Weapon Lights

SureFire weapon lights attach to your gun to give you a more accurate shot in low light situations. These are perfect for hunters who go out in the early pre-dawn hours or in the hours during dusk. They are also suitable for tactical professionals who work in special operations during the night hours or in dark places. There are a number of lights to choose from and which you choose depends on your weapon so take note and read the product descriptions to ensure you are getting the right weapon light.

These weapon lights are made with the same high quality materials that Surefire uses in their hand held flashlights and these weapon lights are just as bright and durable as any other light with the SureFire name. You will find a number of weapon lights that are suitable for use with multiple weapons but you still need to ensure that the light is compatible with yours.

Find lights compatible with Benelli weapons, Remington weapons, Mossberg weapons, Defender weapons and H&K weapons among others. You can find lights for your handgun as well as for your shot guns and rifles. All the weapon lights you may need are right here at Range Master Tactical Gear holding the reputable SureFire brand name. 

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