Surefire Flashlights – Providing Compact yet Powerful Illumination

When you purchase a Surefire flashlight you are certain you are getting a high quality item. The company has been in the business for many years providing law enforcement, military and special ops personnel with lighting instruments for a variety of purposes. You will find all the products to be efficient, compact, reliable and rugged enough to withstand the rigors of military and law enforcement tasks. They feature both incandescent and LED flashlights as well as headlamps, weapon lights, beam filters, holsters and a number of others. With a large amount of variety and being well known for high quality and durable items, Surefire is the number one choice for the US military, outdoor professionals, police and law enforcement personnel and fire and rescue personnel.

With Surefire flashlights there are no such things as hot spots, dark holes, shadows or rings – there is only a pure beam of light to provide optimum illumination so you are better able to do your tasks. They offer high intensity light in a compact and lightweight shell. Though their line was first created for law to work in low light environments, they are now providing flashlights for anybody who wants a top quality flashlight no matter their purpose. You can find their products for sale at dealers like Range Master Tactical Gear.

Their flashlights are recognized as among the smallest but the brightest at some of the best possible prices. If you are looking for a flashlight that can fit in the palm of your hand while being able to project beyond 50 meters you will definitely find it in the Surefire line. Their flashlights are convenient to carry on any occasion and anywhere since they are so compact. They are perfect not only for the military, law enforcement and emergency professionals but are also suitable for use by civilians and those that have to work in situations where there is little to no light.
If you are not certain which of the Surefire flashlights are right for you then you can go through the list and read a couple descriptions so you can determine which light is the best for which application. Here are a couple flashlights from the Surefire line as well as others.

The SureFire X300 is a LED flashlight that provides 170 lumens of light and also utilizes a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens. This enables it to produce a high quality beam that provides you with good peripheral vision. Because it is a LED flashlight you don’t have to worry about the filament burning out. Batteries last for up to 2.4 hours with a full recharge. It features an aluminum body that makes it durable and resistant to corrosion. It is submersible up to 22 meters thanks to the O-ring and gasket seal. You will find the one touch operation to be very convenient and there is also an optional pistol grip as well. You can even attach this light to guns for which there are other switches available. It can be used on long guns and hand guns that use Universal rails or Picatiinny rails.

Then there is the 6P flashlight which is very compact made from an aerospace body made from aluminum anodized for durability and efficiency even in the toughest environment. This flashlight features an incandescent lamp which provides the user with a   powerful beam which is great for impairing the vision of an aggressor at night. You will find this light with a 65 or 120 lumen lamp.

Then there is the G2 Surefire Nitrolon which is a flashlight made with a Nitrolon body which means it is corrosion proof and is extremely durable. It comes with a push button tail cap switch which allows the user a secure way to activate and control the light.

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Evolution of the Tactical Flashlight

Tactical Flashlights - Range Master Tactical Gear

The earliest flashlights in recorded history were created in 1896 operated with a dry celled battery commonly used to operate portable electronic devices such as a small, portable incandescent light-bulb operating of a dry cell battery. This new electric, battery operated lamp was colorless, odorless and emitted less heat than a traditional combustion powered lighting.

The flashlight was light, portable and emitted a brighter, more efficient light source and flashlights quickly replaced the oiled lamps, torches and candles that were previously used. The earliest flashlights commonly used zinc-carbon batteries but they could not provide a steady electrical current to operate with maximum efficiency. Unfortunately, carbon-filament bulbs and fairly crude dry cells made early flashlights an expensive novelty with low sales and low manufacturer interest.

However, as the years progressed so did the evolution of the flashlight. By 1922 more than a dozen different types of flashlights were available and there were an estimated 10 million flashlight users in the United States, with annual sales of renewal batteries and flashlights at $20 million, which was comparable to sales of many line-operated electrical appliances.

Flashlights then moved to be commonly created using incandescent light bulbs which consist of a glass bulb and a tungsten filament. The flashlight bulbs are commonly under a vacuum or filled with argon, krypton or xenon. The light output of an incandescent lamp in a flashlight varies widely depending on the type of lamp. For example include a miniature key-chain lamp produces one or two lumen whereas the typical flashlight that utilized two D Cell batteries will produce fifteen or twenty lumen per minute.

In 1999 the Light Emitting Diode Flashlight (LED) bulb became increasing popular with its introduction by Lumileds Corporation in San Jose, California. LEDs are significantly more efficient than the traditional incandescent bulb. An LED flashlight will have a longer battery life than a comparable incandescent flashlight and they are also much more sturdy than conventional glass lamps. LED flashlights consume around 1 watt from the battery, producing heat as well as light. The light output of an LED flashlight varies widely depending on the type of lamp for example include a miniature key-chain lamp produces one or two lumen whereas a small a LED flashlight can illuminate more than a 100 lumen per minute.

5.11 Tactical has based their flashlight creation and design upon the principle of both of incandescent light bulb and LED design. They have also proven that their new tactical designed flashlights and rechargeable line of flashlights are top quality for all law enforcement, military and special operators. 5.11 Tactical continues to produce innovative products into the market. Now they offer you the choice between lithium battery powered, ultra bright flashlights and long lasting rechargeable lumens.

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