5.11 Tactical Products

The 5.11 Tactical Range Master Tactical Gear store, is a one-stop-shop in which all tactical gear required by law enforcement personnel can be found. This shop sees to the clothing requirements of firefighting and law enforcement units.

5.11 Tactical Shirts

With these 5.11 Tactical shirts, you do not have to go through the trouble of changing clothing constantly as you could additionally use these shirts at the house while attending to additional home matters. The shirts are extremely lightweight and are made of polyester and cotton, making them comfortable and durable. You might select 5.11 tactical shirts which are good for daily activities and climatic conditions. The pockets or pouches on the shirts are able to hold phones, tickets, maps and additional small items.

5.11 Tactical Pants

The pockets on the 5.11 Tactical pants can hold Surefire Flashlights, Benchmade Knives or Kershaw Knives or perhaps a pair of 5.11 Tactical Gloves. If you require the ideal suited clothes for adventures like hunting and hiking, 5.11 tactical pants can meet this need. You could discover these pants within a wide array of colors like khaki, sage, black and gray. Recently these unique pants have become extremely popular amongst law enforcement, the military and firefighting professionals. You also can locate these pants for ladies that have self-adjusting tunnel waistbands.


5.11 Tactical Boots possess a moisture wick lining which keeps a user’s feet convenient and dry. It suggests no sticky or itchy feeling upon the feet. In fact, the boots have cutting edge components which provide nothing but excellence in every way. These boots have been made to be lightweight in order for you to sustain a good pace while in motion. These tactical boots additionally have insole foam that offers ultimate comfort and cushioning to the wearer. A variety of these boots additionally feature side zippers to facilitate quick removal as needed. You’ll also locate slip and oil resistant technology within these boots, making protection of your feet from oily and slippery surfaces probable.


5.11 Tactical Bags are utilized to keep your accessories, and additional emergency equipment within the course of specialized operations. The bags offer enough room as they feature compartments. You could locate them within a wide array of sizes based upon the type of accessories you want to store. The amazing thing is that these bags possess dividers which will assist a user in accomplishing simple identification of accessories as well as to assist in keeping the accessories in place. You’ll not suffer from broken straps or handles as these carrying handles and shoulder straps are designed of a heavy-duty nylon therefore, these bags could lug around heavier items without the handles and straps weighed down.

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Top Five Pieces of Tactical Gear for Law Enforcement

There is no doubt that our SWAT, police, and additional law enforcement institutions are frequently placed in danger on a day-to-day basis. It’s why it’s crucial that every safety staff be equipped with the proper tactical gear from Range Master Tactical Gear. While there are many pieces which law enforcement want to be certain they have, this blog includes a list of the top five pieces of  tactical gear which are mandatory:

Tactical Boots

As many individuals imagine tactical boots they immediately think “heavy.” It’s the opposite of what you wish for. A quality tactical boot is light and has a runner’s feel. The law enforcement officer has to be prepared to run at all times and cannot be held back by heavy boots, even those that have a composite safety toe. Additionally, the boots ought to be waterproof as well as blood borne pathogen resistant. For simple accessibility, you might want to buy tactical boots that have side zippers and always obtain a boot which possesses a minimum of a single compartment for Benchmade knives or additional essential tactical gear.

Tactical Knives

Select from a folding blade or fixed blade, yet whatever you select, be certain to have one on your person. The necessity will come up oftentimes for a knife in non-tactical and tactical circumstances. For quick accessibility you might want to obtain a knife which involves breakaway neck chains. Take a look at Kershaw Knives or Benchmade Knives.

Back-up Belt System Kit

Within law enforcement you’ll require all these types of pouches: double magazine pouch, flashlight/mace pouch, baton pouch, gun holster, and cuff pouch. Every one of these pouches will be vital to your daily safety and routine.

TDU Belt

You’ll need a belt to carry every one of the above mentioned pieces. Do not go with just any belt. You require an Operators belt which could be utilized for things other than carrying your pouches or keeping your pants up. All these items are very important, and you’ll require a quality holster belt, so be certain your belt is designed using a very strong nylon mesh material.

Gun Holster

Within the line of duty you have to be fast and safe. As there include several to select from, it’s believed that holsters activated using the thumb will be fastest and safest. Opt for one which additionally possesses a removable Chop Block feature because it’ll prevent other people from taking your gun within weapon retention struggles.

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