5.11 Shirts: A Surprising Trend in Cross-Over Appeal

The 5.11 Tactical Company produces clothes and accessories that are specifically designed for Law Enforcement, the Military, Firefighters, EMTs and other professionals. With a lot of variety in the line of 5.11 uniform shirts, pants and other items that have so many features; the company wins where style, comfort, durability, and color retention are concerned. In addition, they are completely functional and useful for law enforcement officers or any individual who needs to wear uniform shirts. With so many pockets particularly the front pockets that allow you to properly store your paperwork or any other essential and with vents to keep you cool in some designs. Finally, 5.11 Tactical clothing look just as good either you put them in the washer or if you take them to the dry cleaners.

What is more amazing and exciting that is offered by the company is that their clothes can not only be worn by the hard-working Law Enforcement Officers and Civil Servants but can also be worn by other members of the public as well. You can find casual and stylish Tees like the 5.11 Tactical Fire Shadow Graphic T Shirt.

The total quality of all 5.11 Tactical shirts is exceptional. As soon as try to put on one of their shirts, you will be able to tell the materials being used are nothing but the best and highest quality. The shirt may appear to be a little costly than some other shirts but you absolutely get value for money when you purchase one of these. The usage, reliability, comfort and safety you get out of these shirts makes them pay for themselves not to mention the added features such as double lining, hidden pockets, and velcro pockets. The uniform shirts, especially, have many uses and features a law enforcement officer would need to use in the field.  With these shirts, they will look so smooth and professional plus they can serve many people with all the extra pockets and the fact that there are a number of options to choose from where style and color are concerned.

These shirts are ideal for outdoor or weekend use, like typical outdoor shirts in features but with a no-nonsense style. 5.11 tactical shirts are truly exceptional shirts, classic-looking style on the outside but with lots of features below the surface, not available from the ordinary uniform store. It’s easy to tell that the 5.11 Tactical Company has done their research and has used the input of field personnel and customer reviews and feedback to produce every product. The result is a line of items whose top qualities, features and style are providing durable and functional clothing for everyday use.

Range Master offers a number of Tactical Shirts from 5.11 Tactical and range of other products suitable for tactical situations and personnel.

5.11 Tactical Taclite TDU Long Sleeve Shirt – Poly/Cotton Ripstop

Range Master is known for providing high quality tactical gear and clothing for military personnel, law enforcement and safety personnel as well as for outdoor enthusiasts as well. With their wide range of 5.11 Tactical offerings you know you can find only the best. Whatever your need is, whether for clothing or accessories they have you covered.

Where clothing is concerned we are known for offering a wide range of outerwear, pants, shirts and shorts suitable for all weather types and all occasions. Their line of outerwear includes jackets that are ideal for winter weather and those that are ideal for light coverage in hot weather and those for mild weather conditions such as rain and wind. They also carry shirts and pants that have concealed areas and not only carry clothes for when on the line of duty but also clothes suitable for workout as well.

If you are searching for a shirt that is ideal to go with your tactical duty uniform then you should check out the 5.11 Tactile TDU Long Sleeve Shirt that is carried by us. This shirt is just one of the many that you will find on our website. It provides you with a garment made with 5.11 Tactical’s advanced material that allows you to still be cool even when in humid and hot environments. The shirt is made from a combination of cotton and polyester and features a bi swing shoulder so that you can move around easily when necessary. It comes with hidden document pockets for discreteness and functionality. The outer part of the material is treated with Teflon so that it is soil and stain resistant and you will find dual pen pockets on the forearm on the left side of the shirt.

Range Master likes to sell quality items and this is just what this shirt is. The ripstop material that is used for making the shirt allows it to be extremely durable while being extremely breathable at the same time. With its Teflon coating you know that it will last longer without showing signs of aging and repeated use. This shirt was designed after a year of development during which time they received feedback from various special ops personnel and other personnel who would be making use of the item. This ensured that the TDU Long Sleeve shirt by Tactical was highly functional while providing a nice fit, greater comfort and extreme durability. These are the qualities that caught the eyes of us here and convinced us to carry this item.

Added features for durability include triple stitching and bartacking in high stress areas of the shirt. The buttons are made from genuine melamine so they are literally indestructible – break resistant and resistant to heat. All its attributes make it best suited for personnel and enthusiasts in warm climates.

Range Master has this and a wide array of other shirts and clothing items for military personnel, police enforcement personel, safety personnel and their enthusiasts. Find this and other tactical clothing items; pants, shirts and shorts at the Range Master website at www.rangemastertacticalgear.com