Surefire LED Flashlights

Surefire LED Flashlights

Surefire LED flashlights make use of the light emitting diode technology. They have several of these flashlights as well as conversions that you can add on to a number of high performance Surefire flashlights. 

What sets Surefire LED flashlights apart from LED flashlights from other manufacturers of LED flashlights and their products? Surefire LED flashlights have digital regulator circuits that help to maintain a consistent level of light for the longest possible time. Surefire flashlights also have digital current limiters which protect the LED module from damage caused by heat or extreme current. Surefire are the first to use these types of technology in their LED flashlights so if you purchase a LED flashlight from Surefire you know you cannot get another product like it from another brand. 

LED flashlights have a number of advantages over incandescent bulbs. They are much more long lasting and thanks to their robust construction they are resistant to shock and vibration making them the best lights for tactical professionals. They also produce little to infrared radiation where there incandescent counterparts can emit as much or even more than 85% of infrared radiation. They are also more efficient in their light producing abilities. They also allow the user to adjust the light output from one light source. 

Surefire LED flashlights are the best on the market and we are proud to carry them here. 

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