well as outdoor protective equipment.

Top Five Pieces of Tactical Gear for Law Enforcement

There is no doubt that our SWAT, police, and additional law enforcement institutions are frequently placed in danger on a day-to-day basis. It’s why it’s crucial that every safety staff be equipped with the proper tactical gear from Range Master Tactical Gear. While there are many pieces which law enforcement want to be certain they have, this blog includes a list of the top five pieces of  tactical gear which are mandatory:

Tactical Boots

As many individuals imagine tactical boots they immediately think “heavy.” It’s the opposite of what you wish for. A quality tactical boot is light and has a runner’s feel. The law enforcement officer has to be prepared to run at all times and cannot be held back by heavy boots, even those that have a composite safety toe. Additionally, the boots ought to be waterproof as well as blood borne pathogen resistant. For simple accessibility, you might want to buy tactical boots that have side zippers and always obtain a boot which possesses a minimum of a single compartment for Benchmade knives or additional essential tactical gear.

Tactical Knives

Select from a folding blade or fixed blade, yet whatever you select, be certain to have one on your person. The necessity will come up oftentimes for a knife in non-tactical and tactical circumstances. For quick accessibility you might want to obtain a knife which involves breakaway neck chains. Take a look at Kershaw Knives or Benchmade Knives.

Back-up Belt System Kit

Within law enforcement you’ll require all these types of pouches: double magazine pouch, flashlight/mace pouch, baton pouch, gun holster, and cuff pouch. Every one of these pouches will be vital to your daily safety and routine.

TDU Belt

You’ll need a belt to carry every one of the above mentioned pieces. Do not go with just any belt. You require an Operators belt which could be utilized for things other than carrying your pouches or keeping your pants up. All these items are very important, and you’ll require a quality holster belt, so be certain your belt is designed using a very strong nylon mesh material.

Gun Holster

Within the line of duty you have to be fast and safe. As there include several to select from, it’s believed that holsters activated using the thumb will be fastest and safest. Opt for one which additionally possesses a removable Chop Block feature because it’ll prevent other people from taking your gun within weapon retention struggles.

You can find these items and more at Range Master Tactical Gear.

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