SureFire Illumination

SureFire is an innovative American company based in Fountain Valley, California. The company’s major products are headlamps, flashlights, lasers and weapon mounted lights. The company also produces batteries, Picatinny Rails, knives and sound suppressors. Surefire is also the major manufacturer of flashlights to the U.S. Armed Forces and other US federal, state and local law-enforcement agencies.

SureFire manufactures lighting tools that are strong, compact, robust and reliable. Their flashlights create optimal streams of light and can be bought in different sizes and power outputs from single cell lights to large 20 cell HID models. Surefire flashlights are created mainly of anodized aerospace aluminum alloy in different colors while others are made of Nitrolon. When you have a SureFire flashlight, you know you have got the best.

One of the high quality flashlights from Surefire is the E2D Surefire LED Defender® Dual Output LED flashlight. This flashlight is designed mainly for self defense and personal protection. Aside from self-defense enhancements, the E2D LED is also compact, a dual-output flashlight and is reliable to use. It has a durable power regulated LED emitter and a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens that creates light beam with sufficient surrounding light for peripheral vision. The flashlight has coated tempered glass that can withstand the impact and increases the quality of light being emitted. Its pushbutton tailcap click switch allows you to turn on the flashlight and choose output level. If you press for a 200 lumen high beam, it will produce ten times the light of a huge two D cell flashlight, then release and press or click again for a 5 lumen extreme long runtime low beam that’s good for passing through a dark room or environment. It also has a powerful aerospace aluminum body and Mil-Spec hard-anodized exterior for superior durability. The E2D LEDs defended Strike Bezel® and scalloped tailcap give additional defensive options when necessary.

If you want to order this or any other flashlights, it is highly recommended that you also purchase the SF12-BB SureFire 123A Lithium Batteries which come in not only 12 packs but in 72 packs as well. Unlike alkaline batteries, these batteries will surely enhance your Surefire flashlight because they are compact, energy-dense lithium batteries, with greater power density, extreme voltage maintenance, lower weight, greater temperature tolerance, a ten year shelf life and integrated heat or fault protection. With its ten year shelf life, you can easily purchase a large quantity and store them for futur use. These batteries are of high performance and are optimized for long term use in flashlights.

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Find Variety and Quality from Surfire Flashlights

SureFire has been around for a long time and one thing they are known for is providing high quality lighting products. They are known for providing the military and law enforcement including special ops forces with various types of lighting instruments for different applications.  They have for instance the Surefire 320LM SV LED Forend Weapon Light. This can be used with Remington 1100 and 11-87 – 2 switches. This is a very compact light and using a TIR lens and LED emitter you know that this is high quality stuff. The beam provided by this item gives the best illumination for close to medium range shots. The output of this light is 100 lumens and it can operate for 1.4 hour per battery at optimal illumination after which the illumination quality declines. If you purchase this light you will get it with 123A batteries that have a 10 year shelf life and are considered as high energy.

Surefire flashlights are typically compact and are all made with resilient materials and coated with various coatings for added durability. They are made suitable for the rigidity that tactical professions pose. When it comes to tactical professions there is a need not only for handheld flashlights but also for other types of flashlights such as helmet flashlights. One such flashlight is the Surefire HL1-A Helmet. This helmet features multiple output L.E.Ds – these include three white lights, two blue lights and one infrared blinking light. The white lights are the primary lights and are great for regular use, the blue lights can also be used for general purposes a t night and the infrared light can be used as an identifier or IFF beacon.  You can find this light available in two colors; tan or black ad is made with a waterproof body. It can be rotated a full 360˚.

The United States Military prefers items made from this manufacturer and this is an indication of the quality of their items. As such anyone will benefit greatly from owning one of their lighting instruments whether they work in law enforcement, outdoor professions or are just an average Joe. Their illumination tools provide a pure beam of light and as such you are certain that they will provide you with the best illumination. In addition to that, they also make some of the most compact lights on the market; they also can be afforded by literally anybody as they are very reasonably priced.  They also have a lot of variety in their line as they provide small flashlights that can hold in the palm of your hand and ones that have a possible projection length of over 50 meters.

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Surefire Flashlights – Providing Compact yet Powerful Illumination

When you purchase a Surefire flashlight you are certain you are getting a high quality item. The company has been in the business for many years providing law enforcement, military and special ops personnel with lighting instruments for a variety of purposes. You will find all the products to be efficient, compact, reliable and rugged enough to withstand the rigors of military and law enforcement tasks. They feature both incandescent and LED flashlights as well as headlamps, weapon lights, beam filters, holsters and a number of others. With a large amount of variety and being well known for high quality and durable items, Surefire is the number one choice for the US military, outdoor professionals, police and law enforcement personnel and fire and rescue personnel.

With Surefire flashlights there are no such things as hot spots, dark holes, shadows or rings – there is only a pure beam of light to provide optimum illumination so you are better able to do your tasks. They offer high intensity light in a compact and lightweight shell. Though their line was first created for law to work in low light environments, they are now providing flashlights for anybody who wants a top quality flashlight no matter their purpose. You can find their products for sale at dealers like Range Master Tactical Gear.

Their flashlights are recognized as among the smallest but the brightest at some of the best possible prices. If you are looking for a flashlight that can fit in the palm of your hand while being able to project beyond 50 meters you will definitely find it in the Surefire line. Their flashlights are convenient to carry on any occasion and anywhere since they are so compact. They are perfect not only for the military, law enforcement and emergency professionals but are also suitable for use by civilians and those that have to work in situations where there is little to no light.
If you are not certain which of the Surefire flashlights are right for you then you can go through the list and read a couple descriptions so you can determine which light is the best for which application. Here are a couple flashlights from the Surefire line as well as others.

The SureFire X300 is a LED flashlight that provides 170 lumens of light and also utilizes a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens. This enables it to produce a high quality beam that provides you with good peripheral vision. Because it is a LED flashlight you don’t have to worry about the filament burning out. Batteries last for up to 2.4 hours with a full recharge. It features an aluminum body that makes it durable and resistant to corrosion. It is submersible up to 22 meters thanks to the O-ring and gasket seal. You will find the one touch operation to be very convenient and there is also an optional pistol grip as well. You can even attach this light to guns for which there are other switches available. It can be used on long guns and hand guns that use Universal rails or Picatiinny rails.

Then there is the 6P flashlight which is very compact made from an aerospace body made from aluminum anodized for durability and efficiency even in the toughest environment. This flashlight features an incandescent lamp which provides the user with a   powerful beam which is great for impairing the vision of an aggressor at night. You will find this light with a 65 or 120 lumen lamp.

Then there is the G2 Surefire Nitrolon which is a flashlight made with a Nitrolon body which means it is corrosion proof and is extremely durable. It comes with a push button tail cap switch which allows the user a secure way to activate and control the light.

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SureFire Flashlights Part II

SureFire has created many products ranging from weapon-mounted lights and laser sights, shield lights and baton lights to hand-held lights. These products arepowerful and bright enough to qualify as “force-option” tools that could temporarily blind, unbalance, and disorient a threat quickly and efficiently. Today SureFire is a name synonymous with excellence and top quality in hand-held illumination tools.

SureFire Flashlights M500A - Range Master Tactical Gear

SureFire Flashlights M500A

Some of their Flashlight products include the SureFire M500A. The SureFire M500A can be used on any handgun or original hand-guards of M4 or similar carbine. This surefire design features a 9-volt shock-isolated incandescent lamp with a 1.62″ reflector suited to close- to medium-range applications, and two low-output navigation lights available in white, red, or blue. The primary output of light is a luminescent beam of approximately 125 lumen light for one-hour of running time, using an MN10 lamp assembly or 225 lumen for 20 minutes using the MN20 lamp assembly. Some of the features of the SureFire M500A include a high powered, high performing incandescent lamp with a mid-sized reflector for up close and medium ranging applications. The secondary LED light allows for you to navigate the terrain with an availability of multicolored lights available in WH (white), RD (red), and BL (blue). The primary switch functions as a momentary-on pressure pad, that is a constant-on rocker, system-disable rotary. The navigation lights also are on a momentary-on pressure pad system as well. The SureFire M500A is constructed with the utmost quality and precision that SureFire is known for including their high strength aerospace aluminum with Mil-Spec anodizing; impact-resistant polymer and coated tempered window. The SureFire Flashlights are also well known for their high-energy 123A batteries with 10-year shelf life.

SureFire Mini Scout Light - Range Master Tactical Gear

SureFire Mini Scout Light

The SureFire Mini Scout Light is powered by just one 123A lithium battery, is a powerful, lightweight LED FlashLight that mounts securely to any Mil-Spec Picatinny rail. This weaponlight is a shock-proof LED emitter and TIR lens create a tight 110-lumen beam with plenty of reach for longer-range applications yet enough surround light for close-quarter situations. The SureFire Mini Scout Light features a solid, state recoil-proof LED which generates 110 lumens of blinding white light and continues producing tactical-level light for 1.3 hours. Its TIR or total internal reflection lens creates versatile beam with enough reach for longer-range applications and enough surround light for peripheral vision. The SureFire Mini Scout Light is made from anodized aerospace aluminum, optically coated tempered window, and O-ring seals make for a rugged FlashLight. Of course what would a SureFire flashlight be without its ergonomic tactical switching: click-on/off tail-cap and pressure-activated tape switch and a thumbscrew mount which securely attaches to any Mil-Spec Picatinny rail.

SureFire E1B LED Flashlight - Range Master Tactical Gear

SureFire E1B LED Flashlight

The SureFire E1B LED flashlight is an ultra compact (finger length), dual-output LED flashlight with an extended running time and tactical-level output developed as a duty light for plain-clothes officers or as a backup light for patrol officers. The SureFire E1B LED flashlights are also ideal for outdoor, self-defense, and everyday use by everyday men and/or women. The E1B Surefire Backup Dual-Output LED is one of the newer SureFire E1B LED flashlight designs meant to be a replacement for the original for-end of your Mossberg 590 shotgun, or your Mossberg 500 shotgun with a 7 ¾” for-end tube. With its compact 6-volt (2-battery) system featuring a virtually indestructible LED emitter. The LED emitter is focused by a TIR lens, which produces a brilliant beam optimized for close-range to medium-range applications. The E1B Surefire Backup Dual-Output LED is a virtually indestructible LED emitter regulated to maximize output and running time and also includes two output levels, high for maximum light, low for extended running time. The coated tempered window resists impact, maximizes light and the high strength aerospace aluminum body, Mil-Spec hard-anodized for extreme durability.

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SureFire FlashLights

SureFire FlashLights – Part I

Surefire Flashlights - Range Master Tactical Gear

SureFire once known as the Newport Corporation began in 1969. An engineer with a doctorate from California Technology University named Dr. John Matthews founded the corporation with the purpose of creating lasers for industrial applications. Throughout the ongoing decade, the Newport Corporation continued basking in the glow of their laser lights and grew to to become a leader in the laser field, pioneering a host of industrial uses for the laser.

Then Dr. John Matthews begin to turn his attention toward his hobby and his passion, shooting. Whether he was shooting in the forest or on the gun range, it didn’t matter he loved it either way. He began wondering if a laser could be successfully designed and adapted to serve on sight of any firearm whether it’s for a handgun or a rifle scope. By 1979 Matthews’ concept was finally realized and he patented the first laser sight scope for a firearm.

The handgun laser sight scope was SureFire’s patented product, followed by laser sight for a Ruger Mini-14. Then in 1984 the Newport Corporation received a phone call that would change the product and corporation, the phone call was from the Los Angeles Police Department’s SWAT Team on the line. The 1984 Olympic Games were to be held in The City Of Angels and the police wondered if it would be possible to borrow a number of laser-sighted shotguns to use for security during the Games. Matthews, of course, said yes.

The SureFire WeaponLight was born and neither law enforcement or military operations would never be the same again. The SureFire WeaponLight literally changed the face and sight of laser light scope and guns altogether. SureFire then went onto establish themselves as the leading manufacturer of rugged, powerful and compact illumination tools for tactical applications. They created everything product ranging from weapon-mounted lights and laser sights, shield lights and baton lights to hand-held lights. These products were powerful and bright enough to qualify as “force-option” tools that could temporarily blind, unbalance, and disorient a threat quickly and efficiently.

Surefire Flashlight X400 LED Handgun Long Gun WeaponLight with Laser - Range Master Tactical Gear

Surefire Flashlight X400 LED Handgun Long Gun WeaponLight with Laser

Today SureFire LLC is a name synonymous with excellence in hand-held illumination tools. Some of their WeaponLight products include the X400 – Surefire LED Handgun / Long Gun WeaponLight with Laser. The SureFire X400 is a virtually indestructible LED flashlight regulated to maximize output and running time. This WeaponLight is constructed with high-strength aerospace aluminum with Mil-Spec anodizing; impact-resistant polymer; coated tempered window. The SureFire X400 combines the best of everything that SureFire FlashLights have to offer including tactical-level output with TIR lens for close- to medium-range applications, high-visibility 5 mw / 635 NM red laser sight, and an ambidextrous push/toggle switch provides one-finger operation for either momentary or constant-on operation, and a mode switch allows you to select white light only, white light + laser, laser only, or system disable. The incredible weaponlight also features a high-efficiency LED which generates 170 lumens of brilliant white light focused by a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens to produce a tight beam with excellent reach and significant surround light for peripheral vision. Surefire’s high end LED Light has no filament that burns out or breaks. The extremely bright light ensures that this high powered weapon light that is enough to overwhelm an aggressor’s night-adapted vision. Batteries for this light last 2.4hrs.

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Surefire Flashlight Facts

Surefire Flashlights

There are a lot of flashlights in the marketplace and you could discover a couple of which are priced as little as one dollar and other ones which cost upwards of one-hundred dollars. It just depends upon what you’re searching for and what you require. If you wish to go with the top brands, you should select Surefire Flashlights from the tactical supplier Range Master Tactical Gear.

That is due to this brand of flashlights having everything flashlight lovers need and want within this device. They’re tough, bright, and strong and they’re really cool, as well! Not just do the flashlights provide LED, they additionally possess a microcomputer which permits one to control the intensity of a beam. Now that’s pretty cool and amazing for a flashlight! Here are a few additional qualities:


Surefire flashlights are designed to be sturdy. They’re made of quality materials which permit them to be flashlights which are nearly unbreakable. They’ll make it through practically any test and always shine brightly and offer you the performance anticipated as you buy this type of flashlight.


Surefire flashlights are extremely reliable, meaning that as you click the button it’ll turn on. You will not need to hope it’ll turn on or shake it in order to get the flashlight to turn on. This flashlight won’t short out on you. This brand of flashlight is designed to be reliable and you’ll be confident in knowing that as you purchase it, it’ll be there as needed.


LED light within the flashlight assures that it’s strong and bright. Therefore, no matter how far away you have to see, or what’s needed to shine a light on, the Surefire flashlight possesses the power to offer you the brightness desired. As you could see, a Surefire flashlight is a great option as you require a quality flashlight which is rugged, durable, bright, and long-lasting.

You wish to spend your money on a flashlight which will always work for you on a daily basis. That is why you choose to purchase this kind of flashlight. If you just wish for a flashlight to assist you in finding your way to the bathroom as the power goes off for fifteen minutes, you probably ought to save your cash. Yet for the ones who have lifestyles or jobs in which flashlights come in handy, you’ll find Surefire flashlights to be a reliable investment.

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Surefire Flashlights Save Lives

Among the key essentials of a well-equipped emergency kit includes a quality flashlight. Quality flashlights can be found with the tactical supply company: Range Master Tactical Gear.

If you’re ever in a situation in which you’re faced without power for several days, you’ll need to be certain you have a quality flashlight inside the emergency kit. You might want to think about buying a Surefire flashlight. Surefire’s large listing of lights will be carried by federal agents, soldiers, and SWAT teams. In addition to fantastic durability and lighting power, Surefire additionally provides flashlights with long battery life. A U2 ultra LED light could get more than forty hours upon 2 batteries.

Not every emergency involves evenings without power. Each day, individuals are faced with various emergencies, a few involving death or life circumstances. A few of these times will call for instant action to get out alive, and it is difficult to imagine that a flashlight offers any assistance whatsoever. Yet, there are thousands of stories told concerning how Surefire flashlights provided people the edge required to get out of highly stressful or dangerous situations within the best way.

There are cases where Surefire flashlights have scared off bears which were in the process of charging hunters or campers. One man in Pennsylvania lived through such an encounter with a six-hundred pound bear because of fast thinking and the blinding light of the E2D Defender. Within several bear stories discovered concerning Surefire items, the bright beam of its flashlight stopped charging or angry bears within their tracks, turning them in another direction or blinding them.

Lives canbe endangered by not just animals, of course. Occasionally, miscommunication and carelessness could place an individual in harm’s way. For instance, one police officer within NY told of an evening at a firing range as the lights weren’t properly working. Within one of his firing sessions, he believed he detected movement within the firing range, and utilized his Surefire M6 Guardian to see the range.

He swept this range up to one-hundred and thirty feet away and found that somebody was inside his line of fire. Just in the knick of time, the officer commanded everybody to cease in shooting, preventing an unnecessary and gruesome accident because of powerful lighting and fast thinking. As you could see by these factual accounts from the owners of Surefire flashlights, not just is a great flashlight an amazing device for most emergencies, these Surefire tools are outstanding devices.

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Surefire Flashlights – U2 Ultra & E2L Outdoorsman

Alright, let us get a couple of things out of the way prior to moving ahead. The U2 Ultra six-inch metal flashlight from Surefire possesses a retail price of $279. Yes, $279 — for a flashlight.

However, this is no ordinary workaday torch. This U2 Ultra, in fact, possesses luminosity adequate enough to rival the surface of our sun. The U.S. military utilizes it within battle for military gear. Police officers wield this police equipment beam in order to see criminals inside dark alleys. A few websites actually categorize it as a tactical gear weapon. This flashlight’s vibrant, white beacon is able to temporarily blind and discombobulate a perpetrator.

Surefire LLC, a company based inside Fountain Valley, California, is an organization that has roots in weaponry. Its market includes S.W.A.T. forces, police, and military, amongst others. The red-dot laser gun sights as well as handgun-mounted flashlights were amongst this organization’s offerings.

Nowadays, parlaying maybe upon a gentler and kinder image, and attempting to attain a larger marketplace share, Surefire is marketing its product line of lights to the more that just those in the law enforcement and military realms. This business went initially after the hunting masses, presenting its products toward recreational gun totters several years ago. Then, a couple of years later, Surefire began to reach out toward a broader outdoor marketplace by presenting its lights to campers, backpackers, and additional wilderness explorers. One marketing representative loaned me 2 flashlights so I could test them.

In addition to this U2 Ultra, Surefire gave me its E2L Outdoorsman, the 5.25” light which is priced at $129. As with most Surefire flashlights products, this E2L utilizes an LED to give light rather than a bulb. Also with many additional Surefire products, this E2L puts out an incredibly white, solid beam of light which illuminates woodsy, dark trails or dark basements with aplomb.

This organization rated this E2L’s maximum brightness at thirty lumens. Its beam was comparable with the light output of much bulkier and larger flashlights from additional companies. This E2L weighing a scant 3.5 oz., makes a majority of my headlamps seem silly and dull.

A step up within performance and brightness, this $279 U2 Ultra could generate eighty lumens of light. It’s a little bulkier and larger than the E2L, although at six inches long and 5.7 oz., it’s still very portable and small considering its brightness. This U2 Ultra additionally has 6 levels of light output.

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Tactical Gear Made for your Survival

Police force institutions, as well as the armed forces have considered tactical gear accessibility a priority, and there are several companies that produce, promote, as well as invent tactical gear with special bands like 5.11 Tactical, Gun Vault, Surefire, as well as Code Red. It’s actually very exciting to gain more data in regard to the background of this type of product. Neither the military, nor law enforcement agencies have the ability to produce suitable tactical gear themselves, and they ought to always go with the top quality apparatus which could assist them in protecting their higher-than-average risk tasks in daily living. It offers added confidence to this group and the personnel which will define this group.

What is the more protected secret in regard to making military gear? You’ll be surprised. Are there huge research teams and/or do the creative concepts in regard to these armed services or law enforcement items of equipment derive from scientists? There might be a huge quantity of questions and many interpretations and answers to these types of queries. What will be important is what tactical gear will really mean and the reason it’s utilized in sensitive occupations. The highest quality gear available in the marketplace will come from experienced individuals who possess competency in making usage of this type of equipment and thus, are themselves military personnel or maybe law enforcement.

Doesn’t this seem odd? It shouldn’t be a puzzle because of the fact that brands, involving those discussed above were conceived by the users themselves. That is the reason why tactical gear bears the experienced seal of approval of veterans in the filed including tactical and strategic actions. The biggest compliment regarded by most of these inventors or entrepreneurs within tactical gear originates from the people who utilize this gear.

One ought to attempt to locate merchants like Range Master Tactcial Gear who possess a sizable store related to these kinds of goods catering to different end-uses involving: Benchmade knives, vests, tactical packs and holsters, shooting mats, medical gear, knives, hydration packs, Surefire flashlights, drop leg pouches, boots, belts, and battering rams.  Every bit of the tactical gear ought to be approved by authorized organizations or perhaps government departments. Apart from the more crucial tactical gear, an individual could, in addition to procuring many accessories that comprise of eye protection, armor, clothing, chest protection,  shoes, weapons,  carry bags, gloves, as well as outdoor protective equipment.

The Reason Why Tactical Gear Backpacks are Amazing

A majority of people love the outdoors. If asked what the top three mandatory pieces a camper ought to possess, backpacks, particularly 5.11 Tactical gear backpacks, won’t necessarly be on that list. But, alongside a multi-tool, light-emitting-diode flashlight, as made by Surefire flashlights, as well as a sturdy pair of 5.11 Tactical boots, reliable backpacks are extremely critical to the ones who enjoy the outdoors.

Improved Durability

Tactical backpacks are preferred by many consumers because they’re more rugged than typical outdoor backpacks. One could have this type of backpack for four years and expect are no signs of wear and tear. They can be used for different lengthy outdoor trips. They can endure all types of weather conditions and come out nearly unscathed.

The reason why some people switch to tactical backpacks, in particular 5.11 Tactical backpacks, in the first place is due to the supposedly durable traditional backpacks coming apart within a short time period. The inner lining begins to tear as well as shoulder straps began to fray more easily.

Improved Storage

Most tactical gear backpacks will come with a lot of compartments that have separators or strong side walls. A few will come along with hydration bladder pouches that make taking a sip while you are on the go easier. Regular backpacks will come with thin polyester or plastic side walls that easily can be destroyed by sharpened objects. The walls within a standard backpack tend to give away at the seams due to it just not being able to handle the strain.

Possessing a lot of compartments makes it simpler to store and find your stuff and the compression straps assist in keeping things in place. A few backpacks will come with Pouch Attachment Ladder System, or PALS, webbing or a grid system that permits a user to connect equipment or modular pouches toward the backpack.

Better Appearance

The military gear backpacks look very cool, in most people’s opinion. However, if you aren’t one for a large mountain ruck, you can buy ultra-thin models for briefer journeys. Most military backpacks currently come in various colors, though pink usually isn’t a choice.

Improved Quality

Prior to you purchasing a tactical gear backpack, be certain the backpack comes along with a warranty, as good quality backpacks will not come inexpensive. Therefore, for the money spent, it’s ideal that you ensure you receive just the best for what you’ll be paying for.