EarPro by Surefire

EarPro by Surefire

Surefire not only makes the best quality flashlights but also is responsible for the EarPro by Surefire. This is hearing protection from the company that so many only know for the great illumination products that they design and manufacture. 

Just like their illumination devices, their hearing protection devices are also top quality providing users with the best listening enhancement while protecting the ears. The EarPro by Surefire products were created to provide user with the highest quality devices in ear protection that could stand up to day to day use. 

They use only the finest materials such as medical grade polymers and hypoallergenic materials. They feature gold plated connectors, urethane cables filled with Kevlar and aerospace grade aluminum. Just like they have done with their flashlights – taking them to the next level they are doing with their ear protection products. 

Range Master Tactical Gear is proud to be offering this innovative and high quality items to the public. 

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