The QuiqLite pocket light was invented out of the need for a light that could give officers full use of their both hands while giving them more functionality in one light. The QuqLite was invented by Brian Quittner who served the Santa Barbara Patrol.

Brian once had is flashlight die on him while it was tucked under his arm in an awkward manner while he was in the middle of writing up a citation. After the flashlight went out it fell to the ground and smashed into pieces. It was after this encounter that he decided that he need to create a light would be more practical for writing up citations and doing other tasks that required the use of both hands with a very reliable light.

He sketched a prototype of a hands free lighting device that could be worn in the shirt pocket of an officer. He went further when developing the light to ensure he incorporated features that could make officers better and more efficient at their jobs while providing a light with battery saving features. He also knew that the light would have to provide light without altering his own night vision.

His light grew in demand and his light turned into a business where he had to get his wife Rachel to come in and help. They started working out of their living room and have sold the lights all over the world, having shipped them from their living room.

Today the QuiqLite is not only used by police officers but is also used by persons working in aviation, recreation, public safety, government and industrial environments. Now more persons can have access to the QuiqLite through the sale of the product here on Range Master Tactical Gear. 

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