Handheld flashlights from Surefire are your usual traditional flashlights which are held with the hand as the name suggests. Surefire is known for making the best quality flashlights out there and since these were the first types of flashlights available to man you are certain that Surefire has mastered the art of creating only the best of these among others. You will definitely find the type and size flashlight you seek right here since there is an extensive list of items to choose from right here.

The majority of these flashlights use LED bulbs but there are a couple that use incandescent technology. LED bulbs are better and brighter. They are more durable and can withstand hard knocks and blows without being damaged. They provide a lot more light as well and are also more cost effective at producing light and so the bulbs you get in your flashlight can last you a lifetime. They also provide light for a longer amount of time than your incandescent bulb and can stay on longer for continuous use when you need them to.

Find flashlights with white light bulbs as well as those with the strobe feature. Find tiny flashlights that can hold in the palm of your hands as well as larger ones that are better for when you need a larger light coverage. You will find the light you want no matter what your use is – whether you want a light for outdoor use, for combat or for regular job duties – Surefire Flashlights have the perfect handheld flashlight for you. 

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