Rolling Duffles from 5.11 Tactical

Tactical personnel sometimes require heavy duty bags for carrying a large amount of items. This is mostly true of military personnel in the Navy, Army, Marines or Air force. Tactical 5.11 makes bags to fill this need as well as the other smaller bags and backpacks that you may have become used to thanks to many of our previous posts. We currently offer two types of rolling duffle bags offered by 5.11 Tactical, which are not only suitable for tactical personnel but are also ideal for that frequent flyer who travels a lot and travels with a lot of things and want to ensure that when they purchase a bag it will last them for quite a couple years.

First there is the 5.11 Tactical Cams 2.0 which is a very large piece with an interior capacity of 9300 cubic inches. The main compartment of this bag is 40″ so you know you have adequate space. It is made from 1600 Denier Nylon and has large bottom skids and wheels for stability, portability and maneuverability. For portability and ease of maneuvering there are also handles on the end that self retract for convenience when don’t in use. It has a rectangular shape and each corner features corner guards for its protection. Other features that make the bag convenient for use is the fact that the interior of the bag is made of a lighter color so that one has increased visibility to access stored items. Inside you will find adjustable dividers and loops so you can customize the inside to match with whatever you need to fit inside at different times. The interior is also Molle and Alice compatible inside and on the outside there are flag holders and name tape as well as durable and lockable YKK zippers.

Then there is the 5.11 Tactical SOMS 2.0 which is notably smaller than the previous model with an interior capacity of 6496 cubic inches. The main compartment is 32 inches and this bag is also made from 1600 Denier Nylon. Other like features are the corner guards, bottom skids and wheels as well as the grab handles that self retract. The interior of the bag is light colored and there are also Molle and Alice attachment points. There is a series of adjustable loop sided dividers on the inside of the bag and the exterior is made from a laminate fiberglass frame which can be replaced if necessary. All ends and bottoms are reinforced and are rigid to stand up to the task of travelling. This bag also features YKK zippers, flag holders and name tape. 

If these travel bags are too large for your needs you can browse other items in our bag and backpack section and while you are at it take a look at our other tactical and outdoor items here at Range Master Tactical Gear.


5.11 Ammo Mule Review

When it comes to high quality special ops gear you can always check the products made by the 5.11 Tactical company. They have a wide range of items that are highly durable and made to suit special ops situations. One  such item carried by Range Master is the 5.11  Tactical All Hazards Ammo Mule. This 5.11 ammo mule has a wonderful new design with a large main compartment that measures 314 cubic inches or 10.12″W x 3.88″D x 8″H. This means that you have more than enough space for your ammo when using this mule and that is why it is ideal for special ops.

It is made from modern, state of the art materials that give it, its rigidity, functionality and its durability. It is made from nylon and comes in both black and sandstone. It features grab handles that are made with reinforced construction and also has a shoulder strap as well. It carries the equivalent of 10, 30 AR round magazines so you know that you have enough room and don’t have to worry about running out of ammo when you need it the most on your special ops missions.

This is really just a simple ammo mule but it makes up for that simple design in its capacity and functionality. It is ideal for small to medium scale assignments where not too much gun fire is expected but if you are looking for an ammo mule for war you may want to choose something else.

This is not only suitable for special ops use but can be used for storing ammunition for persons who have a gun. Ammunition can be safely stored in this pouch and then placed into a safe in your home or office. And this shows the amount of thought that was put into the manufacture of this product as well as other products in the 5.11 Tactical line. They not only make items for tactical professions but also make durable items that can be used by the average Joe in the regular world – a concept that has lead to their success. This is one of the reasons we are a proud retailer of their products as well as the fact that they only offer top of the lien products.

You can find this ammo mule among others on our website here at Range Master Tactical Gear. We also carry a wide array of other special ops gear that is suitable for tactical professions as well as for persons who work outdoor and for enthusiasts as well so you can check out our line for other items that you may need.


5.11 All Hazards Prime Backpack Review

The All Hazards  Prime Backpack by 5.11 Tactical was featured in the 2012 Shot Show. It was one of the show’s favorites and we are proud to carry it in our line of tactical items here at Range Master. This pack has all the quality accessories and features that you would expect form the manufacturer.

The backpack is quite roomy being able to fit a regular tablet computer in just the front compartment alone. It features a lot of compartments for a variety of things in addition to that such as for regular notepads, pens etc. Best of all is that its many compartments and pockets can be accessed with much ease. It can also be attached to anything that uses the Molle system which is a feature that is much appreciated for anyone who is employed in a tactical profession. It is not only compatible with the Molle system but has numerous attachment points for this system.

It features a pocket at the top that is lined with microfiber material and so makes this pocket suitable for your more fragile items such as sunglasses, cellphones etc. The back straps are padded for comfort and there is a chest strap that is highly adjustable on a number of levels. There are  number of Molle attachment points on the back as well which some deem to be more than necessary but this just gives you the option for utmost comfort and convenience. The back pack straps can be released by buttons which are hidden under a flap so that this feature is obvious. The back of the backpack as well as its straps provides optimal ventilation with the ‘T’ shape ventilation design. At the bottom of the pack you will find two moisture grommets with anti slip patches made from high quality leather. It also has a hydration pocket which many do not notice at first because it is so well incorporated into the design of the bag.

There is an ID pouch for easy identification especially if you work in a tactical environment where there will be a number of people who can possibly own this bag as well. It really made with a lot of thought put into for the types of applications it can be used for and being made by 5.11 Tactical you know that you are getting value for money if your purchase this backpack.

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