High Tech Devices from Code Red Headsets

Code Red Headsets is one of the leading brands of mic kits, earpieces and Bluetooth adapters for police radios and they are now available for sale at Range Master Tactical Gear. Its parent company has been providing 2-way radio accessories to police officers, fire fighters and other tactical teams since 1999.  The re-launch in 2007 introduced their re-engineered communications products that have even more strong features and can stand up to the heavy duty use that is required in the police industry.  Code red specializes in products such as Bluetooth wireless adapters, listen only, single/2-wire mics, tactical/military and all other replacement items.

The Code Red Company has been supplying business radio users with high quality audio solutions since 1999. Their customers include casinos, hotels/resorts, retail stores, commercial property managers, security teams, police departments, SWAT teams and military applications. They offer a vast range of radio accessories to meet many needs and requirements. Some of the items include listen only earpieces, molded earpieces, surveillance microphones, ear microphones, speaker microphones, replacement radio batteries, battery chargers and even megaphones. There are also some connectors for sale that are available for Motorola, Kenwood, Icom and Vertex radios.

The company provides items that are technologically established to meet and surpass the demands of law enforcement personnel, first responder and tactical response teams. When you have Code Red Headsets, you are using a successful line of radio accessories that are durable, comfortable, of high-end quality and compatible with a wide range of products. The company also offers a top level warranty program that gives a win-win environment for everyone and they are proud to know and show that they offer the best customer service in the industry.

With Code Red Headsets, you are about to experience high quality, yet affordable wireless headsets and accessories. Their products are designed to last and are available nationally as well as internationally. All of their products have a solid warranty program that guarantees all of its customers. Code Red offers a lot of different products from lightweight ear pieces to heavy-duty headsets with noise canceling microphones. They also carry radio accessories that provide the best performance and most reliable radio accessories for the safety and security not only for people in the law enforcement industries but also for ordinary consumers. Here are some of the items we carry.

Code Red Electronic Hearing Protection Earmuff

Code Red’s compact electronic hearing protection earmuffs can be bought at a very reasonable price. This item is very ideal for shooters. It automatically compresses sounds that are dangerously high as well as compress continuous noise while still permitting normal sounds to be heard without interruptions or cutting. It also has independent volume controls for each microphone. Each microphone uses 2 standard AAA batteries with adjustable headband that gives extra comfort. It is also collapsible for easy storage.

Code Red EXP-QD-K2 Radio Microphone

The Code Red EXP-QD-K2 Radio Microphone is a two-wire microphone unit with a little lapel microphone, a clear tube earpiece and a wireless push-to-talk button. It has a quick release radio adapter that can only be used with radios with multiple pin connectors.

Code Red Guard 3.5 Radio Earpiece

The Code Red Guard 3.5 Radio Earpiece is a soft hook listen only earpiece with a flexible loop ear bud. It sits comfortably around the ear and can be worn on either ear. It has a Soft Hook Earpiece with 40″ cord and a 3.5 mm connector for any radio or remote microphone with a 2.5 mm earphone jack. It is compatible with most Motorola radios with a 2 pin connector. The first port is used for audio while the other is used for microphone.

We have other Code Red Headsets and Code Red Items for sale on our website at www.rangemastertacticalgear.com We have a wide range of other items that are suitable for tactical professions and other professions as well.

Code Red Communication Accessories

Tactical Communication is communication that informs Law Enforcement, Military Personnel and even Government Agencies information, orders and decisions are conveyed from one chain of command to another within most tactical forces. During World War II tactical communications were mainly conveyed through Morse Code and simple radio communications; today most tactical communications are conveyed through conventional technology i.e. electronics.

Major principles that must be considered by Law Enforcement and Military Agencies when designing and purchasing tactical communication equipment are communication that supports the chain of command, integration, reliability, simplicity, capability, flexibility, mobility, security and survivability. The Modern Age of the Digital Battlefield is very different from the battlefields of the past, however the tactical necessities of communication and connections remains unchanged. Modern Law Enforcement and Military Agencies need cost effective, flexible and proven communication solutions that are based upon operationally proven equipment. More often the single success of an operational mission is based upon the need for reliable, secure and flexible solutions.

Code Red Headsets offer tactical communication equipment offers personal tactical communication equipment and more accessories that go with the tactical communications equipment than you can imagine.


Code Red offers a successful line of microphones for your Tactical Communication Equipment and Systems. The Signal 21 Speaker Microphone for Motorola XTS Radios is made for use by public safety personnel and first responders such as emergency response personnel. This microphone is designed to withstand water, wind, fire and full on impacts. The Signal 21 Speaker Microphone for Motorola XTS Radios has available service connectors for all radio connectors with Motorola, Kenwood, Vertex and Icom radios. The Motorola Sherlock Easy Connect offers a Kevlar reinforced cable that offers safety, reliability and ease of use. The Sherlock Easy Connect microphone offers a plastic cable tubing that can be worn on either ear for comfort and ease of use. The microphone offers a low profile microphone and a sturdy metal clothing clip. This particular microphone model is available for nearly any radio model connector and the M3 is compatible with the Motorola radio Sherlock-M3-QD.

Audio Adapters

Code Red also offers a successful line of audio adapters that can be used with a variety of tactical communication gear or devices. The 6676 Audio Adapter is allows you to use a variety of radio accessories that has a single pin threaded connector but is more specifically designed for  Motorola radios. The higher end BlueLink Wireless Adapter for Motorola XTS Radios attaches directly to any audio accessory connector on your radio. The Blue Link Wireless Adapter allows you to successfully use your radio with any Bluetooth headset and its hands free option, the adapter also offers a no battery required-powered by radio battery. This audio adapter also includes a jack enables use of remote push-to-talk button and is compatible with the Motorola XTS, PR1500 and HT1000 radios. The 9716 Adapter is a simpler audio adapter model that offers you the ability to use any radio accessories that have a Motorola two pin connector with radio(s) that have multiple pin connectors. The 9716 audio adapter is compatible with any of the following Motorola models: HT750, HT1250LS, HT1550, HT1550XLS, MTX850, MTX850LS, MTX8250, MTX8250LS, MTX950, MTX9250, GP140, GP320, GP328, GP338, GP340, GP360, GP380, GP640, GP680, GP1280, PRO5150, PRO7150, PRO9150 and HT1250.