5.11 Tactical Thumb Drive Holster

5.11 Tactical ThumbDrive Holster - Range Master Tactical Gear

5.11 Tactical has done it again with their amazing 5.11 Tactical ThumbDrive Holster. The ThumbDrive is the safest and fastest-drawing Level II holster available on the market today. It features our exclusive thumb-activated safety that secures your weapon at all times, and with the optional Chop-BlockTM feature, helps prevent others from removing it during a weapon retention struggle.

5.11 Tactical has expanded their offering of the holster to include the Smith & Wesson M&P models including the Pro series, Full Size and Compact size. 5.11 Tactical has also included some holsters for the Sig 220 and Sig 228/229. While the list has expanded slowly, it will be nice to see some other firearm users be able to use this holster.

The 5.11 Tactical Thumb Drive Holster is the only holster that has placed the release mechanism for the weapon in the natural process of the draw. It requires no extra learned motor movement unlike many of its competitors. Additionally the action of pressing down on the release mechanism actually provided a more consistent and solid grip on the gun. This action results in no shifts on the backstrap once you make first contact on the weapon.

The Thumb Drive platform itself is large enough to easily access even when your approach to the backstrap of the weapon is not ideal. Smaller mechanisms that require finer motor movements are more difficult to release when drawing quickly under stress.
Using the 5.11 Tactical Thumb Drive Holster takes a little getting used to, as is the case with a lot of new hardware (guns and holsters alike) you have to use it and practice with it to get a real handle on it. The 5.11 Tactical Thumb Drive Holster is reinforced for increased weapon retention, its engineered by Blade-Tech, and Field tested by Viking Tactics. The holster includes a belt slide and paddle. The belt slide adjusts to fit up to 2.25″ belts. The 5.11 Tactical Thumb Drive Holster includes a removable chop-block attachment. Drop and offset kits are available as is a 5.11 Tactical ThumbDrive Thigh Rig.

Check out the 5.11 Tactical Holsters section on our website to see the 5.11 Tactical Thumb Drive as well as the optional accessories for it. The 5.11 Tactical Double Mag pouch would be the ideal mate for to your new holster. Range Master Tactical Gear covers all your 5.11 Tactical needs.

5.11 Tactical SOMS 2.0

5.11 Tactical SOMS 2.0 - Range Master Tactical Gear

Rolling Duffel Bags are great for traveling and they are available in different sizes and shapes. Most rolling duffel bags include added accessories like the adjustable shoulder straps, wheels and trolleys that makes them really convenient to use. The 5.11 Tactical SOMS 2.0 is the perfect blend of variety and versatility of that makes it the perfect luggage and totes for every situations. The 5.11 Tactical SOMS 2.0 can assist you virtually any time you need to carry more than just your wallet and keys. No matter what you have planned, these rolling duffel bags are handy pieces of baggage to have around whether you’re heading to a tactical environment or a water skiing vacation.

The 5.11 Tactical SOMS 2.0 is an upgrade made by 5.11 Tactical based on consumers comments and concerns to create a rolling duffel for the masses. The 5.11 Tactical SOMS 2.0 refers to “Some of My Stuff” wheres the CAMS 2.0 refers to “Carries all My Stuff.” The SOMS 2.0 is the medium-sized 5.11 Tactical Rolling Duffel Bag out of the Legacy Series. Some of the newer, upgraded features include docket pockets, palatine feet for easier standing and a more centralized handling system. The double handles allow for easier access for taller individuals so that they don’t have to lean over and pick up the rolling duffel.

Although while the 5.11 Tactical SOMS 2.0 has been informatively and innovatively updated and upgraded to meet the needs of the 5.11 Tactical consumers, the 5.11 Tactical SOMS 2.0 still retains many of its original qualities including the heavy duty oversized wheels and rugged corner guards on all of the corners for superior wear and tear protection. The light gray interior now offers better visibility for finding your way around your rolling duffel bag in dark or poorly lit rooms. The single 5.11 Tactical SOMS 2.0 compartment measures measures 14-1/2″ wide, 13-1/2″ high and 32″ long, its the medium-sized rolling duffel between the smaller Mission Ready and the larger CAMS 2.0. It also includes a replaceable fiberglass frame and adjustable inside loop-sided dividers.

The 5.11 Tactical SOMS 2.0 also features the durable YKK self-repairing nylon coil zippers with oversized glove-friendly nylon web zipper pull tabs. The internal mesh separates your upper and lower gear such as clothing and emergency supplies, so you’ll always have easy access for whatever you need at a moment’s notice. 5.11 Tactical designs their products with every individual in mind whether your a solider, Emergency Medical Technician, Firefighter, Police Officer or in the Special Forces.

The quality construction of the 5.11 Tactical SOMS 2.0 is known for and is the reason so many individuals purchase the newly redesigned 5.11 Tactical bag. While the airlines can very easily destroy bags, the 5.11 Tactical SOMS 2.0 will able to withstand the airline abuse and even a raging war zone with its durability and design.

Whether you’re on vacation, heading to the in-laws or simply on the job, your possessions are well protected and well cared for in the SOMS 2.0 and while only “Some of My Stuff” may fit it your SOMS 2.0 at least its carried in comfort and style.

Range Master Tactical Gear carries a full line of 5.11 Tactical gear. If we don’t have it, 5.11 Tactical doesn’t make it. See the video below for more info.

SureFire FlashLights

SureFire FlashLights – Part I

Surefire Flashlights - Range Master Tactical Gear

SureFire once known as the Newport Corporation began in 1969. An engineer with a doctorate from California Technology University named Dr. John Matthews founded the corporation with the purpose of creating lasers for industrial applications. Throughout the ongoing decade, the Newport Corporation continued basking in the glow of their laser lights and grew to to become a leader in the laser field, pioneering a host of industrial uses for the laser.

Then Dr. John Matthews begin to turn his attention toward his hobby and his passion, shooting. Whether he was shooting in the forest or on the gun range, it didn’t matter he loved it either way. He began wondering if a laser could be successfully designed and adapted to serve on sight of any firearm whether it’s for a handgun or a rifle scope. By 1979 Matthews’ concept was finally realized and he patented the first laser sight scope for a firearm.

The handgun laser sight scope was SureFire’s patented product, followed by laser sight for a Ruger Mini-14. Then in 1984 the Newport Corporation received a phone call that would change the product and corporation, the phone call was from the Los Angeles Police Department’s SWAT Team on the line. The 1984 Olympic Games were to be held in The City Of Angels and the police wondered if it would be possible to borrow a number of laser-sighted shotguns to use for security during the Games. Matthews, of course, said yes.

The SureFire WeaponLight was born and neither law enforcement or military operations would never be the same again. The SureFire WeaponLight literally changed the face and sight of laser light scope and guns altogether. SureFire then went onto establish themselves as the leading manufacturer of rugged, powerful and compact illumination tools for tactical applications. They created everything product ranging from weapon-mounted lights and laser sights, shield lights and baton lights to hand-held lights. These products were powerful and bright enough to qualify as “force-option” tools that could temporarily blind, unbalance, and disorient a threat quickly and efficiently.

Surefire Flashlight X400 LED Handgun Long Gun WeaponLight with Laser - Range Master Tactical Gear

Surefire Flashlight X400 LED Handgun Long Gun WeaponLight with Laser

Today SureFire LLC is a name synonymous with excellence in hand-held illumination tools. Some of their WeaponLight products include the X400 – Surefire LED Handgun / Long Gun WeaponLight with Laser. The SureFire X400 is a virtually indestructible LED flashlight regulated to maximize output and running time. This WeaponLight is constructed with high-strength aerospace aluminum with Mil-Spec anodizing; impact-resistant polymer; coated tempered window. The SureFire X400 combines the best of everything that SureFire FlashLights have to offer including tactical-level output with TIR lens for close- to medium-range applications, high-visibility 5 mw / 635 NM red laser sight, and an ambidextrous push/toggle switch provides one-finger operation for either momentary or constant-on operation, and a mode switch allows you to select white light only, white light + laser, laser only, or system disable. The incredible weaponlight also features a high-efficiency LED which generates 170 lumens of brilliant white light focused by a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens to produce a tight beam with excellent reach and significant surround light for peripheral vision. Surefire’s high end LED Light has no filament that burns out or breaks. The extremely bright light ensures that this high powered weapon light that is enough to overwhelm an aggressor’s night-adapted vision. Batteries for this light last 2.4hrs.

Range Master Tactical Gear Stocks the Surefire x400. See the video below for more info.

5.11 Tactical – Police Equipment – Tactical Gear

Range Master Tactical Gear - 5.11 Tactical - Police Equipment - Tactical Gear

Range Master Tactical Gear has nearly twenty years of experience in creating state-of-the-art tactical gear for law enforcement and fire agencies throughout the United States.  Their product offerings include 5.11 Tactical, Benchmade knives, specially tailored police gear and equipment and Surefire flashlights.

The 5.11 Tactical product line includes multi-compartment pouches for medical supplies, GPS devices, tactical batons and cuffs, radios and holsters.  The 5.11 Tactical product line also includes a vast array of clothing and clothing accessories including the 5.11 Tactical Covert Performance Shirt specially cut to conceal holstered side arms, concealment check pockets and the patented RAPIDraw center snap front.

Range Master Tactical Gear also offers a wide range of tactical gloves with the patented Tactical Touch special fingertips that allow for touch screen operation without the removing of the gloves   The gloves are crafted with fine sheepskin palms and fingers and comfort four-way stretch back panel.

The 5.11 Tactical ATAC R1 Lilon Rechargeable light is one of several flashlight offerings in this product line.  Made of Aerospace grade aluminum, these rechargeable lights offer 175 lumens of light output and come with a charging cradle with both AC & DC chargers included.  Another option for law enforcement officers needing a reliable and specially created flashlight is the 5.11 Tactical ATAC A2.  It is also made of Aerospace grade aluminum is powered by 2 AA batteries and casts 162 lumens of light  with nearly two hours of continual runtime on high and an astounding 75 hours on low.

The 5.11 product line also includes a women’s clothing line designed specifically for a woman’s body.  Winter leggings, tactical pants, cargo pants and shorts offer superior fit and outstanding construction.  The 5.11 Tactical Women’s Station Pant features self-adjust tunnel waistband, and cuff hems with rugged zippers and snaps.

The 5.11 Tactical ATAC boots are beautifully crafted leather while maintaining their performance; they may appear to be a boot, but once on, they feel like a running shoe.  Lightweight and yet durable, these boots have oil and slip resistant soles, moisture management linings, a rugged side zipper.  These boots were designed to wear directly out of the box; there is no break in period required for comfort.

Tactical gear offerings wouldn’t be complete without tactical knives.  The 5.11 Tactical Double Duty Responder Knife features two blades that are break, crack and chip resistant.  There are many knives available for law enforcement industry professionals.

Range Master Tactical Gear is your #1 stop for 5.11 Tactical Products, Police Equipment, and Tactical Gear.

Battle of the Knives – Part 2

Range Master Tactical Gear Knives

Materials: Blades and Handles 

Benchmade 940SBK Osborne Tanto

Benchmade 940SBK Osborne Tanto

Some more blade designs include coping, narrow blade with a sharp, angular point that is is designed to be used for cutting in tight spots or curved patterns. A pen or spear blade is simply a smaller example of the traditional “spear point blade” and it is traditionally used to trim quill pens. The tanto blade is angled grind from the edge to the tip is much heavier and stronger than other blade and used for piercing through hard materials and  also for scraping or scrying. The Benchmade 940SBK OSBORNE Tanto “is perfect whether in pocket or hand, the slender curvature and contouring of the 940 make it a perfect everyday carry.” The Benchmade 940SBK OSBORNE Tanto offers a modified reverse tanto blade with ambidextrous dual thumb-stud opened  offers premium stainless steel blade.

Most knife handles are made from a variety of materials include STAG, bone, carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum, anodization, bead blasting and Zytel. Of all the different knife handle materials Zytel is the least expensive material. Zytel was a thermoplastic material developed by DuPont and is an unbreakable: resists impact and abrasions. However, most knives created by 5.11 Tactical, Kershaw and Benchmade more commonly use aluminum and titanium. Aluminum is is also a nonferrous metal and are commonly used in handle designs. Aluminum gives the knife a solid feel, without the extra weight and is created using the anodization process. Titanium is a nonferrous metal alloy, the most common form of titanium is 6AL/4V: 6% aluminum, 4% vanadium, and 90% pure titanium. Titanium is a lightweight metal alloy that offers unsurpassed corrosion resistance of any metal, that’s not only used in handles but  also used as liner materials for locking liner knives.

5.11 Tactical LMC Recurve

5.11 Tactical LMC Recurve

The 5.11 Tactical LMC Recurve is a Lightweight midsize carry folder with versatile recurve blade. The blade is a 3.25” hollow ground satin finish Recurve blade with plain edge. The 5.11 Tactical LMC Recurve also includes an ambidextrous Blade-Tech® V-Hole in blade for easy, quick deployment with either hand and a subdued black oxide coating on all hardware.



Benchmade 790BK Subrosa

Benchmade 790BK Subrosa

The Benchmade 790SBK Subrosa Titanium Spring Assist Monolock is a the company’s first assisted titanium monolock is sure to fit naturally in the palm like an extension your own hand. The knife also includes S30V premium stainless steel blade and the machined titanium handles with steel pocket clip.



Manufacturer Reputation

When purchasing a knife they’re are several features you should consider including Purpose/Applications, Design Features: Blades and Handles but a manufacture’s reputations should be considered as well. It’s important to know what you are buying and not only consider the price, but the brand, the reputation of the manufacturer and the quality that is designed and tested in that product. 5.11 Tactical Gear, Kershaw and Benchmade are the industry leading designers and creators of the most innovative and useable tactical knives.

5.11 Tactical’s purpose is to create products that “enhance the safety, accuracy, speed and performance of law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals and sells these products under the registered trademarks.” The company is an industry leader in creating products based upon durability, quality and value and delivering head to toe functional and innovative gear including knives.

Kershaw Knives have long since been respected and renowned for their quality, their style and some of the most innovative knife designs ever seen. Kershaw Knives often extend beyond the simple functionality of hunting knives to include pocket knives and kitchen knives.

Benchmade is known for its quality, using high end designs and materials in the production of its products. The Benchmade Knife was founded on the principle of  designing, manufacturing and delivering the highest quality, functionally featured, knives in the industry. The simple Benchmade philosophy is “Make it cool, make it solid, make it happen and definitely make it Benchmade.”  It’s all about the reputation and these reputations speak volumes to any consumer looking for a tactical knife.

Range Master Tactical Gear carries 5.11 Tactical Knives, Benchmade Knives and Kershaw Knives at unmatched prices.

Battle of the Knives – Part 1

Q) How many knives does it take to change a light bulb?

A) About 5. Don’t ask why, its just a stab in the dark.

Knives whether common or commercial…every company creates and designs the knives that every man whether military, law enforcement or hunter wants to own. Is there a specified difference between a “tactical knife” vs. a “regular knife.” Tactical knives are any “edged tool designed to be used in a multi- mission tactical role.” However, over the years the line has become blurry when trying to categorize and define tactical knives, combat knives, fighting knives and even recreational knives used in hunting or outdoor activities. The modern tactical knife is designed for a wide array of uses and its through discovering those uses that we also discover some of the best features of that modern tactical knife.


5.11 Tactical Karambit Utility Blade

5.11 Tactical Karambit Utility Blade

Anyone with experience whether its in the wilderness or in a combat situation understands the importance of a having an exceptional knife in hand. Any knife of any kind is a vital and essential tool that is a necessary importance for proper survival gear. There are many different There are many different methods that can be used to design a knife, some complicated, some simple, and all are essential in the final design. Many knives are designed for innovation, necessity, survivability and versatility. The 5.11 Tactical Karambit Utility Blade is a knife specifically designed for use  by Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire, or Special Operations  The 5.11 Tactical Karambit Utility Blade is a crucible steel blade with a Teflon finish created and designed by Steve Tarani, an expert (SME) advisor to several government agencies and  an active federal use-of-force training contractor.  The 5.11 Tactical Karambit Utility Blade also includes a 6.5″ fixed blade length and a sheath with neck chain and pull the dot loops for inside-the-waist-belt wear.


Benchmade 940 - Osborne

Benchmade 940 - Osborne

Traditionally, knives are used for by law enforcement or military personnel for a variety of reasons, often times the designed use of a knife is dependent upon the designated career choice of it’s user. Is the knife meant to be a weapon? Or is the knife merely a utility? Is the knife an emergency rescue tool? Or is the knife meant to be a entry tool? The traditional tactical knife is still used for cooking, cutting through brush, completing other daily tasks and even self defense. The Benchmade 940 Osborne is Everyday knife with a premium stainless-steel blade and a a modified reverse Tanto design. Other features the Benchmade 940 Osborne include an Axis locking mechanism and a reversible steel pocket clip.

Kershaw Knives - Chive - Range Master Tactical Gear

Kershaw Knives - Chive

The Kershaw Chive Pocket Knife is a commonly used by law enforcement, fire and rescue personnel for a variety of daily uses. The Kershaw Chive Pocket Knife features a the SpeedSafe ambidextrous opening system for smooth, easy opening by both right and left-handed users. The knife blade is made of high-carbon 420HC stainless steel for good edge retention, easy resharpening, and excellent toughness.


Design Features 

Kershaw Knives - Leek - Range Master Tactical Gear

Kershaw Knives - Leek

Specifically, tactical knives are light, easy to handle and strong, perfect for ease in hand-to-hand combat and daily activities such as cooking and cutting through brush. These knives are Longer and stronger than a pocketknife, a tactical knife typically features a stainless steel blade and may also include a folding or a fixed blade. The two most important design features of any good knife: blade and handle. Many handles can be made of a variety of materials from plastic to G-10 and from Titanium to Stainless Steel. The Kershaw Leek Series come in a wide variety of handle styles, some with technologically advanced coatings for enhanced performance. The Kershaw Leek Series handles range from simple stainless-steel to “smoked” aluminum in a wide array of colors.

Every brand of knife whether 5.11 Tactical, Kershaw or Benchmade also include a variety of blades depending on usage for the knife. Some different blades include a normal or straight-back blade has a curving edge, and flat back that can be used for chopping, picking and slicing. The curved, trailing-point knife has a back edge that curves upward that is optimized for slicing, slashing and skinning.

Visit Range Master Tactical Gear for a full selection of 5.11 Tactical, Kershaw and Benchmade Knives.

5.11 Tactical Knives

5.11 Tactical Knives

In 2007 5.11 Tactical Gear was ranked #211 among the Fortune 500 Inc. based on its annual ranking, by revenue growth, of privately-held, independent by U.S Corporations. 5.11 Tactical company purpose is to create products that “enhance the safety, accuracy, speed and performance of law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals and sells these products under the registered trademarks, 5.11 Tactical.” The company is an industry leader in creating products based upon durability, quality and value and delivering head to toe functional and innovative gear. 5.11 Tactical Gear has created everything from tactical clothing, uniforms, outerwear, footwear, eye-wear, tactical gear, gun holsters, tactical and combat knives.

Tactical knives were originally as one that was made for the military for use in combat or for use as a tool out in the field (or both).Tactical Knives have a variety of functions including helping soldiers in wilderness survival situations, acting as an effective combat or self defense weapon, and some were even designed with a small serration for sawing of small branches. Even  small throwing knives can be classified as tactical knives since  special forces are trained to use these weapons during combat. Tactical knives offer a variety of uses including but not limited too for combat or for tactical use by individuals in law enforcement, military or some sort of tactical operations. Tactical knives can also be used used by farmers and other persons whose work environment is primarily in the outdoors. Tactical knives are commonly sharper than ordinary knives and how one handles the knife is important to ensure the safety of both the person carrying the knife. A tactical knife can also be used for simple purposes for odd jobs like cutting open boxes or cutting rope.

5.11 Tactical DRT Folding Knife

5.11 Tactical DRT Folding Knife

5.11 Tactical Gear offer an array of tactical knives ranging from utility knives to modified clip point knives and even tactical side rescue tool. The 5.11 Tactical DRT Folding Knife- Plain Edge is a DRT folding knife that fits into any pocket, pack, or pouch, ensuring it’s where you need it when you need it. The blade is a plain edge Spear Point blade with Black Oxide coating and made of AUS8 heat treated to HRC 57-60 hardness. The handle is a textured Injection Molded FRN Moss Green with slotting for added grip and pass through to Black-Oxide coated liners and offer a linear lock folding mechanism.

5.11 Tactical LMC Modified Clip Point

5.11 Tactical LMC Modified Clip Point

The 5.11 Tactical LMC Modified Clip Point is a newer model design that includes a lightweight mid-sized carry folder with a modified point clip blade. The knife offers a  3.25” hollow ground satin finish Modified Clip Point blade with plain edge and a 3 mm AUS8 blade steel hardened to 57-60 HRC blade. The 5.11 Tactical LMC Modified Clip Point offers an ergonomically grip with virtually indestructible Black textured FRN Scales and a reversible/removable clip that allows left and right hand tip down carry position options.

5.11 Tactical Karambit Utility Blade

5.11 Tactical Karambit Utility Blade

5.11 Tactical has partnered with Steve Tarani, a subject matter expert (SME) adviser to US FBI, US DEA, US TSA, US NSA and other agencies as well as an active federal use-of-force training contractor utilized by US DOJ, US DHS, US DOD and OGA. Tarani is also the architect of the International Chiefs of Police (IACP) Model Policy on the carry and usage of knives by federal, state and municipal peace officers. The 5.11 Tactical Karambit Utility Blade is a  a complete collaboration of those efforts. The  5.11 Tactical Karambit Utility Blade is a S30V Crucible blade steel, Teflon finish designed and built by Steve Tarani. The 5.11 Tactical Karambit Utility Blade also includes a sheath with neck chain and pull the dot loops for inside the-waist-belt wearer.

Range Master Tactical Gear is proud to be a 5.11 Tactical Full Line Dealer. Find these knives and more at Range Master Tactical Gear’s official website.

5.11 Tactical Watches

5.11 Tactical Watches

Tactical Watches are meant to be durable, highly functional watch for today’s Law Enforcement and Military. Many of these tactical watches have been specifically designed for Navy Seals, Army Special Forces, Army Rangers, Air Force S.W.A.T teams and even the Secret Service. Ideally, most tactical watches also known to some as military watches are created using titanium. Titanium is a metal most recognized for its high strength-to-weight ratio and offers low levels of thermal and electrical conductivity. Titanium is commonly used in military and commercial aircraft armor plating, naval ships, spacecraft and missiles.

5.11 Tactical Gear specifically designs gear and equipment including watches to meet the needs to today’s Law Enforcement and Military. The Rugged 5.11 Tactical Titanium HRT Watch is the latest and greatest achievement in their newest line of tactical watches. The 5.11 Tactical Titanium HRT Watch includes features such as digital and analog readouts, it’s waterproof upto 100 meters and the SureShot Calculator. The SureShot Calculator is a Personal Computer pocket application that enables the calculations application that calculates ballistics solutions to real world shot opportunities. The SureShot Calculator is specifically designed for military and law enforcement to use in the field in as a replacement application of the various and sundry hard copy items previously used for bullet tracking and trajectory. SureShot Calculator is specifically designed to of replace tablets and notebooks full of trajectory tables thus providing a better handheld and accurate solution. The Ti tanium HRT watch provides the user the ability to input thirteen critical variables needed for long range shooting solutions and determine bullet trajectory up to a 1000 meters.

The 5.11 Titanium HRT watch is not just for use by today’s law enforcement and military parties; it’s also easily and readily accessible by today’s common man or woman. The Titanium HRT allows for usage in daily activities such as its water resistance, an audible countdown timer and also different time zone,  alarm, chronograph, countdown timer and even an hourly chime coordinator. However, the main attraction of this watch is its ability to provide accurate ballistic calculations for precision shooting with a gun or tracking bullet trajectory. The Titanium HRT was designed to be scratch- resistant and glare-free crystal face and promises “the tough as nails” build every man needs. Some more physical features of the watch include a multi-directional turning bezel, and an extended watch band for wearing over heavier clothes during operations, which also uses a metal quick-release buckle.

While the 5.11 Titanium HRT is the latest and greatest design by 5.11 Tactical Gear, they’ve recently redesigned their Field Ops Watch. The Field Ops Watch includes many of the same features as the Titanium HRT but also includes some of its own unique features such as its digital compass, back-light and the optional extended band for wearing the watch over gloves or clothing. The Field Ops Watch is made of a high density, light weight  and high-density polycarbonate material ensuring durability and longevity. 5.11 Tactical Watches maintain their quality and durability whether your proudly serving our country or community.

Range Master Tactical Gear is a Full Line Dealer for 5.11 Tactical. Find these watches and more at www.RangeMasterTacticalGear.com.

Surefire Flashlight Facts

Surefire Flashlights

There are a lot of flashlights in the marketplace and you could discover a couple of which are priced as little as one dollar and other ones which cost upwards of one-hundred dollars. It just depends upon what you’re searching for and what you require. If you wish to go with the top brands, you should select Surefire Flashlights from the tactical supplier Range Master Tactical Gear.

That is due to this brand of flashlights having everything flashlight lovers need and want within this device. They’re tough, bright, and strong and they’re really cool, as well! Not just do the flashlights provide LED, they additionally possess a microcomputer which permits one to control the intensity of a beam. Now that’s pretty cool and amazing for a flashlight! Here are a few additional qualities:


Surefire flashlights are designed to be sturdy. They’re made of quality materials which permit them to be flashlights which are nearly unbreakable. They’ll make it through practically any test and always shine brightly and offer you the performance anticipated as you buy this type of flashlight.


Surefire flashlights are extremely reliable, meaning that as you click the button it’ll turn on. You will not need to hope it’ll turn on or shake it in order to get the flashlight to turn on. This flashlight won’t short out on you. This brand of flashlight is designed to be reliable and you’ll be confident in knowing that as you purchase it, it’ll be there as needed.


LED light within the flashlight assures that it’s strong and bright. Therefore, no matter how far away you have to see, or what’s needed to shine a light on, the Surefire flashlight possesses the power to offer you the brightness desired. As you could see, a Surefire flashlight is a great option as you require a quality flashlight which is rugged, durable, bright, and long-lasting.

You wish to spend your money on a flashlight which will always work for you on a daily basis. That is why you choose to purchase this kind of flashlight. If you just wish for a flashlight to assist you in finding your way to the bathroom as the power goes off for fifteen minutes, you probably ought to save your cash. Yet for the ones who have lifestyles or jobs in which flashlights come in handy, you’ll find Surefire flashlights to be a reliable investment.

Get a full selection of Surefire Flashlights at Range Master Tactical Gear.

GunVault GVB2000

GunVault GVB2000 Gun Safe

GunVault GVB2000 Gun Safe

Guns can be found in more than one-third of U.S. households, but yet quite a few youngsters really aren’t certain of how to handle it should they find one. In our movie and video gaming lifestyle, quite a few aren’t even mindful of the immense – and most likely lethal – power that a gun holds.

Being a firearm owner, it really is essential to keep your gun properly secured in a safe. This helps to make sure young kids won’t ever touch your weapon without your immediate guidance. Having an appropriate safe is important and necessary, you don’t need a monster of a safe to keep your firearm locked up. A small safe will also do the trick. The latest innovative developments in these small security safes are the ones who make use of biometric technology to allow or reject access to the safe. The GunVault GBV2000 is an excellent safe that employs this technology.

This GunVault GVB2000 review starts by giving some fundamental details about this popular safe. Even though the GVB2000 was mainly created as a gun safe, it is actually stream-lined more than enough to hold other small belongings in tight locations, for instance, in a nightstand or under a bed.

The GVB2000 is made of 16 gauge steel and comes with a plush internal lining to hold your firearms and valuables totally free of scratches.  This specific design was also certified as a California Department of Justice weapon authorized safe.  Although the safe features resilient structure, additionally, it includes installation components where you can secure it to a shelf, cabinet, or furniture piece for additional safety measures.

The GVB2000 fingerprint safe measures in at 7.9″ x 10.1″ x 14″ and weighs nearly 15lbs which makes it suitable to hold a couple of compact firearms in addition to accessories. It is operated by AA batteries that offer about one year valuation on power under normal use.  Among the attributes is that the GVB2000 includes an LED alert and audible alert to inform you when it’s time to replace the batteries.  Also, you can buy an AC power cord and power the device that way as well.

For this safe and a full selection of GunVault products, visit Range Master Tactical Gear.

This GunVault safe features a cutting-edge biometric fingerprint reader which could store up to 30 users.  Opening the safe is simple. Just scan your registered fingerprint and the safe opens in less than a second. Additionally, it is sold with 2 backup keys as well.

In going over the Gun Vault product packaging, you will get all you need straight from the package which includes: the GunVault safe, 2 keys, owner’s manual, plastic shelf, mounting template AC/DC power adapter, 3 safe mounting screws and a warranty card.

The GunVault GVB2000 Biometric Multi Pistol Safe is the perfect handgun safe for resilience, dependability, and instant access to a firearm or small belongings. It uses simple biometric technology to open the safe, along with the high-strength locking mechanism delivers a regularly dependable functionality.