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all orders over $100FREE SHIPPING

Shipping Policy

The customer is responsible for all shipping costs. We primarily ship packages via FedEx, USPS and UPS methods. Complete orders will typically ship the same business day as long as they are placed before 11 AM PST. While we make every attempt to ship the day of your order, there is no guarantee of this. We also cannot guarantee that your package will arrive in any particular time frame. There are instances where UPS, FedEx or USPS will delay the shipment of a package due to unforeseen events. If your package has been delayed beyond its scheduled delivery time, we will not be able to refund any shipping charges. Please be aware that FedEx, UPS and USPS do not have any guarantees as to the delivery time of a ground package.

Free shipping is offered on some of our products, as noted in the various brand sections. Qualifying orders shipping within the continental U.S. must select UPS Ground as their shipping method, otherwise, free shipping will not be granted. Please note that if you attempt to obtain free shipping on an order that does not qualify, your order will be cancelled until we notify you and receive authorization for the additional shipping charges. Free shipping promotions do not apply to international orders.

Free shipping offers never apply to oversized items unless specifically stated on that item page. If you use a free shipping coupon with a mix of normal items and oversize items we may have to ask for shipping charge due to the excessive cost of shipping large items like rifle bags and Pelican cases.

If a customer is in receipt of merchandise that was drop-shipped (merchandise from one of Range Master Tactical Gear, Inc.’s distributors shipped directly to the customer), it is the customer’s responsibility to contact Range Master Tactical Gear, Inc. regarding the drop-shipped merchandise. We will not be held liable for issuing refunds and/or exchanges on any drop-shipped merchandise that a customer has chosen to return to the distributor. In addition, Range Master Tactical Gear, Inc. will not be held liable for any missing or damaged items that the customer has chosen to return to the distributor. Furthermore, if drop-shipped merchandise has been returned to the distributor by the customer, Range Master Tactical Gear, Inc. reserves the right to end all further assistance and proceedings regarding the customer’s order. All drop shipped merchandise must be returned to Range Master Tactical Gear, not to the manufacturer.

Should a package be lost or damaged, it is the customer’s responsibility to report the loss to Range Master Tactical Gear, Inc. so that the problem may be addressed in a timely manner. Lost UPS packages must be reported within 30 days of the original ship date of the package. Lost USPS packages must be reported within 90 days of the original ship date. The postal service will not allow us to open a USPS claim before 45 days from the original ship date. If you feel that your USPS package has been lost, you must submit your concerned in writing so that we may open a claim with the postal service. Please be aware that claims cannot be opened after 90 days, and Range Master Tactical Gear assumes no responsibility for claims made after these time periods.


Payment Methods
We accept the four major credit cards as payment methods (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express). We are unable to accept Pay Pal as a payment method at this time.



Upon placing an order with Range Master Tactical Gear, Inc., the customers’ credit card may be authorized by the credit card company for the full dollar amount of the order. This is not a charge. Although this amount may initially appear as a charge, it is simply an authorization run by the credit card company confirming if the necessary funds are available to process the order. This amount will automatically be removed within two to five business days from the date the order was placed.

Range Master Tactical Gear will not act as an intermediary between the bank and the customer to have this authorization amount removed any earlier than what is required by the respective bank.


Knife Policy
All customers attempting to purchase a knife must be 18 years or older. Knives are sharp, and by purchasing the knife from Range Master Tactical Gear, you understand that it is not designed or intended for use as a weapon. Range Master Tactical Gear does not warrant that a person may legally purchase, possess, or carry any specific items offered, according to federal, state or local laws. By purchasing any item from Range Master Tactical Gear, whether by phone, mail, electronic mail (email) or in person, the buyer grants that he/she is in compliance with local and state laws and legally able to purchase these items. Range Master Tactical Gear makes no guarantee either expressed or implied, as to any matter not expressly provided herein, including without limitation, the condition, quality, design, or fitness of the knife for use on any particular purpose. By acceptance of the knife, purchaser agrees that Range Master Tactical Gear, Inc. shall have no liability to purchaser or any person whatsoever for any claim, loss, damage or expense arising from handling, use, display, or storage of the knife. 


Promotional Offers/Clearance Items
Offers for free items are one per customer per offer per week. Customers have attempted to place several orders in an attempt in increase the amount of free promo items they would receive. We do not allow this practice. All free offers and free promo items are while supplies last. If we run out of a free promo item we are not obligated to provide it to you at a later time. If there is a problem with your free promotional item or free shipping you must report it within 30 days of shipment. 

From time to time items will be offered for sale at a reduced price. Customers who bought any item prior to a sale do not have a right to the difference unless stated in the sale. It is our policy that sale prices only apply to new purchase. Sale prices do not apply to orders placed before the sale went into effect and we will not credit customers the difference in price between the sale price and the old price. 

Coupons - For some items or combination of purchased items it may appear to the customer that multiple coupons (free shipping or a % or $ amount discount) could apply. We only allow one coupon code to be used per order (i.e., you get free shipping or a discount, but not both). In some situations we may allow two coupons to be applied, but this would have to be pre-approved by a Range Master Tactical Gear, Inc customer service manager. 

Some items on the site will be clearly labeled indicating they do not get free shipping as most other items in the same brand do. If you disregard this statement and attempt to apply an ineligible coupon to your order we will add shipping charges when we process your order. We will not contact you ahead of time. 

Items offered to you in the checkout shopping cart at lower than normal prices do not get free shipping or promotional items. If you pay the regular price for these items you get the free promotional items. If you purchase it at the lower price offered in the shopping cart area (cross-sell offers) you do not get them. 

Please be aware that the closeout items are in limited supply. If these items are out of stock on your order, they will be cancelled off of your order without notice in order to expedite the shipment of in stock items. All closeout sales are final.


Body Armor Policy
It is the policy of Range Master Tactical Gear, Inc. that any type of body armor sold via this company shall only be sold to Police Officers or security guards. ID will be required for your purchase of any body armor products. 


Cancelled Order Policy

Range Master Tactical Gear, Inc. attempts to ship orders as quickly as possible. As a result, once an order is submitted via any method (website, mail, fax, or phone) we will not be able to cancel your order once it has been processed, nor will we be able to stop it from shipping. Please note that the customer is making sure that the order is accurate and returning the package back to Range Master Tactical Gear, Inc. for a refund. Range Master Tactical Gear will not be responsible for any orders that cannot be cancelled or stopped. Any order that needs to be returned are subject to the normal Return’s Policy.


Incorrect Ship To Addresses, Ordering Incorrect Items, And Requesting Changes To Existing Orders
Range Master Tactical Gear, Inc. attempts to ship orders as quickly as possible. As a result, once an order is submitted via any method (website, mail, fax, or phone) we will not be able to make changes to your order once it has been processed, nor will we be able to stop it from shipping. The customer is responsible for making sure their order is accurate (shipping address, shipping method, and items ordered including sizes, gun fits, colors and quantities). If you do make an error in ordering you will have to follow our Return Policy. If possible, we can attempt to change the ship to address once the package has been shipped, however, we are completely subject to the shipping company’s policies. If the address can be changed a $14 service charge will apply.

Range Master Tactical Gear, Inc will not be responsible for errors made by customers entering wrong information. We will not reship the order for free, nor pay for the incorrect items to be shipped back to us. Items needing to be returned are subject to our Return Policy.


Baton, Pepper Spray, and Stun Gun sales policy
Be sure to check our Baton, Pepper Spray & Stun Gun Policy (Click here to see policy ). You may be violating your local laws if you possess these items. As we do not know the laws where you live you should check with local law enforcement before buying/possessing this item.

Order Comments
Please note that we at Range Master Tactical Gear do all that we can to accommodate the special requests that our customers have. That being said, there are times where orders are processed automatically before we are able to execute the comments that customers leave in their order during the checkout process. Please note that the comments will be handled as a request, and they may or may not be executed before the order is processed. Due to the large volume of orders we incur, customers will not be notified if we are unable to accommodate those requests. Please be aware that your comments will not be seen by shipping carriers and directions about delivery will not be followed.

Backordered Items
We do our best to keep all of our items in stock, however, if something is on backorder, we will usually hold the order until all items are in stock. We, unfortunately, are not able to backorder items that are less than $10.00, and if this situation occurs, we will typically cancel the back ordered item and ship the remainder of the order.

Pricing, specifications, availability and terms of offers may change without notice. Taxes, fees and shipping and handling charges extra, and vary. Items offered at below retail prices may or may not be back ordered depending on future availability. Range Master Tactical Gear, Inc. cannot be held responsible for pricing or other errors, and reserves the right to cancel orders arising from such errors.

Wrong Item Received/Defective/Damage Merchandise Policy
Please examine the outer box and all contents immediately upon receipt for any signs of Wrong Item(s) Shipped/Defective Merchandise/Damaged goods. All claims must be initiated within 24 hours of delivery. Please e-mail us at sales@rangemastertacticalgear.com so that we can handle the situation accordingly.