5.11 Tactical Attire – Fire Rescue and EMS

If you are a fire fighter or EMS technician, it is imperative to outfit yourself with EMS and Fire attire from 5.11 Tactical. They have everything from tactical pants for firefighters, EMS pants, polarized sunglasses, and utility bags for every level of fieldwork.

EMS and Fire Apparel

5.11 Tactical presents a complete line of EMS and Fire clothing and gear for field workers who need nothing short of perfection. You can find EMS and Fire attire from EMS tee-shirts to fire station polos, jumpsuits to sweatshirts, EMS tactical pants to fire shorts. You can stock up on clothes which protect and serve.

EMS and Fire Pants

EMS and Fire Pants are common with EMS and Fire experts around the country, and you can locate EMS and Fire pants which are professionally patterned after the original 5.11 Tactical Pants. They are designed from fade-resistant, rugged, poly-cotton twill as well as loaded with user-driven features.

EMS and Fire Tactical Gear

5.11 Tactical not just possesses EMS and Fire attire which is properly equipped for uniform wear, they are also comfortable for hanging around the station. You can locate Fire and EMS gear to assist you in surviving your shift, from backpacks to gear bags to trainer belts, slash resistant gloves, to protective eyewear and a lot more.

EMS and Fire Tactical Watches

You can coordinate your EMS and Fire apparel with hi-tech accessories for the fieldwork. Appreciate the more innovative tactical watches in the marketplace which are attractive enough for EMS and Fire experts to wear off or on the job. Their waterproof watches merge function with style and feature stainless steel bands and backs, analog readouts, as well as chargeable luminescent markings.

EMS and Fire Tactical Boots

5.11 Tactical makes it their duty to cover Fire and EMS experts from toe to head. They provide high quality non-safety toe or safety toe boots at costs you could deal with. Alongside Fire and EMS boots, they feature Shock Mitigation System which has made 5.11 Footwear famous. You will locate insoles, shoelaces, socks, and additional popular Fire/EMS accessories which will keep you comfortable and safe from bottom to top.

Whether you are a rookie EMS technician or seasoned firefighter, 5.11 Tactical will bring you EMS and Fire tactical clothing which enforces a code, a certain code of comfort. For EMS and Fire attire, eyewear, gloves, belts, bags, outerwear, watches, and footwear, go with 5.11 Tactical.

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Top Five Pieces of Tactical Gear for Law Enforcement

There is no doubt that our SWAT, police, and additional law enforcement institutions are frequently placed in danger on a day-to-day basis. It’s why it’s crucial that every safety staff be equipped with the proper tactical gear from Range Master Tactical Gear. While there are many pieces which law enforcement want to be certain they have, this blog includes a list of the top five pieces of  tactical gear which are mandatory:

Tactical Boots

As many individuals imagine tactical boots they immediately think “heavy.” It’s the opposite of what you wish for. A quality tactical boot is light and has a runner’s feel. The law enforcement officer has to be prepared to run at all times and cannot be held back by heavy boots, even those that have a composite safety toe. Additionally, the boots ought to be waterproof as well as blood borne pathogen resistant. For simple accessibility, you might want to buy tactical boots that have side zippers and always obtain a boot which possesses a minimum of a single compartment for Benchmade knives or additional essential tactical gear.

Tactical Knives

Select from a folding blade or fixed blade, yet whatever you select, be certain to have one on your person. The necessity will come up oftentimes for a knife in non-tactical and tactical circumstances. For quick accessibility you might want to obtain a knife which involves breakaway neck chains. Take a look at Kershaw Knives or Benchmade Knives.

Back-up Belt System Kit

Within law enforcement you’ll require all these types of pouches: double magazine pouch, flashlight/mace pouch, baton pouch, gun holster, and cuff pouch. Every one of these pouches will be vital to your daily safety and routine.

TDU Belt

You’ll need a belt to carry every one of the above mentioned pieces. Do not go with just any belt. You require an Operators belt which could be utilized for things other than carrying your pouches or keeping your pants up. All these items are very important, and you’ll require a quality holster belt, so be certain your belt is designed using a very strong nylon mesh material.

Gun Holster

Within the line of duty you have to be fast and safe. As there include several to select from, it’s believed that holsters activated using the thumb will be fastest and safest. Opt for one which additionally possesses a removable Chop Block feature because it’ll prevent other people from taking your gun within weapon retention struggles.

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