5.11 Appendix IWB Holster Review

We all know that 5.11 Tactical is a leader in the manufacture of tactical gear and accesories whether they are used by tactical, safety or outdoor professionals or just the regular guy. When you purhcase an item from 5.11 Tactical you know you are getting value for money. When it comes to holsters you can be certain of the same.

5.11 Tactical Appendix IWB Holster

The Appendix IWB Holster is simple in design and appearance but it is also very durable and highly functional. They were made under the collaboration of Blade Tech and Viking Tactics as well as with 5.11 Tactical. Blade Tech did the engineering process and Viking Tactics did the Field testing so you have added assurance that this is indeed a top quality product.

This holster goes inside your waisteband but is still comfortable enough for youto forget that it is there. it allows you ease when you need to carry a concealed weapon in the appendix region or in the region of the kidney’s as well. It is not only a holster but aslo doubles as an illumination device as it has a light clip that can be used as a hand held tatical illumination device. It is grease, oil and heat resistant due to the material that makes the etnire thing and not due to any coatings that are usually used on other items who have these properties.

With the IWB Holster you have a variety of options for carrying a concelead weapon which are even doubled due to the fact that it can be carried inside the waistband of your pants or shorts etc. Consumers who own the product comment that it is rugged and a very impressive peice with the ability to hold multiple gun types. These inlcude the S&W 3953 and TSW. It is also waterproof and featuers  secure J clip and a secure lock. Others commented that it held the gun really tightly in place like a glove which was a feature that was loved by most and not so loved by others. As such it is recommended you wear a belt when wearing this holseter as if you are not wearing a belt you may find that when you draw your weapon the holster will come out as well since it fits so well with the gun.

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BlackHawk Holsters and Magazine Cases

The BlackHawk Company was established in 1993 by Mike Noell who was a former Navy Seal. One of the first items made was a backpack for special operation personnel. Since then their line has diversified and now include everything that a tactical officer would need from backpacks to clothing. He started making his packs and some other type of gear in a garage and form humble beginnings came a name, a brand, a company that military personnel and law enforcement have come to know and trust.

Among the BlackHawk holsters carried by Range Master are weapon carry cases, holsters and magazine cases but we carry mostly holsters and magazine cases. We have simple holsters like the BlackHawk Sportster Standard CQC Concealment Holster that has a detent retention system that is adjustable with the use of pressure. It also keeps you safe as it holds on to the trigger guard of your gun while your weapon is holstered. This holster features just one paddle and one belt loop.

Then we have more advanced holsters such as the BlackHawk Omega VI Ultra Holster. This holster is suitable for users who use either their left of their right hand. This can be used on a drop leg harness or on an S.T.R.I.K.E platform or on a belt. For S.T.R.I.K.E platforms there are speed clips included. It has a quick release belt mount and is fully adjustable. It features rubberized and elasticized leg straps for your comfort and for stability as well. It has a three point breakaway with the use of side release buckles for which there are three. One can be found at the top and two are found on the leg straps. It has extra hook and loop retention with an adjustable thumb break and has a front mounted pouch that is suitable for storing a knife, flashlight or even an extra magazine.

Then we come to magazine cases; you can find these on our site in both single and double configurations. There is the Double Stack Mag Case which is made from a carbon fiber composite. These are suitable for 9mm/40 cal. Items but can be used with a variety of other magazines as well. This magazine case ensures your items are safe due to their tension spring design that also allows you to quickly remove them when necessary. It features a belt clip which can be removed and the case can even be placed with the dual rail accessory platform offered by the company. This allows you to use them in conjunction with other carriers.

There is also the Double Mag Case with Double stack capabilities. This also has the tension spring built in for easy access and for security and it also is suitable for magazines of differing sizes. You can find this variation available in a staggered column version as well as in a single stack version and it does include a belt clip and belt loops. The belt clip is adjustable so it can be used on a variety of different size belts. It features a slimmer profile with its ability to curve to your waistline and also allows for a more streamlined fit.

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