SureFire Flashlights are known for creating the highest quality illumination devices on the tactical market. But many think the company only specializes in making regular flashlights. If this was so the company would not be so successful. As a matter of fact it is their constant desire to stay ahead of the pack that causes them to be so popular. They are contstantly creating new products and making products better and better each day.

Among the products offered by SureFire Flashlights are hands free Surefire Flashlights. Within this category there are a number of options to choose from. These flashlights are perfect for police officers, rescue workers, EMS workers, construction and mine workers and other workers who need to work with a light but also need to use their hands and so cannot use a traditional handheld flashlight.

They offer helmet lights that can be placed into slots on your helmet and also have clip on lights that you can clip on to your helmet via MOLLE. There are also headlamps that can be placed around your head, all of which allow the user to operate the light hands free. You can find white light devices as well as devices with infrared, red LED lights and blue LED lights. There is indeed quite a bit of options in the hands free category of flashlights offered by SureFire flashlights. 

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